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 Geist - Platform: Gamecube

Geist - Platform: Gamecube

Multiplayer Features:
For every two Host Collectibles that you find in the single player game, 
you will unlock an extra feature for the multiplayer mode in the order 
shown below:

Office Multiplayer Level
Storage Multiplayer Level
Raimi and Rabbit Characters
Medical Multiplayer Level
Towel Girl and Bat Characters
Helipad Multiplayer Level
Chef and Rat Characters
Raid Multiplayer Level
Dead Garden Multiplayer Level
Summit Multiplayer Level
Volks and Roach Characters
Complex Multiplayer Level
Heaven Multiplayer Level
Boss Multiplayer Level
Anna and Imp Characters
Catacombs Level

Fatal Bug:
During Level 8 Rourke, after you've taken possession of Rourke, head to 
the Command Station. (After you've gotten off the elevator, head down 
the hall. The Command Center is the door in front of you, and a guard 
should be on your left guarding another hallway; he escorts you to your 
new armor.) As you enter the Command Center, look at nearly any computer 
with a blue screen (there are 7 of them, 3 are actually working). Examine 
the screen and it will say 'The operating system has crashed on this computer.'

Prototype weapons:
At the part were you scare the three scientists, the one you possess 
determines which weapon you will get. To get one of them, have a host 
knock on the door.

Weird dialogue:
Talk to the guard that took you to get Rouqe's armor. Once you get the 
armor he will say nothing for a short while, then say "What am I doing here?"

Metroid reference:
Look in one of the lockers in the girl's shower room to find Samus' helmet.

Hidden Gamecube:
Look in one of the lockers in the girl's shower room to find a Gamecube.

Medical: Defeating the Boss:
To defeat the level 4, Medical, Boss, when the fight starts run around 
the room, dodging its projectiles and shooting it in the head. It will 
not do much damage, but it helps. At certain times, it will stop and 
shoot a huge wave of projectiles at you. Try your best to get in between 
two projectiles to avoid it. Tip: When it is about to do it, it will 
wiggle its head around as if it is in pain. Watch out for this sign. 
Eventually it will kneel down and put a blue shield around its head and 
start healing itself. Quickly run over and throw a grenade into the hole 
in its shield to do lots of damage. If you do not, it will heal itself 
back to full health. Immediately after you do this, quickly back away 
as it will try to attack you with its claws. If you are low on health, 
you should get one of the three first aid kits at this point. This fight 
is going to get a lot tougher. Immediately after you do this, it will 
change its tactics. It will start shooting more projectiles more often 
and instead of shooting a wave of projectiles, it will emit a huge orange 
electrical beam from its mouth. Stay far away from it, as it will sap your 
health quickly if it hits you. The last thing it does is get out of the middle 
of the arena and roll around the room. It either rolls around near the center 
of the room or the far side of the room. Indicate which part its rolling around 
to avoid it. Keep repeating the strategy to bring down its health. When it is 
almost dead it will roll around and stop to reveal an opening. Throw a grenade 
into the opening to do damage. Eventually you will defeat it.

Base: Rocket launcher:
To get the rocket launcher on the multi-player map "Base", jump boost to get 
on the skinny platform where a man is standing. Go left from the gun turret 
to get there.

Defeating Beating Gigi's brother (first form):
Wait until he shoots a missile at you. Then, get out of you body and possess 
the missile. Aim the missile toward him. Do this quickly, as the red ghosts 
will possess you and try to make you kill yourself.

Defeating the stone golems:
Shoot the pieces of stone that are glowing. After you have shot all of the 
pieces, keep grenading him with the secondary fire of your gun that you have.

Escaping from ghosts:
This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. Set the auto-fire 
to a button. Every time you get caught by them, just hold a button. This helps 
when fighting the Boss that takes over Rouqe's body.


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