Feeding Frenzy 2 - Shipwreck Showdown - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Feeding Frenzy 2 - Shipwreck Showdown - Platform: XBox 360

Feeding Frenzy 2 - Shipwreck Showdown - Platform: XBox 360

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. 

Barracuda Bully (25 points) - Score a 'Barracuda Bonus' by biting a 
barracuda's tail four times in a row. 
Fast Food (20 points) - Complete Time Attack! 
Flippin' Good Time (15 points) - Complete a Quadruple Flip. 
Fish Upgrade (10 points) - Awarded for your first fish upgrade in the 
single player story mode. 
Frenzyfest Master (15 points) - Come first in a Frenzyfest Tournament. 
Full Tank (15 points) - Awarded for unlocking all Fish Upgrades in the 
single player story mode. 
Life of the Party (15 points) - Compete in Party Games to accumulate 1000 
Party Points. 
Mega Frenzy (5 points) - Rapidly eat fish to max out the FRENZY meter in a 
single player game. 
School Teacher (20 points) - Eat 500 entire schools of fish, or swarms of bugs. 
The Intruder (25 points) - Awarded for defeating the Intruder and 
completing the single player story mode. 
Well Defended (10 points) - Accumulate three simultaneous fish shields. 
Well Fed Fish (25 points) - Accumulate 5000 fish in your food bank. 

Bite the tail of a barracuda four times to shrink it. You can then eat it 

After you gain enough levels you will be able to jump out of the water and eat 
flying bugs. To get extra points, eat an entire swarm. You can also earn style 
points by flipping in the air. Be careful, as you will get stunned if you land 
incorrectly and be vulnerable to predators.

Extra lives:
An extra life is awarded at 6,000 points, 12,000 points, and then every 12,000 
points following that.

Feeding frenzy:
Eat fish quickly to fill your frenzy meter. When your frenzy meter is full, you 
will get double points for each fish eaten. If the frenzy meter is filled twice, 
you will earn a double frenzy bonus. When this happens, you will get triple 
points for each fish eaten. If you eat a 2x bonus bubble during a double frenzy, 
you will get six times the normal point value of the fish.

Eat fish smaller than yourself and avoid the larger fish. A predator is larger 
than you and will eat you. You will lose a life when eaten. To get larger, eat 
smaller fish. Your fish will say "Yummy" when you have grown. To get more 
points, bite the tails off larger fish or eat an entire school of fish.

Complete a level without dying and a mermaid will appear. She will drop starfish 
bubbles that can be quickly collected for extra points. The mermaid always 
appears from the last side where a fish was eaten.

Mushrooms are released when the alien intruder hits a bombs near the surface.

Eat a mushroom just as a pelican flies over it to shrink the bird. You can eat 
shrunken pelicans.

Screen savers:
Six underwater screensavers can be unlocked by building points in your food 
bank. You will earn a point for each fish you eat when you complete a level.

Starfish bubbles:
Starfish bubbles are worth extra points, but will not help you grow.

The Intruder:
Complete Story mode to unlock The Intruder as a playable character.

Time bonuses:
There are bonus timed levels that start between levels that allow you to earn 
time bonuses. You will have one minute to eat 100 fish, bugs, or other targets. 
After all 100 are eaten you will earn the bonus. Note: Collect the clocks when 
they appear to add three seconds to the timer.


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