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 Final Fantasy XI - Platform: XBox 360

Final Fantasy XI - Platform: XBox 360

Easy Gil:
Whenever you get Crystals in battle, put them in an auction for about 100 Gil each. 
You will make good money this way, or you can put them in your bazaar for about 50 
Gil each.

When you are at about level 5 (depending on your main job), collect Silk Threads from 
Crawlers in either East or West Sartabaruta, outside of Windurst. They can sell at 
the Auction House for 1,000 to 2,000 Gil each.

At 6:00 in upper San 'Doria, the Wood Guild opens. There, you can by Arrowwood Lumber 
for 7 Gil each. They sell for approximately 100 to 150 Gil each. The Luaun Lumber also 
makes a profit, but not as much.

This trick requires three party members in Bastok. Behind the lighthouse in South 
Gustaberg is a bush labeled as "???". There, you can trade a Quus to have Bubbly 
Bernie spawn. He is not very difficult to defeat and drops a Steam Clock. If you set 
the second person to Quartermaster and make him wait at the entrance to Bastok Mines, 
he can run into the auction house and send it to the third person, waiting at the Mog 
House in Bastok Markets. The third person should take the clock to Malene in the very 
northern part of the town. She will give you 500 Gil per clock. You can repeat this as 
many times as desired. Note: You can only hold one clock at a time, but you can have as 
many as you desired inside your delivery box.

Entering the Zehrun Mines in Bastok Mines:
Go to Bastok Mines. Near the left on your map is a circle. Go there and enter the passage 
to be in Zehrun Mines.


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