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 Goemon's Great Adventure - Platform: Nintendo64

Goemon's Great Adventure - Platform: Nintendo64

Alternate costumes
Enable four player mode. Then you can access new costumes for 
each character at the "Prediction" house. 

Four player mode
Insert four controllers and begin a game. Collect forty-four 
hands from various levels, press C-Right + Start on controllers 
three and four. 

Faster hoola-hoopa
In the game-over screen, Select 'Try Again' then repeatedly 
press A to make the hoola-hoopa hoop faster! 

Get to Creep Village
To get to the hidden town in the game, first beat the last boss. 
Then, go to Mokeke forest in the Underworld. Find the Impact rock, 
then keep going until you see a pink-suited clay doll. Defeat it 
and go left to the player change platform. change to Sasuke or Yae, 
go left, dive, and swim right until you can surface. There is no 
Teahouse in Creep village, so change to whoever you want to be NOW! 
Then, go right until you see a run-down bus shelter with a post nearby, 
and stand under the post. Sometime near daybreak, a HUGE bus will 
come and bring you to creep village. In Creep Village, you can get 
the last 4 entry passes. 

Mushroom Mission Trick
On the 3rd chapter, one of the missions you'll be asked to complete 
is the old woman's mushroom gathering hunt. To receive the entry pass 
for this mission, you must gather a total of 30 mushrooms from either 
Tomb Pass or Maneater Road; that means getting every single one on the 
stage without dying in a very stict time limit. Use this trick to 
guarantee you get 30 mushrooms--kill yourself until you're on your 
last life. Then go collect mushrooms in one of the 2 stages. Die once
more, and select CONTINUE from the Game Over screen. You'll be back on 
the world map. Now enter the OTHER stage. All of the mushrooms you 
collected from the first stage will still be there, and you can easily 
complete your collection and return to the old woman for the pass. 

Safe Spot when Fighting the Third Castle Boss
There is nothing more frustrating than fighting your way through an 
ultra-tough castle only to be pounded by the boss, forcing you to start 
over. The 3rd castle boss has a number of attacks, but you can help your 
situation by pressing against the far right wall. In this position, you 
cannot be hurt by his club swing attack, allowing you to concentrate on 
avoiding the other attacks and saving much-needed energy. 

Unlimited Lives Memory Card Trick
You need a memory card to do this trick. When you have 100 coins or more 
in Edo(the first area) go to "Lost'n Town". When you arrive go to the 
second house to the right with the blue curtain on the door. Purchase as 
much sushi as you can from the lady near the door. Sushi costs 100 coins
 each and gives you an extra life plus 2 health points. Leave the store 
and go to the Inn, it has a small door with a white banner on it. Now 
save your game at the inn and push reset on the N64. Select the game you 
just saved and you'll find that 100 coins have automatically been restored 
to you. Now you can purchase more sushi with this free money and more lives 
by repeating this pattern. It takes some patience but it pays off in the 
end against the tougher areas and bosses in the game. 

NOTE: This works on two player games as well but you have to make sure that 
both players buy sushi. 

Unlimited items Trick
Begin the game and go to the upgrade store. Purchase any desired item, 
then go to the save location and save the game. Reset the game. When 
the game is resumed, you will have all your money plus the item that was 
purchased. This may be repeated to get an unlimited number of items. 

Defeat Dochuki's final form
Avoid Dochuki's first two attacks (Bite and Eye Beam or Poison Snot) before 
countering with an attack of your own. When he is stunned, charge towards 
him and press Up. You will crawl into his mouth and see his tonsils, his 
weak point. Attack his tonsils savagely before he spits you out. 

(Note: During the encounter, the far right wall offers security from 
most of Dochuki's attacks.)


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