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 Godzilla - Save the Earth - Platform: Playstation 2

Godzilla - Save the Earth - Platform: Playstation 2

Cheat Menu:
Press and hold L2, then Circle, then R2 in that order, then let go of 
them starting with Circle, then R2, then L2.

Cheat Codes:
You can enter these codes on the code menu.

All Cities - 659996
All Monsters - 525955
Challenges - 975013
HP Restores - 536117
Energy does not restore - 122574
P2: infinite energy - 324511
P2: invisable - 118699
P2: invinceable - 259333
P3: 4X damage - 500494
P3: infinite energy - 651417
P3: invisable - 507215
P3: invinceable - 507215
P4: 4X damage - 988551
P4: infinate energy - 456719
P4: invisable - 198690
P4: invinceable - 485542
100,000 points - 532459
buildings can't be destroyed - 812304
gallery - 294206
Godzilla: Final Wars Profiles - 409014

Inguirus: Easy wins:
In any playing mode, you can defeat enemies with Anguirus quickly by 
doing this combo of attacks (in any order). Press Down + Circle, Triangle, 
X, grab. When you grab, press Toward your enemy, then do a drop kick. 
Repeat this in any order to quickly defeat the enemy.

Attacking on the ground:
When you are down, press Square or Circle to do an attack on the ground.

When an enemy throws a building or anything else, press L1 to catch the thrown item.

Cinematic ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Defeating Baragon:
Make sure he does not jump on you, or you will get hurt very badly. 
When he tries to jump on you, try to attack him. However, he is very fast. 
Try using Megalon to dig under him to defeat him. Use any strong monsters, 
or any fast monsters. Note: He can regenerate energy fast to use his fire 
breath quickly. His fire breath cannot be made into a long range attack 
assault. He can also dig.

Defeating Destroyah:
Destroyah is one of the toughest monsters in the game. He can use an 
oxygen mine and you will be flying all over the place. However, it only 
goes in one direction. His only weakness is his lack of speed, but he is 
still very strong. If you can attack him at the correct moment, avoid his 
oxygen mines, and avoid his attacks, you can defeat him.

Defeating Mecha King Ghidorah:
Stay away from Mecha King Ghidorah and use mostly long range attacks. 
After five or more long range attacks, he will be defeated. However, 
only do this at the correct time or he will gain health.

Defeating Megalon:
Run when he digs, or you will be thrown. Watch out for his long range 
attack, it is powerful. Also watch out for his attack that stuns you. 
Try to stay away from him, and when he is done attacking or dazed by 
digging, try to execute a powerful attack.

Defeating Orga:
Orga will attack you while your on the ground, can throw you, and is 
extremely tough. Try to keep out of striking range of Orga. Also try 
not to be shoved on the ground or he will belly pound you. Use strong 
physical attacks to defeat him.

Defeating Spacegodzilla:
Use strong physical attacks and strong long range attacks; or use 
Orga or Destroyah.

Easy Win in Mothra Stage:
When in the Mothra larval stage, fight your opponent as long as you can. 
When you are just barely out of health, transform into the butterfly stage. 
You will have full health and have another chance to defeat your opponent 
without starting over.

Ending Movie:
Beat the game on the hard difficulty setting.

Get Space Godzilla, King Gidorah, and Jet Jaguar:
Sucessfully beat the game two times with Megalon and Godzilla [2000 or 90s] 
to unlock Space Godzilla, King Gidorah and Jet Jaguar.

Submitted by: Billy

To access cheat menu hold in order then release in order L2-O-R2 
then O-R2-L2 then for all cities type 659996 then for all monsters 
type 525955.


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