Gauntlet Dark Legacy - Platform: Playstation 1 - Console Games.

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 Gauntlet Dark Legacy - Platform: Playstation 1

Gauntlet Dark Legacy - Platform: Playstation 1

Cheat Codes 
Only one cheat can be entered at a time 
with a name. 

10,000 Gold
Enter 10000K. 

Enter INVULN. 

Enter 000000. 

Super Crossbow 
Enter SSHOTS. 

Triple Shot 
Enter MENAGE. 

Reflect Shot 
Enter REFLEX. 

Enter 1ANGEL. 

X-Ray Vision 
Enter PEEKIN. 

Full Turbo 
Enter PURPLE. 

Enemies Always Shrunk 
Enter DELTA1. 

Have 9 Potions and Keys 
Enter ALLFUL. 

Run Quickly 
Enter XSPEED. 

Throw Quickly 
Enter QCKSHT. 

Character Codes 
Input these codes as a new characters name. 

NUD069 - S&M Dwarf 
STX222 - Happy Face 
KJH105 - Chainsaw 
PNK666 - Punkrock 
TAK118 - Ninja 
STG333 - Employee Stig 
KAO292 - Waitress 
CSS222 - Ex-Employee Chris 
RIZ721 - Football Dude 
DIB626 - Manager Mike 
SJB964 - Karate Steve 
ARV984 - Created by Don 
AYA555 - Schoolgirl 
CEL721 - Cheerleader 
RAT333 - Rat Knight 
GARM99 - Regular Garm 
GARM00 - Sickly Garm 
SUM224 - Sumner 
SKY100 - Sky General 
MTN200 - Mountain General 
TWN300 - Town General 
CAS400 - Castle General 
ICE600 - Ice General 
DES700 - Desert General 
BAT900 - Battle General 

Knight in Black Armor 
Enter DARTHC as your name to unlock this character. 

Loads o' Codes 
As your character's name, enter the following codes. 

SSHOTS-Super shots 
MENAGE-3-Way shots 
REFLEX-Reflecting shots 
PEEKIN-X-ray vision 
PURPLE-Full Turbo 
DELTA1-Giant player, tiny enemies 
ALLFUL-Start with 9 potions, 9 keys 
10000K-Start with 10,000 Gold 
EGG911-Play as Pojo 
ICE600-Play as a fat Dwarf 
NUDO69-Play as a sado-masochist Dwarf 
STX222-Play as a stick figure with a smiley face 
KJH105-Play as a stick figure with a baseball cap 
PNK666-Play as a stick figure with a mohawk 
BAT900-Play as a centurion 
TAK118-Play as a ninja 
STG333-Play as a bald guy 
KAO292-Play as a waitress 
CSS222-Play as a guy with a baseball bat 
ARV984-Play as a guy with a mace 
DIB626-Play as a guy with a head on a staff 
RIZ721-Play as a quarterback 
SJB964-Play as a martial artist with two scythes 
DARTHC-Play as a bald guy with a cape 
TWN300-Play as a blue and orange Valkyrie 
AYA555-Play as a Japanese schoolgirl 
CEL721-Play as a cheerleader 
CAS400-Play as a special warrior 
MTN200-Play as a General 
RAT333-Play as a rat 
GARM99-Play as a bald Wizard 
GARM00-Play as a Wizard with a dark cloak 
DES700-Play as a desert-clad Wizard 
SKY100-Play as an alien 
SUM224-Play as Sumner 

Secret Costumes 
Put the following in as your name to get a secret character 

EGG911 - Pojo the chicken 
STX222 - Stick figure jester 
RAT333 - Warrior with a Rat's head 
ICE600 - A Big Dwarf 
PNK666 - Big headed jester 
TAK118 - Knight in a ninja suit w/ claws 
TWN300 - Valkyrie w/ a scythe 
CAS400 - Different looking warrior 
GAM666 - Evil Wizard 
SKY100 - Alternate wizard


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