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 Final Fantasy 3 - Platform: Super Nintendo

Final Fantasy 3 - Platform: Super Nintendo

first learn VANISH and X- zone or VANISH and DOOM.
<1>cast vanish on desired enemy.
<2>cast ether x-zone or doom.
<3>watch them die.
p.s will not work on KeFA C-yah
Duplicate weapons, or shields
Platform: Super Nintendo

1. Enter a battle.
2. Get the person u want to duplicate items from.
3. Go to items menu.
4. Select an empty slot, then the item you want to duplicate by 
   pressing up(This person must be holding the item).
5. Start running and press B.
6. Press X, then go to the equip menu.
7. Equip the item u unequiped durring the battle.
8. Have fun with the 2 items you now have.


1. Sell 1 item u duplicated and get money.
2. The Excalibur is worth more than the crystal sword.

How to get all of Strago's lores
To get all of the lores, go to Kefka's tower and fight DARK FORCE. Use life 
three on all of your party members. Also take Strago with you because he has 
to learn the lores. The Dark Force will use all of the lore attacks that 
Strago needs to know. (You will have to wait awhile to get the dark force to 
use Quassar)

Paladin Shield
To achieve the paladin shield you must use the cursed shield 255 times in 
battle consecutively without going into a town or status menu ( including 
the airship.) I suggest you use the cursed shield in an easy fighting zone 
for quicker battle.

The best place for exp.
Once you are in the Ruined World and have an airship go north of the velt. 
There will be a forest in the rough shape of a head and a mountain just east 
of it. Gau's father lives west of it, if that helps. Now, you must have only 
one person in your group and put on "vanish." Just fight around and bathe in 
all the exp.

The exp. egg
The exp. doubles exp. you recieve in a battle. You must be in the ruined 
world. Enter Darel's Tomb (where the air ship is). Starting from the 
enterance walk down as far as you can without entering the door, go left, 
down, and right through the door to the basement. Search the right wall 
until you find a wall that you can walk right through, enter and get the 
exp. egg in the treasure chest.

Want Sabin's Final Blitz?
To get Sabin's final blitz, Bum Rush, you must be in the Ruined World. Fly 
north to Narshe, the cave town, and look on that continent for four trees 
shaped in a cross. Land and walk into the trees. You will meet Sabin's 
trainer and he will teach him the final blitz.

Zozo's clock code
In the thief town, Zozo, go to the building where you have to set the clock. 
Then enter: 6, 10, 50 this will enable you to open the secret passage and 
get Edgar's new tool.


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