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 Gundam - Journey To Jaburo - Platform: Playstation 2

Gundam - Journey To Jaburo - Platform: Playstation 2

In-game reset
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start at the map screen.

Alternate suits
Select tactics battle mode. Hold L1 + L2 + X, R1 + R2 + X, or L2 + R2 + X at
the mobile suit selection screen.

Hold L1 + L2 + X at the mobile suit selection screen in tactics battle mode
with Gundam to get its Realtype form.

To access the three types of colors for Gundam in tactics battle mode, press
(blue Gundam) or L1 + L2 + X (gray, red and white Gundam]. You can change the 
colors in the Gallery: MS.

Select tactics battle mode. Select the Federation or Zeon, choose any
mission, highlight the original Gundam or Zaku II then hold L2 + L1 and press 
X (no panels); hold R2 + R1 and press X (real type or desert type); or hold L2 + 
R2 and press X (blue remake or different colors).

Choose either Federation or Zeon, then choose Mobile Suit GM or Gouf on Zeon
side. Hold L1 + L2, R1 + R2, or R2 + L2 and press X to get either a dark color 
GM or Gouf custom.

Garma's Zaku
When playing in story mode, mission 2, shoot down at least five of the Dopps
that try to shoot down White Base. To make this easier, jump up on to White Base 
and shoot down the Dopps as they fly toward you.
Once you have accomplished this, and the level progresses, instead of flying
by in a red Dopp, Garma will be in his Zaku. Defeat him and successfully complete 
the rest of the mission to unlock this mobile suit in the gallery. If you have all 
the Zeon suits unlocked in the tactics battle mode already, then just finish a level 
to unlock this suit in the tactics battle mode. If not, just progress through
tactics battle mode as usual.

Char's Zaku 2
In hard mode, defeat Char's Z'Gok in four minutes or less to unlock the Zaku
2 in tactics battle mode.

Gundam Alex
In tactics battle mode, use every mobile suit to complete every mission. You
will then be able to fight the Blue
Destiny. After obtaining Blue Destiny, use it to complete every tactics
battle mode mission. You will then get to
fight against the Alex. Use the gun cannon against Alex, since it has the
best armor. Use its Beam Cannon to
defeat Alex. After defeating Alex you will be able to use it in the tactics
battle mode missions.

After getting the Federation suit Alex, play any of the Federation tactics
battle missions with Alex then play
any Zeon mission with any Zeon suit. Note: You may need a certain rank for
this to work, it was tested at a
Zeon Colonel level when using the Federation suits in tactics battle.

Wing Gundam (Japanese version):
Successfully complete story mode with an A+ rank or greater on each mission
to unlock Wing Gundam in
tactics battle mode.

Wing Gundam Custom (Japanese version):
Successfully complete story mode with a S rank on each mission to unlock
Wing Gundam Custom in
tactics battle mode.

Tactics battle mode:
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting to unlock the
tactics battle mode option
at the main menu.

FMV sequences:
Successfully complete the game to unlock movies in the gallery.

Level 3: Easy completion:
Before you start this mission, make sure you have the Beam Cannon equipped.
On level 3, quickly defeat the green
Zakus and leave the red one alone for the moment. Make sure you get them all
before continuing. After you defeat
all the green Zakus, jump on one of the tallest buildings you can find that
is fairly close to the white base. Two bombers
will approach very close to the buildings -- close enough so that you can
jump from the building to the bomber. After
jumping on the bomber, switch to your Beam Cannon and aim at the back
stabilizer (the large fin on the back of the
bomber) and hold Square for about two seconds. This will release a more
powerful blast from the weapon. Firing this
blast two times at the back fin will destroy the plane and it will start to
fall. Repeat this for the second bomber.
Note: This requires practice.

Level 7: Easy completion:
On this level (with the DOMs) chose the Beam Rifle. When you start, go
behind the white base and kill the DOM
 there. An intermission sequence will begin. After that, you will have to go
back to white base and jump on it. Switch
to the Beam Rifle then target (not the Zoku II) and shoot them down. They
will not shoot you as much on white base.
Note: If one gets too close to white base, hack them with the Beam Saber.

Exam system:
In tactics battle mode with the Blue Destiny GM to activate the Exam system,
let your energy bar drop into
the red. You can tell that the Exam system is activated when its camera
(eye) turns from green to red. His will
increase your defense and attack on enemy mobile suits.

Final level:
During the final level of the game, select the mace-like weapon. The only
enemies are mobile suits, and you
can get past more enemies quickly by getting close, locking on, and
consistently attacking. You also have
the advantage of not having to reload.

Recommended weapons:
Level 1: Beam Sword
Level 2: Hyper Bazooka
Level 3: Hyper Hammer (fly on Goufs and hit their target spot.: It destroys
them in one hit.)
Level 4: Beam Rifle, Hyper Bazooka
Level 5: Beam Rifle (you have no choice)
Level 6: Beam Rifle (same as Level 5)
Level 7: Beam Rifle (fighting in the forest) or Hyper Bazooka (fighting in
open range)
Level 8: Beam Rifle
Level 9: Hyper Bazooka (for most ammo) or Hyper Hammer (for power)

Game magazine ads:
Successfully complete the game and unlock the tactics battle mode. Go to the
second mission and look at
the billboards around the city. You will see "Tips and Tricks", "Official
PlayStation Magazine", "Electronics
Gaming Monthly", and PlayStation logos.

Glitch: Broken wall:
Complete the game and Go to Tactics Battle mode. Select the first mission.
Knock down a wall. Finish
the mission. Select the mission again. The same wall will still be down.


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