Fairytale Fights - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Fairytale Fights - Platform: XBox 360

Fairytale Fights - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Closed "The Lumberjack Lands" (15 points): Complete all the
chapters in "The Lumberjack Lands".
Closed "The Candy Castle" (15 points): Complete all the chapters
in "The Candy Castle".
Closed "The Little Kingdoms" (15 points): Complete all the
chapters in "The Little Kingdoms"
Closed "The House in the Clouds" (15 points): Complete all the
chapters in "The House in the Clouds".
Closed "Who's Famous Now!" (15 points): Complete the "Who's Famous
Now!" chapter.
Incredible Combo! (15 points): Perform a 50 hit combo.
The Sky is the Limit (15 points): Perform an aerial combo.
King for a Day (15 points): Win an Arena chapter without dying.
Pacifists Finish Last (15 points): Lose an Arena chapter without
King Pushy (15 points): Win an Arena chapter by using push only.
Unstoppable (15 points): Win 5 Arena chapters in a row in 1 play
Notorious (15 points): Win 100 Arena chapters.
Variety is the Spice of Life (50 points): Complete Stuffy the
Taxidermist's collection by defeating all enemies.
Mine! (100 points): Collect all weapons.
Beaver Killer (15 points): Defeat The Log Champion.
Real Beaver Killer (15 points): Defeat The Log Champion again.
Puppet Master (15 points): Defeat Pinocchio.
Go Eat Your Own House (15 points): Defeat Hansel and Gretel.
And All is Quiet Again (15 points): Defeat The Pied Piper.
The Witch is Burned (15 points): Defeat The Candy Witch.
I Didn't Want Her Anyway (15 points): Defeat The Little Giant.
Beat up the Bully (15 points): Defeat The Little Giant again.
Turning a Blind Eye (15 points): Defeat Father Giant.
Left the Tailor in Stitches (15 points): Defeat The Little Tailor.
"Fairytale Land" is Painted Red (15 points): Spill 10 000 gallons
of blood.
"Fairytale Land" is Sucked Dry (15 points): Collect 1 000 000 riches.
Hand Holder (15 points): Complete game on easy mode with multiple
players <#>.
Sharing Celebrity (15 points): Complete game on medium mode with
multiple players.
Dream Team (15 points): Complete game on hard mode with multiple
Hero (15 points): Complete game on easy mode single player <#>.
Legendary (15 points): Complete game on medium mode single player.
Heroic Ever After (15 points): Complete single player on hard mode.
Whoooaaaa! (15 points): Slide through blood continuously for 3
Wheeeeeee! (15 points): Slide 330 feet continuously through blood.
Master Slicer (15 points): Slice 250 enemies with a sharp weapon.
KABLAM! (15 points): Crush 250 enemies using a blunt weapon.
Strike a Pose! (15 points): Stun 50 players using the love potion
or love wand.
Who Wants My Autograph? (30 points): Complete all chapters from
start till end with at least an A or A+ Grade.
King Bling (125 points): Buy all statue upgrades.
Treasure Hunter (15 points): Open all treasure chests.
Weapons Are For Babies (15 points): Kill 250 enemies without using
any weapons.
Lazy Bastard (15 points): Remain in Taleville for more than 15


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