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 Godfather - The Don's Edition - Platform: Playstation 3

Godfather - The Don's Edition - Platform: Playstation 3

"The Don Is Dead" mission:
Before starting this mission, break the windows in the barber shop. This will allow 
for easy shooting once the Don is shot. The recommended gun for this and any other 
close range shooting mission is the magnum.

When paused, enter these codes: Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, L3. 
Only available every 5 minutes.

All movies:
At the main menu, press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square(2), L3 to unlock all movies.

Unlock All Film Clips:
This code is entered at the menu screen. Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, L3.

All the safe houses that you pay for have ammo caches. When low on ammunition or health, 
you can go into these houses and restock. They are the orange houses on the map, and most 
are in hotels.

Assaulting warehouses:
Before going on a warehouse assault have these items: pistol (full ammunition), 
Tommy gun (full ammunition), shotgun (full ammunition), magnum (full ammunition), 
molotovs (6), and about $25,000. When going to a warehouse, try to blow up the roadblocks. 
After that, stand there and shoot at oncoming gangsters with your pistol (headshots are 
essential). Then, go in to the warehouse area. Stand behind boxes and shoot the enemies 
with the pistol or magnum (again with headshots). Once you enter the warehouse, have 
either your shotgun or Tommy gun ready. Most enemies will have shotguns and Tommy guns. 
When you kill them, search for the owner. He will have puppeteer hands. Buy him out. 
Do not hit or injure him or you will not be able to buy him out and will have to use 
pressure. More than likely you will have also started a mob war. Do not bother looking 
for bombing business. Instead, check the map for the nearest FBI agent and bribe him. 
You may lose $3,000, but it is less risky. You will now have a warehouse and won a mob 
war at the same time.

Getting past barricades easily:
When you go to a hub, warehouse, or compound with people and cars blocking your way, 
get a truck and run into the cars and people until it catches on fire. Then, finish 
off the other people that are still alive.

When you go to a hub, warehouse, or compound with people and cars blocking your way, 
stand close enough that you can lock-on to a person. Take either dynamite or a 
Molotov Cocktail and throw it. It will blow up the cars next to the people. Continue 
doing this until you have reached the hub, warehouse, or compound.

Full health:
Pause the game and press Left, Square, Right, Circle, Right, L3. Note: There 
is a five minute
lockout before this code can be re-enabled. To bypass this, save the game 
after the code has
been enabled, quit the game, then reload your saved game.

Full ammunition:
Pause the game and press Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Square, R3. Note: 
There is a five minute
lockout before this code can be re-enabled. To bypass this, save the game 
after the code has
been enabled, quit the game, then reload your saved game.

Unlimited ammunition and $1 million:
Reach the "Don Of New York City" rank at a 91.5% game completion. Note: you 
will get unlimited
ammunition for all of your guns only. Bombs, dynamite, and Molotov Cocktails 
are not infinite, and
melee weapons can still wear out.

No heat when stealing cars:
Reach the "Underboss" rank to have no heat when a parked cars

Infinite money:
Enter a hotel, nightclub, shop, etc. that you own. Smash the cash register 
and collect the money.
Walk out the door, then walk back in. The cash register should be fixed. You 
can repeat the
process as many times as desired. It is a slow way of getting money, but 
sometimes you will
get $10,000.

Easier car chases:
When you are being chased by enemies in a car, let them drive up on your 
side. Usually they will
come up near your rear on your left or right. Then, look ahead and lure them 
into an accident.
Usually they will smash into something like oncoming traffic or a wall if 
timed correctly. They will
eventually come back and catch up to you, but if you keep doing this they 
will eventually blow
themselves up (because you cannot shoot out your car at them).

Easier special kills:
In missions where you have to kill an important figure in a certain way 
(such as pushing them off a
roof or into a furnace), you can do this easier by luring the enemy over to 
the hazard you must use
to kill them before fighting with them. Just avoid them and run over to the 
hazard. They will come
over to you. Beat them up a little, but do not kill them completely. Then, 
grab them by holding L1
+ R1, and swing them so they have their back to the hazard.
Then, push forward with the Analog-sticks to shove them to their death.

Losing police quickly:
If you commit a lot of damage and/or kill a lot of people, you will get 
wanted stars. Once you get
enough stars, the police will chase and shoot you. To lose them, just move 
to a different area and
all of your stars will immediately go away.

Extorting businesses:
If you are having trouble extorting business owners, try destroying some of 
their property and/or
hold a gun to their face. For example, when you are trying to take over Good 
Eats in Brooklyn,
you can hold a gun to the man's face then reholster the gun and extort. If 
he refuses, simply draw
your gun again, lock on, and hold it. Keep doing this until he caves in. Do 
not forget to reholster
your gun to avoid accidentally shooting him. In another example, when you 
are trying to extort
money from the hotel owner in Brooklyn, hold a gun to him twice, break the 
downstairs cupboard,
then finally blow his safe before you beat him into submission. Always buy 
available rackets first.
Take a trip around to either buy another racket or go around the block. Do 
not attack until you
visit again, and instead of enemy soldiers you will find all your soldiers. 
By doing this you do not
have to fight a bunch of enemies and get your vendetta up. If you have not 
taken over all the
businesses and rackets, wait until you have reached the "Don Of New York 
City" rank. You
will be able to take over anything without having to smash anything up or 
"convince" the person
that it is a good idea; they will just say "Yes" immediately.

Robbing banks:
Depending on the type of bank will determine the easiest way it can be 
robbed. The type with
the three guards and one room is by far the easiest, and should be robbed as 
often as possible.
Use the following trick to rob it without being chased or even getting past 
two shields. First, bribe
the cop outside. Then, go into the bank and choke the first guard by the 
door. Next, go into the
vault area and start strangling the guard on the left. The other guard will 
come and attack you,
but he will not shoot. He will only hit you with his billy club. Remember to 
strangle the man on the
left first because he tends to start shooting with his shotgun if you attack 
the other guard. If you are
robbing the big bank, start the same way by bribing the cop outside. Then, 
go in and immediately
strangle the guards in the main room. Hurry down to the vault and strangle 
the two guards there.
Open the door and blow the vault. Three or four guards will attack you as 
you flee the vault. Get
close to them and shoot them with your Tommy gun to perform an instant 
execution. After you
shoot them, run up the stairs and move to the right. Then, take an immediate 
right to leave the
building where the car is always parked. Get in the car quickly because you 
will be shot at when
outside. Take off and you should not be chased once you hit the streets. 
After any bank robbery
you must go to your hangout to get the money. The best bank to rob is the 
midtown bank, close
to the apartment that the Corleone's give you after you save Michael. You 
wll get $50,000 there.

Marlon Brando's last appearance:
Play the mission when you go to the hospital to protect the Don. After you 
kill the first assassin
and Michael Corleone tells you to go to the basement, go foward and make a 
left. You should
see a door with Michael Corleone talking to Vito Corleone while he is in the 
hospital bed.
Listen to the conversation carefully. This is the real Marlon Brando 
talking, recorded while
he was hospitalized. 


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