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 Extreme Games - Platform: Playstation 1

Extreme Games - Platform: Playstation 1

There's a secret gate all to the left in the South America course 
before one of the bridges.

An easy way to get a lot of money is to turn off all of the computer 
players' equipment and race in South America. Try and get all of the 
gates, if you miss some just back up, you'll still get first place 
because there is no one else.If you get all of the gates, even the 
ones in the secret tunnel, you'll be able to race the "Cash Course" 
and get a lot of money. 

Do that a couple of times and you'll get at least $1000.

I have figured out a code on Extreme Games that lets you play with a secret 
skateboard in the middle of the season with over $3000. It has no unlimited 
speed,and it has the same accelaration as the best skateboard. You enter it 
at the password screen when you are continuing a season. The code is as 
follows: 103, 104, 103, 001, 002, 002, 233

I have come back with the code for a secret board, however this one only 
goes 60 m.p.h. When you start racing, seven of the other racers will pause 
and be stuck like that for the rest of the race. The code is(fill in the 
blank with the character code if have given you):

Here are the character codes
209 Meg Tipre
194 Reggie Costa
224 Charlie Nappi
014 Ralph J. Vanni
029 Tony Beccaccio
044 Frank Corsetti 
059 Sam Marubayashi
074 Saul Berland
089 Joe Cadberry
104 Debra Wold

On the Italy level there is a hidden crypt with extra gates about1/2 way to 
3/4 of the way through the course. As soon as you start going down hill past 
some columns look on the right side because it opens up. Get on the path of
the street and you will be in the secret crypt with skeletons and the buried 

Hold x for 10 seconds after finishing first place to turn into a horse with 


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