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 Fifa 2006 - Platform: Xbox 360

Fifa 2006 - Platform: Xbox 360

My FIFA store points:
Complete the following tasks to earn the corresponding number of 
points at the My FIFA store:

500 points: Successfully complete the Underdog challenge 
500 points: Successfully complete the Hat Trick challenge 
500 points: Win the LDV Vans Trophy 
500 points: Win the Football League 1 
500 points: Win the Football League 2 
500 points: Win the Scottish Cup 
750 points: Successfully complete the 5 minute challenge 
750 points: Win the League Cup 
750 points: Win the Football League Championship 
750 points: Win the Scottish Premier League 
1,000 points: Win the English Cup 
1,500 points: Win the F.A. Premier League 

Start as 5 star team in Career Mode:
To do this you must unlock career teams in the My Fifa menu. You can do this by 
completing the challenges set. 

Fully fit team in Manager Mode:
When in manager mode, notice that the energy bars of your players decrease after 
each match. Save your career, then go back to the main menu. Load your career 
again. Your team will have full health again. This may not work the first time. 
Save and reload the game maybe once or twice more for it to work. 

Win everything in Manager Mode with any team:
Pick a team, then start your career. Save your game. Choose 'Next Match', then 
'Quick Sim'. If you win the match, save your progress. If you lose a match, 
return to the main menu and load your career again. You can have as many chances 
as you want against a team, as the outcome is random every time. Make sure to 
save your progress after every win, in case you lose unexpectedly. 

Be any team in Manager Mode:
Normally you must unlock the best teams to use them in manager mode. This 
usually costs 5,000 points in the fan shop. However, you do not have to do this. 
To be any team in career mode, for example, Chelsea, go to the team management 
screen and select Chelsea. Change the team so that all the worst players are 
playing in the starting line-up and all the best players are in the reserves. 
This will make the teams star rating go down. If it goes below 4.5 stars, you 
will be able to select that team to use in career mode. 

Increase profits in Manager Mode:
At the start of your season, do not spend the money you have immediately on 
staff upgrades and new players. Instead, spend the money you have on renewing 
player contracts. Wait to get your players morale up first, as they will be more 
likely to accept a renewal if they are happy at the club. Sometimes you can cut 
a players salary in half, if not more. Make sure to save the game before 
renewing contracts so that you can start low, and increase each time if the 
player refuses the renewal. If a player refuses the renewal at a high price, and 
they have a high moral, then it may be because they are close to retirement. 
This can earn you up to 3,000 credits (off your current salary) each match if 
done well. Alongside a good sponsor, you could be earning 7,000 to 8,000 credits 
each game when at home. 

Full stat team:
You can make any team have full stats by editing each players stats and 
upgrading them to 99. However, be warned; if you start with this team in manager 
mode, your salary will be high. Make sure to cut their contracts down as soon as 

To start with a five star team immediately in career mode, go to the team 
management screen. Put the bad players in the first eleven so that your team 
will be a four star team. Then go to career mode. Your team should be there. 
Save your career, then go back to the team management screen. Put the first 
eleven players back, save it, and you will have the normal team on friendlies 
and your team on career mode.

Use the following trick to be any team desired in career mode without buying 
better career teams from the fan shop. First, go to team management and choose a 
four and a half or five star team. Put all their worst players into the starting 
line up. They need to go down to about four stars or less. You can then use them 
in career mode. When you have begun your career you can change your team back. 

Recommended team:
Use this team when playing friendlies or tournaments. Do not use this team in 
manager mode, as their salary will be too high:

Formation: 4-2-4

GK: Buffon (Juventus)
LB: Zambrotta (Juventus)
CB: Terry (Chelsea)
CB: Ferdinand (Man United)
RB: Maldini (AC Milan)
RCM: Zidane (Real Madrid)
LCM: Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
LF: Rooney (Man United)
RF: Shevchenko (AC Milan)
LS: Ronaldo (Real Madrid
RS: Adriano (Inter Milan)

Aimar (Valencia)
Cech (Chelsea)
Campbell (Arsenal)
Gerrard (Liverpool)
Nesta (AC Milan)


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