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 Fifa 2007 - Platform: Playstation 2

Fifa 2007 - Platform: Playstation 2

Easy goals:
When one on one with the goalkeeper press L2 + Circle to do a finessed shot. 
This will trick the keeper from going frin one side to the other. For example, 
fake right and shoot left or vice versa. It will go in about 90% of the time.

If you have the ball and are outside the area but not on your half, you can 
check on the map how far the keeper is off his line. Normally he is about two 
meters. You can lob him easily if you get the power correct.

Easy wins:
When you are losing the match, press Start and go to "Select Sides". 
Switch to the other team and score your own goals. When you begin wining 
you can switch back to your original team.

Easy unlockable points:
Advance through the game modes and select Tournament mode. Select any cup 
tournament, as they tend to be shorter. Select the highest rated team or 
replace a team in the tournament with a highly rated team from another 
league. Advance to Tournament Central and quick sim all the games until 
you have won the tournament. You will be awarded unlockable points to spend.

Easy money:
No matter what team you are in Manager mode, buy the best free agents in the 
transfer market. Sell them during the same transfer market window so you do 
not have to pay the high salary. Because they are free to you, once you sell 
them you can get the added millions to your bank account.

Preview unlockables:
Purchase unlockable items without saving your profile. After testing items, 
simply reload your profile to re-acquire the unlockable points. By using 
this technique you can unlock and test all the unlockables in the game.
blake bennett.

Finding Giovanni Dos Santos:
You can find Giovanni Dos Santos in Barcelona's reserve list. Even though 
he is only 69 overall you can edit his stats and make him as good as 
Ronaldinho. You will then have two of the best midfielder's in the game.

Double stepover:
Cristiano Ronaldo and Robinho are two of the best dribblers. Use the 
Trick Stick with Ronaldo or Robinho to perform a double stepover. 
Press Forward, then rotate left and then right.

Recommended teams:
Try the following team in 4-4-2 formation.

GK: Cech
RB: Daniel Alves
CB: John Terry
CB: Ledley King
LB: Gihel Clichy
RM: Shaun Wright Philips
CM: Kim Kallstrom
CM: Frank Lampard
LM: Stuart Downing
CF: Shevchenko
CF: Sammy Eto'o 

GK: Shay Given
DF: Steven Taylor
CM: Joe Cole
CM: Freddy Adu
CF: Peter Crouch 

Try the following team in 4-4-2 formation.

GK: Dida
RB: Rio Ferdinand
CB: Allesandro Nesta
CB: Carles Puyol
LB: Roberto Carlos
RM: Cristiano Ronaldo
CM: Michael Ballack
CM: Deco
LM: Ronaldinho
CF: Hernan Crespo
CF: Wayne Rooney 

DF: Fabio Cannavaro
CM: Kaka
CM: Beckham
CF: Shevchenko 

Goalkeeper does not move:
Once the ball goes above a certain height, the goalkeeper will think it 
has gone out of play. However, it can come back down and go straight into 
the goal without the goalkeeper moving. 

Refill Team Stamina:
You must be in Manager Mode(this cannot be done in a match), save the game 
then quit Manager Mode, load it up again and your players stamina will be 
almost fully refilled.You may do this as many times as you wish to make 
your team's stamina full.

Unlockables in the fan shop:
Earn points by playing regular matches, winning cups, and completing the challenges.

Then go to Fan Shop under MY FIFA 07.

Effect                                  Code
AC Milan 3rd kit                      - spend 1250 points in the fan shop
Accrington Stanley 3rd kit            - spend 500 points in the fan shop
Adidas Fevernova 2002 Football        - spend 750 points in the fan shop
Adidas Telstar 1974 Football          - spend 750 points in the fan shop
Adidas Tricolore 1990 Football        - spend 750 points in the fan shop
Ajax 3rd kit                          - spend 750 points in the fan shop
Arsena 3rd kit                        - spend 1250 points in the fan shop
Celtic 3rd kit                        - spend 750 points in the fan shop
F.A. Permier League season highlights - spend 1500 points in the fan shop
German Bundesliga season highlights   - spend 1500 points in the fan shop
Liverpool 3rd kit                     - spend 1250 points in the fan shop
Real Madrid 3rd kit                   - spend 1250 points in the fan shop

Submitted by: John Alvarado 

Here's how to make your team in manager mode the best. first go to team 
managments in the main menu the go to transfer player take all the players 
you want to your team then start a new manager mood and chose that team. 
most players will be in the reserve and you can select then and make your 
dream team a reality.


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