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 Far Cry 2 - Platform: Playstation 3

Far Cry 2 - Platform: Playstation 3

Cheat Codes:
At the main menu, select the "Additional Content" option, and choose the 
"Promotion Code" selection. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Bonus missions:
Enter "2Eprunef", "6aPHuswe", "96CesuHu", "Cr34ufrE", "JeM8SpaW", "sa7eSUPR", 
"SpujeN7x", "tar3QuzU", "THaCupR4", "tr99pUkA", or "zUmU6Rup" as a 
case-sensitive code to unlock the "The Georgian", "The Bolivian", "Special 
Delivery", and "Le Français" missions. If you entered the correctly, the 
message "You have successfully unlocked the missions" will appear. Start a new 
game or continue a saved game. Pause the game, and display the "Map Legend" 
menu. You will see a new envelop legend labeled "Special Mission". 
Successfully complete the tutorial and a few missions. You will eventually get 
a phone call from a distorted voice that sends you on your "predecessor's 
tracks". Go to the envelop map legend location to find an old bus that is now 
a shack, and continue.

Golden AK47 locations:
When in the Northern District (the area where you start), look at the map. You 
will see a bus station at almost each corner of the map (top left, top right, 
bottom left, and bottom right). Go to the bottom right bus station by following 
the road south, but use the road closest to the edge of the map. Then, follow 
the road north to the gun shop. From there, take the road northeast, then take 
the next right. The road should dead-end at a small shack on the other side of 
the mountain from the gun shop. The diamond light should flash. Inside the shack 
you will find a golden AK47, some ammunition, and a diamond case. Note: Put the 
golden AK47 in a primary case so you never lose it. -From: Keith McKenzie

On the Northern District map, west of Cattle Xing, there is a large rocky area 
that looks like a turkey drumstick on the map. Walk around to the bottom left of 
the "rocky drumstick" to find a hidden cave with wooden slats across the 
entrance. Break open the slats to find another golden AK47.

Jackal job:
When you do the job for the Jackal, be careful. If you do the mission with the 
blue square on it first, you will have to face all your past and present friends 
for a big showdown. Do not believe them when they say they have your back.

Jackal choices:
When going for the Jackal after you have completed the mission with the blue 
square on it, you must go to a shack where he is hiding. When you get into the 
shack, he will give you two choices. You can either take the diamonds or the car 
battery. If you take the diamonds, he tells you to take them and bribe the 
commander or take the car battery and fix the explosives. However, if you take 
the diamonds, be careful with the large hole in the middle. If you drop in, you 
will not be able to get out.

UFLL jobs:
When you do the jobs for the UFLL and its enemy, and your friend tells you to do 
a favor for him or her, do it. You have already been paid in full and will come 
back to the original mission afterwards.

Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 38 Bronze
Trophies, 7 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, 1 Platinum Trophy. 

...against the middle (Bronze)
Switch sides in Bowa-Seko - the Southern Territory 

...and demand. (Bronze)
Unlock all weapons by hitting every Convoy 

...into the fire. (Bronze)
Save a Buddy from a mortal wound 

Adventurer (Silver)
Download and rate 25 usermaps 

Bagman (Bronze)
Deliver stamped travel documents to the Underground in exchange 
for medicine 

Battle Hardened (Bronze)
Play at least one full round in every Game Mode (Ranked Match) 

Best in Class (Bronze)
Get highest xp total in one match (Ranked Match) 

Cold Blooded (Bronze)
Subvert all the main faction missions in Bowa-Seko - the Southern 

Dawa ya moto ni moto (Bronze)
Break the ceasefire and reignite the conflict 

Down but not out (Bronze)
Escape to Bowa-Seko - the Southern Territory 

Dr Livingston, I presume (Bronze)
Enter every 1 square kilometer map region of the world 

Field Hospital (Silver)
Get 500 revives (Ranked Match) 

First Response Team (Bronze)
Get highest revives count in a ranked match 

Good night sweet prince (Silver)
Comfort a Buddy and ease his passing 

Heart of Darkness (Gold)
Enter the Heart of Darkness 

Hired Gun (Bronze)
Reach Rank 5 (Ranked Match) 

Investigative Reporter (Bronze)
Turn over the first set of the Jackal's audio logs to the 

Iron-guts (Platinum)
Earn the highest honors 

Last man standing (Bronze)
Wipe out the senior leadership of both Factions and determine who 
will be the new Warlords 

Lent a hand (Bronze)
Complete a Buddy side quest 

Lineman (Bronze)
Complete a Mission intercepted from a cellular tower signal 

Making friends (Bronze)
Save a Buddy from captivity 

Mapper (Bronze)
Create a map and get it validated in all game modes 

Mercenary (Silver)
Reach Rank 20 (Ranked Match) 

Messenger (Bronze)
Complete all the available Underground side-quests in both the 
North and the South 

On the run (Bronze)
Escape the Town 

Orienteer (Bronze)
Find all the Safe Houses in Bowa-Seko - the Southern Territory 

Out of the frying pan... (Bronze)
Get rescued by a Buddy 

Playing both sides... (Bronze)
Switch sides in Leboa-Sako - the Northern Territory 

Prison escape (Bronze)
Escape torture at the old slave outpost 

Professional (Silver)
Reach Rank 10 (Ranked Match) 

Pulitzer material (Bronze)
Turn over all of the Jackal's audio logs to the Journalist 

Ruthless (Bronze)
Subvert all the main faction missions in Leboa-Sako - the Northern 

Safari Tour (Bronze)
Play at least one full round in every Official Map (Ranked Match) 

Soldier of Misfortune (Gold)
Unlock field manuals for all weapons (Ranked match) 

Stickin' it to the man (Bronze)
Kill a Faction Captain in Leboa-Sako - the Northern Territory 

Superior Captain (Bronze)
Win a round as the Captain in Uprising mode (Ranked Match) 

Supply... (Bronze)
Unlock new weapons by hitting a Convoy 

The best laid plans (Bronze)
Work with a Buddy to subvert a mission offered by a faction 

The horror... the horror... (Gold)
Resolve your conflict with the Jackal to facilitate the exodus 

The third faction (Bronze)
Rescue all the Buddies from their respective predicaments 

Upgraded Player (Bronze)
Upgrade one class 3 times (Ranked Match) 

Utility Man (Silver)
Complete all Missions intercepted from cellular tower signals 

Wages of Conflict (Bronze)
Aquire all conflict diamonds in the game available through payment 
or exploration 

Wanderer (Bronze)
Find all the Safe Houses in Leboa-Sako - the Northern Territory 

War Party (Bronze)
Win a match with 16 players (Ranked Match) 

Warlord (Silver)
Achieve Rank 30 (Ranked Match) 

Weapon Specialist (Bronze)
Purchase the manuals and acquire the bandolier for one weapon 

Weapons Expert (Bronze)
Purchase the manuals and acquire the bandoliers for every weapon.


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