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 Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko - Platform: Nintendo64

Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko - Platform: Nintendo64

Enter these passwords at the "Password" Screen. 


Turn into DracuGex
(submitted by: _IMP_ [TML])
Just before you enter the level "Clueless in Seattle" you will 
find a painting of DracuGex. Look at it with Up-C. you will then 
turn into DracuGex for 30 seconds. This will help you get the bonus 
and paw coin across from you. 

Vault codes
To enter the following vault screen passwords, play the hidden level 
and get all four vault "secret" keys. The passwords are entered at 
the vault screen. 

Eight Hit Paws
Enter Square, Diamond, Triangle, Triangle, Star, Diamond. 

Extra life
Enter Triangle, Circle, Star, Square, Square, X. 

Ten lives
Enter Square, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square. 

Enter Square, Star, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Diamond. 

Toggle timer
Enter Square, Square, Diamond, Circle, X, X. The timer may be turned 
on or off at the "Extras" screen. 

Play as Alfred
Enter Square, X, Triangle, Square, Star, Star. 

Play as Cuz
Enter Square, Diamond, Square, Square, Triangle, Diamond. 

Play as Rex
Enter Square, Star, Star, Square, Triangle, Triangle. 

Play as DracuGex
Enter Star, X, X, Circle, Square, Triangle. 

View FMV sequence
Enter Circle, Triangle, Square, Star, Diamond, Star. 

View FMV sequence 2
Enter Diamond, Star, Square, X, Triangle, Circle. 

View FMV sequence 3
Enter X, Diamond, Star, Triangle, Triangle, Circle. 

View all FMV sequences
Enter Star, X, X, Circle, Square, Triangle. 

Level select
Enter Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, X. 

Gex quotes
Enter Square, Triangle, X Star, Square, X. Press Select to hear various 
comments from Gex. 

Debug menu
Enter Square, Square, Diamond, Circle, X, X. Press Select to enter 
the debug menu. 


Getting the extra remote
Four remotes need to be collected to complete a level. Since there are 
only three missions, only three remotes can be found. The fourth remote 
must be earned by collecting 100 flies. 

Extra pawprints and extra lives
TVs are placed throughout The Pole and other levels. Hit a TV and swallow 
the green bugs to get extra pawprints. Swallow the red bugs for extra 

Getting help
Tailwhip the turtle to get various tips during the game. 

Defeating Evil Santa
Hit the presents that Evil Santa throws back at him. Be very careful doing 
this, as it is easy to miss and get hurt. You only need to hit him three 
times. There is a TV in the spot where you face Evil Santa. Wait until Gex 
is down to one or two pawprints. Then hit the TV and swallow the bug that 
appears for an extra pawprint. 

Getting extra lives in The Pole
Hit the Mailboxes, Elves, Soldiers, Penguins, and Presents to get flies. 
Collect fifty flies to get an extra life. 

Skating elf
Hit the first skating elf in The Pole level and a pawprint will appear 
in the sleigh. 

High jumps
Jump on the presents in The Pole level to get an extra high jump. 

Other flies in The Pole
To get more flies, return to the gate used to enter The Pole. There will 
be about eight flies here. When entering the gate, jump on the first present 
in view (not the moving presents). Gex will get an extra high jump and land 
on the rooftop. There are four flies located here. 

Extra life bug in The Pole
After Gex jumps on the house and get the files, go to the nearby cliff on 
the left. Keep moving until an indentation appears in the wall. There is a 
"Scenic View" sign at that location. Go to the end of it to find a TV with 
an extra life bug. 

Bonuses at The Pole
Go up the cliff that is visible when you enter the Pole to see the roofs of 
houses. Jump down the chimneys to find a few extra surprises. 

Training bonus
After completing training, you will get a bonus and another door will open 
in the Gex Cave. 

Bonus Gex Cave items
There are four glass walls protecting items on the top level in the Gex Cave. 
Jump up and kick the glass to collect them. Note: This may require a few jumps 
in order to get correct timing to break the glass. 

Extra lives and Rex
Locate the Scenic View bridge by entering into different sections of the level 
until finding the place with two guards before another passageway to another 
section. Jump on the present right next to them to reach a ledge with a TV and 
the turtle. Push Rex over the edge, then jump down and push him into the fire. 
He will thaw out, and Gex will receive extra lives. 

Snowboarding tricks in The Pole

Press B to do a tailwhip while jumping. 

Nose grab
Do a flying kick (hold R and press A.) 

360 nose grab
Get a large running start and do a 360 and nose grab. You cannot do them at 
the same time, but can get them both in one jump.


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