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 Final Fantasy VIII [hint] - Platform: Playstation 1

Final Fantasy VIII [hint] - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: PAOLO ENDRINAL

GF Cactuar
HP:100 000
Squalls Lv:69


100xWater to Elemental Attack
GF(s):QUEZACOATAL and Leviathan

In the battle simply draw and cast
Then 2 guys should keep on attacking and the other 1 
should keep on summoning LEVIATHAN in a 
level of 70+.
With this things 100 percent of
victory is yours

Submitted by: Emmanuel The Lionhearted

If you want your characters to be powerful,junction the 
spell called Ultima to your character's defense stats.
If You do this then you can absorb all elemental damage.

This will be very helpful if you are trying to unlock 
your abilities in Ultimecia's castle or fighting monsters 
at island closest to Hell and Island Closest To Heaven.

here are some ways you can get the Ultima Spell
1.Draw from Shumi Village,it's situated at the the north of 
  the world map(you'll have to pay to draw this spell)

2.You can draw from enemies like Ultima Weapon(Deep Sea 
  Research) and Omega Weapon(Ultimecia's Castle)
  NOTE:-It'll be hard to draw from Omega Weapon.

3.You can also get through items such as ultima stone.
  This item can be obtained by defeating Ultima Weapon.
  You can refine it in your ability menu. can also get it by defeating monsters like 
  Forbidden to get some curse spike.You will have to get 
  100 curse spikes to refine it into a dark matter then 
  you can change it into 100 Ultimas.NOTE-the dark matter 
  item can also give Quistis the Shockwave Pulsar limit break.

P.S- the ultima spell can be very usefull when junctioned 
to other stats also.

Keep your levels up high
I don't know why people say keep your levels low, if u have it high,
U can beat GF and enimies on island closest to hell/heven once my level 
is at 25 and an enimy killed us all in one hit!!! because these islands 
have good draw points and u get easy EXP!!! once i was at level 50 and 
squall's hp is at 9999 (100 flare at hp in juntion and HP+80% and my 
attack power is at 5000 and a cankill some enimies with GF and attack 
and limit except ruby dragons when i am back atttcks most of the times 
it does the breath when i am back-attacked 9999 hp damage put alert 
when u are at hell (no ruby dragon in heven

Get all lionheart's items on the 1rst CD:
Submitted by: Richard Glez

You can get all the items needed to make the lionheart (Squall ultimate sword) 
adamantine - Minotaur card.
Dragons Fangs - T-rexaus between levels 20-29.
Then you need 20 Elnoyle cards and change those into 2 energy cristals.
And then the 2 enrgy cristals into 20 pulse ammo.

Artemisa Castle Pictures:
Submitted by: Richard Glez

This is the order for the pictures in artemisa's castle galery...

1 - Vividarium
2 - Intervigilium
3 - Viator


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