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 FIFA 08 - Platform: Nintendo DS

FIFA 08 - Platform: Nintendo DS

Dream team line up and subs:
It is a dream team so any body who finds manager mode hard to win use 
this team it is so good even I use it. It's practically the best in 
the world! 

GK: Gianluigi Buffon
LFB: Ashley Cole
CB: Alessandro Nesta
CB: John Terry
CB: Jaap Stam
RW: Cristiano Ronaldo
AM: Ronaldinho 
CM: Steven Gerrard
CDM: Patrick Vieira 
SST: Wayne Rooney
CST: Samuel etoo 


Submitted by:  elemental ben 23120518

Easy way to score goals, make sure one of your defenders have the ball, preferably 
the middle ones, sprint forward a step and hold own Y for full power then let your 
striker run for the ball, make sure he is in front of you opponents defender and 
strike the ball close to the net by tapping A, and cha-ching you have a goal, the 
probability of scoring is something like 75% to 25%, either way, you have more of 
a chance of scoring!


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