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 Genji - Days of the Blade - Platform: Playstation 3

Genji - Days of the Blade - Platform: Playstation 3

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock a harder difficulty setting 
and additional challenges. 

Quick knock down recovery:
When you get knocked down, press X to get up. If timed correctly, just as 
you hit the ground,
you will jump back up. If you do not time it correctly, press all buttons a 
few times to get up
more quickly.

Movie Viewer and Sound Test:
Clear the game on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock a movie viewer and 
a sound test
in the Extras menu on the title screen.

Longer jumps:
To perform longer jumps, use Shizuka and equip Fleck. Run in any direction 
and jump. Just
before you start falling back down, press Square and the direction you wish 
to travel. This
attack will make Shizuka float forward in the air allowing you to go 
slightly further.

Unlimited Mashogane:
After winning the battle on the beach against the minor Boss that resembles 
a giant crab, and can
move onward to the next area; save the game but do not proceed ahead. 
Instead, backtrack to the
beach and defeat the enemies modified with the Mashogane. They do not stop 
respawning .and will
provide a limitless amount of Mashogane to boost your weapons attacks to 
their maximum at this
point. Kill off a good number of them, then when a large number of enemies 
are present use your
Kamui to take them out and reap in the benefits. This may also give you a 
healing item such as a
Miracle Pill or Tengu Herb. Also, retreat back to the save point whenever 
your health gets low.
Do not use your healing items as you will need them for the Boss fight that 
is just past the save
point near the Soul Gate.

Easy kills:
When there are many enemies that are grouped together, use Shizuka and equip 
Fleck. Then, run
toward the enemies. Press Triangle while running. Try to hit an enemy with 
more health than the
others. This attack deals damage but also plants a bomb on the enemy. Hit 
the enemy with any
other attack to detonate the bomb. The explosion of the bomb does not hurt 
When fighting a Juggernaut, use Benkei. Equip Benkei's club and hold 
Triangle until his club glows
and sparks. Then, release Triangle and charge into the Juggernaut. Be 
careful not to press R1
before holding Triangle.
While in Kamui mode, press Circle if the "Circle" symbol appears instead of 
any other attack. This
deals more damage. If the "Circle" symbol does not appear, then choose 
another button (for example,
Triangle) and press Circle afterwards. This deals more damage. 


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