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 Evil Dead - Regeneration - Platform: XBox

Evil Dead - Regeneration - Platform: XBox

Hidden Extra 1:
When you first start in the asylum, you can see the Hidden Extra through the 
window in the next room over. Go down the hall, get the gun, and kill the 
Deadite. Go back and target the window. Shoot it out and you can climb through 
and get it.

Hidden Extra 2:
In the Asylum, where you have to shoot the flying furniture then get on the 
elevator, there are two bathrooms that you can go into and open the stall doors. 
Open the doors to find the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 3:
In the Asylum, after you electrocute the man on the table and are heading down 
the stairs, there will be an open door on your right. Go in the door to find the 
Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 4:
Get Sam and enter the graveyard. After the first group of Deadites come, there 
is a break in the fence. You can go into the water, and far back is the Hidden 

Hidden Extra 5:
After the graveyard save point, when you hear the loud footsteps just before you 
learn to take possession of Sam, on your left is a stream. Go into it and back a 
little way to find the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 6:
After you change into Sam for the second time (after feeding the souls to the 
Soul Eater), go down into the cave. Go into the stream. The current will take 
you to the Hidden Extra, but Sam will get killed on spikes.

Hidden Extra 7:
In the Mine level on the platform where the second spirit you have to collect is 
found, go to the right (in the opposite direction of the egg) to find the Hidden 

Hidden Extra 8:
In the Woods level, you will reach a clearing where you will then be attacked by 
Deadite Dogs. After you defeat them, you will see a bridge that is up on a 
ledge. To right of it is the Hidden Extra. You must progress through the level 
until you reach an area where you must ride a Deadite with Sam. After you kill 
it, you will encounter the Harpoon Gun in a mining area. Fight your way back 
towards the clearing, and before you reach it, there will be two small cliffs 
you can climb up. Once up on the ledge, target the hole at the top of the bridge 
with the Harpoon Gun and it will bring the bridge down. Go across to collect the 
Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 9:
In the mining area, after defeating the flying Deadites, to your left will be a 
building and two crates that you can climb up on. Once on top of the building, 
you can target a bridge with your Harpoon Gun. Once it is down, cross over it 
and target the mining car. It will be pulled out of the way, revealing the 
Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 10:
At the start of the Forsaken Mine level after the intermission sequence, there 
will be a mining cart to your right. Target it with the Harpoon Gun and pull it 
out of the way to reveal the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 11:
When going for the Second Spirit in the Forsaken Mine level, instead of going to 
the egg, turn to the left to collect the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 12:
In the Shipyard after getting the rocket launcher and after the save point, you 
will encounter a group of fat Deadites; the handgun is best for killing them. 
After killing them, enter the blue crate on the left to find the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 13:
After riding the Deadite in the Shipyard level and being ambushed in the 
warehouse, climb up the crates and go through the door. Go down the walkway and 
on your left there will be a sign that reads "No Smoking". Down from the 
building, turn left and go down the walkway to collect the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 14:
On your way to getting the second spirit down the stairs, kill the big Deadite. 
Go back to before where you get the spirit and down by the semi containers to 
find the Hidden Extra. Note: Beware of a Deadite ambush.

Hidden Extra 15:
Posses Sam in the swamp. You will have to again ride the Deadite. Around the 
swap are little mounds of trash. Get on the Deadite, go out of the fence, and 
smash the trash on your left to find the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 16:
After you open the gate after defeating the big Deadite as Ash, go into the 
swamp. Go under the bridge, and past the ladder on the right is a cave which you 
must open with the rocket launcher to find the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 17:
When you enter the town, go down the main street. On the right is an alley. Go 
down it to find the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 18:
In the area where Sam needs to open the warehouse door, walk around the building 
to find the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 19:
At the start of the Alternate Demontion, turn right and follow the path to find 
the Hidden Extra.

Hidden Extra 20:
When you finish the arena, go around the walkway to find the Hidden Extra.

Defeating Frog Deadite Boss:
When the Frog Deadite goes to impale you with its tail, move out of the way and 
it will get it stuck in the ground. Cut it with the chain saw so that the Frog 
Deadite opens its mouth. When the mouth is open, fire a rocket into it. It 
should take five or six rockets to kill the Boss.

Defeating Rhineheart:
When Rhineheart comes at you in the final level, immediately start firing your 
missile gun. During some periods he will shoot ground level blood lines; just 
dodge them. Other times he will shoot full circle blood waves; jump those. If he 
gets close enough to you, he will pick you up and start punching to severely 
drain your life. When he gets low on health he will run to the altar to 
recharge. If he recharges you must repeat the process all over until he is dead. 
Face the altar when he picks up the book with his powers to recharge. Kick Sam 
towards the book, unhooking Rhineheart from recharging. Repeat the missile 
launching and dodging the blood lines and blood waves. Remember to stay away 
from him. Repeat kicking Sam towards the book. When he is low enough on health, 
he will slowly walk back to the altar. This should give you enough time to kill 


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