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 EyePet - Platform: Playstation 3

EyePet - Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

12-Wheeler (Bronze): Create a model car with at least 6 pairs of wheels and 
beep the horn. 
Best Friends (Gold): Stroke your pet at least 30s a day for 5 days in a row. 
Day 1 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 1 challenges at gold level. 
Day 10 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 10 challenges at gold level. 
Day 11 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 11 challenges at gold level. 
Day 12 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 12 challenges at gold level. 
Day 13 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 13 challenges at gold level. 
Day 14 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 14 challenges at gold level. 
Day 15 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 15 challenges at gold level. 
Day 2 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 2 challenges at gold level. 
Day 3 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 3 challenges at gold level. 
Day 4 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 4 challenges at gold level. 
Day 5 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 5 challenges at gold level. 
Day 6 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 6 challenges at gold level. 
Day 7 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 7 challenges at gold level. 
Day 8 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 8 challenges at gold level. 
Day 9 Mastered (Silver): Complete all Day 9 challenges at gold level. 
Excellent Owner (Silver): Pass 20 Pet Reports. 
Fish Fascination (Silver): Fill your aquarium with every type of fish. 
Flying Saucer (Bronze): Make a model plane that's only a wing and made of 
metal and fly it into space with your pet dressed appropriately. 
Gold Rush (Gold): Complete every challenge at gold level. 
Gourmet Pet Food (Bronze): Unlock every type of cookie. 
Green Paws (Bronze): Fill your garden with different flowers. 
One Good Day (Bronze): Pass a Pet Report. 
Pet Artiste (Bronze): Teach your pet 50 drawings. 
Pet Panic (Bronze): Wake with a fright then stroke your pet back to sleep in 
Platinum Pet (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies. 
Prize Bonanza (Gold): Unlock every prize. 
Shopaholic (Bronze): Download 1 free item from the EyePet store. 
Solid Silver (Silver): Complete every challenge at silver level or higher. 
Songbird (Bronze): Teach your pet 25 different songs. 
Speed Wash (Bronze): Wash your pet in under 60s. 
Stunt Pilot (Bronze): Break 140 mph in a model plane without smashing into the 


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