Godzilla - Destroy all Monsters Melee - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 Godzilla - Destroy all Monsters Melee - Platform: Gamecube

Godzilla - Destroy all Monsters Melee - Platform: Gamecube

At the main menu, highlight "Versus" mode, then hold L + R + B. 
Release the button in this order: B, R, L. If done correctly, a 
white box will appear. Enter the following codes to activate the 
cheat function: 

Code    Result 
696924  All characters (except Orga) 
225133  Unlock Godzilla 2K 
104332  Unlock Rodan 
537084  Unlock Destoroyah 
557456  Unlock Mecha King Ghidorah 
616233  Unlock Gigan 
131008  Unlock Mecha Godzilla 
877467  Unlock King Ghidorah 
480148  Unlock all cites 
677251  P1 Unlimited Energy 
435976  P2 Unlimited Energy 
603696  P3 Unlimited Energy 
291680  P4 Unlimited Energy 
256806  Military On/Off 
413403  No energy power-ups 
562142  No health power-ups 
134615  No Mothra power-ups 
841720  No freeze tanks 
119702  No rage power-ups 
843901  P1 Damage-proof 
706149  P2 Damage-proof 
188522  P3 Damage-proof 
286552  P4 Damage-proof 
505634  All players Damage-proof 
650867  P1 Power energy  
492877  Slow Health regeneration 
649640  P1 Rage Mode 
122224  P2 Rage Mode 
548053  P3 Rage Mode 
451242  P4 Rage Mode 
511012  P1 Qaud damage 
815480  P2 Qaud damage 
212454  P3 Qaud damage 
286552  P4 Qaud damage 
817683  All players Qaud damage 
459113  P2 Invisible 
316022  All monsters Invisible 
986875  Tiny P1  
971934  Tiny P2  
895636  Tiny P3 
795735  Tiny P4 
174204  Tiny players 
756287  Throwable buildings & objects 
135984  Player Indicators On 
112122  Indestructible buildings  
760611  11 continues (Adventure Mode) 
661334  Technicolor Mode 
567980  Black and White Mode 
443253  No Life & Energy bars  
097401  Show Game version in Options  
176542  Shows Credits


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