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 Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike - Platform: XBox

Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike - Platform: XBox

During a mission press start to pause the game, choose In-Game options, 
choose Enter Cheats, then enter one or more of the following button 

Code         Effect
B, B, X, Y - Complete Current Mission
B, B, X, B - Team Superman (Team Invinvibility)
B, B, X, X - Refill Ammo
B, B, X, A - Superman (Player Invincibility)

Invincibility (self):
Select the "Enter Cheats" option at the main menu, then press B(2), X, A. 
Your first soldier will be invincible, but the remaining members of your 
platoon can still be harmed.

Invincibility (team):
Select the "Enter Cheats" option at the main menu, then press B(2), X, B.

Refill ammunition:
Select the "Enter Cheats" option at the main menu, then press B(2), X(2).

Sniper Zoom On Any Weapon:
Start a two through four player mission. Immediately kill one of your 
friends when you start. The killed player can now cycle through the other 
players' screens, and can zoom as if the gun where a sniper rifle. 
Have whoever wants to use the dead person's screen use it. The dead player 
can control the zoom, while the other player moves the character. 
This is extremely useful if the person that operates in the dead player's 
screen has a heavy machine gun.

Tree Top View in Lost Convoy:
In lost convoy multiplayer mode for Xbox live, you can climb up onto a tree 
branch in sector C3. Approach the tree slowly while looking up at the branch 
(there is only one tree in that sector) and you will pop up onto the branch. 
From here you can snipe players trying to get into the swamp.

Select the "Enter Cheats" option at the main menu, then press B(2), X, Y.

Lay Down With Rocket Launcher:
While crouching, press Down to lie down. Before you finish lying down, select 
the rocket launcher. You must be fast and may need to practice. Once mastered, 
it is a very useful glitch. It works in all modes, including Squad on Xbox Live.

Bronze Star: Get 15 kills
Congressional Medal Of Honor: Get 30 kills
Distinguished Service Cross: Get 25 kills
Purple Heart: Get wounded or killed in action.
Silver Star: Get 20 kills

Pagoda: Get On Top Of The Main Bridge:
To get on top of the main bridge at the start of the map, lay down directly 
under the edge of the bridge. Roll up towards the hill while looking at the 
water. You will start to see yourself flicker on top of the bridge. After a 
few times, you will be able to stand up and walk around. The only way to get 
down is to lay down and crawl backwards. You will fall to the bottom with no 
health damage. This works on squad matches.

Pagoda: Lay Down Under Water:
Follow the directions to perform the 'Pagoda: Get on top of the main bridge' 
glitch. Once on top of the bridge, look down and line yourself up with the 
river. Turn around and lay down, then crawl backwards off the bridge. 
If done correctly, you should land in the middle of the river, still laying 
down. You will have a clear view of the valley in front of the bridge, and 
be able to shoot at anyone, but nobody will be able to see you. Be careful 
when using a grenade launcher. The grenade will detonate on the surface of 
the water at times.

Water source:
In all the levels with a river or stream, if you follow it to its source you 
can see that it's flowing out of solid roc

Under Armor reference:
During the training mission, go to the rifle range and get a sniper. Stand in 
front of Alicia Diaz. Make sure you are standing on the range and she has her 
weapon down. Zoom in on her neck. Notice that she is wearing Under Armor, 
and that it has the Under Armor logo and writing on it.


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