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 Hail To The Chimp - Platform: XBox 360

Hail To The Chimp - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Alderman (25 points): Clear the Ptolemy, Floyd, and Daisy Challenges. 
Also-Ran (20 points): 20 Team-ups with the person in 4th place. 
Animal's Choice (50 points): Finish the single player game without losing a 
Ballot Ballet (20 points): Claim all Wells in a game of "Clam in Every Pot". 
Banzai (20 points): Survive an event where all other characters die. 
Bear Necessity (10 points): Win Hedwig Recount Challenge. 
Button Masher (20 points): Claim all buttons in a game of Othello. 
Clam Digger (50 points): Go for 60 seconds holding 20 clams. 
Comeback Kid (25 points): 10 games after not 1st within 10 seconds of game 
Concerned Citizen (5 points): Unlock all Attack ads. 
Couch Potato (5 points): Unlock all Commercials. 
Creditor (20 points): Watch the credits all the way through. 
Cursive (20 points): Win 10 games using 5 or more curses per game. 
Da Bomb (20 points): Punch 20 bombs. 
Dark Horse (25 points): Win 10 games after 4th place at halfway point. 
Diplomat (30 points): Go 60 seconds without throwing a punch and not dying. 
Educated Voter (5 points): Unlock all Campaign Ads. 
For the Animals (45 points): Finish the single player game. 
Globetrotter (15 points): Unlock all Maps. 
I Get Around (20 points): Team up with every character. 
Litter Bug (20 points): Claim all Yardsigns in a game of Yardsigns. 
New Coat of Paint (10 points): Win Santo Recount Challenge. 
Non Stop Party (10 points): Win Ptolemy Recount Challenge. 
Now Now Now (10 points): Win Bean Recount Challenge. 
Pacifist (50 points): Win a round without throwing a punch. 
Party Animal (10 points): Win once with every character. 
Passing Wind (25 points): Survive being pursued by the cloud for three 
Platytude (10 points): Win Daisy Recount Challenge. 
Player Hater (20 points): Kill any character's rival 25 times using that. 
Policy Wonk (5 points): Unlock all Debates. 
Positive Campaigner (75 points): Win a 3 round campaign without throwing a 
Prime Candidate (20 points): Win a multiplayer game in every gametype. 
Pro Simian (10 points): Win Crackers Recount Challenge. 
Representative (35 points): Clear the the challenges for Toshiro, Hedwig, 
Bean, Moxie. 
Saline Solution (10 points): Win Toshiro Recount Challenge. 
Senator (40 points): Clear the Murgatroyd and Santo Challenge. 
Silent Majority (10 points): Win Murgatroyd Recount Challenge. 
Some Friend (20 points): Betray 25 teamups. 
Sound Mind (10 points): Win Floyd Recount Challenge. 
Team Player (20 points): Win 10 games while teamed up. 
The Chosen One (25 points): Finish all recount challenges without losing a 
Top Dog (20 points): Win a game of frontrunner without allowing anyone else to 
be frontrunner. 
Tourist (10 points): Get your first piece of Flair. 
Untouchable (25 points): Block 10 attacks in a Row. 
Whiff of Change (10 points): Win Moxie Recount Challenge. 
World Leader (40 points): Win a multiplayer game on every map. 


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