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 Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack - Platform: XBox

Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack - Platform: XBox

Gargoyle in Backwash:
Go to the big building in the middle of the map. Look above the doorway. 
If it is not there, keep going around the building until you see it.

Get stuck in ceiling in Relic:
Push a barricade into the rock near the teleporter, next to the large broken 
tree. Position it so that the part that you stand on is half way into the rock. 
Stand on the barricade, in between the rock and the barricade. Have three other 
players shoot the barricade to launch you into the air, just like on turf; 
sometimes you will get stuck in the ceiling. Note: It may help to be the 
Connection Host.

Get to top of level in Relic:
This trick requires a sword and a friend. Go to the tower in the middle. 
To the left as you are facing the crashed ship will be a ledge. Go to the 
ledge and jump on your friend's head to get on the sloped part. Then, have 
the person who is not on the slope sword cancel up. Do this by aiming at the 
opposite player and pressing X + R with the sword. After doing this, walk to 
the top of the slope. Walk on the flat part until you reach the end. Upon 
reaching the end, have one player jump on the others then perform a sword 
climb. Do this by having the player on the bottom press B + X rapidly and 
have the player on top jump repeatedly until you reach the top. As you climb 
up, move slowly to the left. When you reach the top, press Forward.

Get to top of tower in Relic:
This trick requires an overshield, a rocket launcher, and preferably a Warthog. 
Use the Warthog to push the small barrier by the shoreline up the left ramp next 
to the tower. Align the small barrier parallel with the tower at the top of the 
ramp. Then, stand on the bar sticking out from the small barrier and shoot the 
top of the small barrier. It will shoot you up to the top of the tower. Make 
sure to move closer to the tower as you are flying up. Note: This may require 
several attempts.

This trick requires an oversheild, a rocket launcher, and sword. Go to where 
the Warthog respawns (near the Pelican), then go to one of the shield-type 
things and get behind it. Start hitting it with your sword to the Relic point 
(straight ahead). This may take awhile, but it is worth it. When you get there 
and have the shield facing it, make sure it is slightly back up away from it. 
Stand on the support to the shield and use your rocket launcher on the top of 
it. You will begin to launch very high. When you start to launch, press Forward. 
This may require a few attempts. When you make it up there, you will be able 
to see all your opponents and you will be in lock-on range for any vehicle.

Hidden Message On Backwash:
If you jump up on the blue base and sword cancel numerous times, you can get 
behind the invisible wall. If you walk forward and then follow the end of the 
ground all the way around you will see the message written in red. The message 
says "Its looking a little rough out here". There is also another spot on the 
ground, to the left that the word "Here" appears.

Invisible turret in Sanctuary:
Find a turret in the Sanctuary and once you get to it, move away from it and 
throw a fragmentation grenade and it will disappear. Go up to the turret and 
"Click X to use the turret" will appear. You can now use an invisible turret.

Launch sniper nest in Relic:
Get the rocket launcher, then fire two shots very quickly at the Covenant 
sniper nest (the blue object on the gravity lift). If both shots hit at the 
correct moment, it will fall off the lift and you will be able to blast it 
around the level. Note: If you shoot it from the wrong side, it will fall 
into the water. This may require multiple attempts.

Leave level boundary in Gemini:
Go to the beam rifle in the back with a partner and swords. Go through the 
Blue teleporter and you will be outside. Turn to your left and walk on the 
small pole that is sticking out of the edge. Jump to the small slanted box 
and crouch. You will slide for a moment, then land on a flat surface. Have 
your partner do the same thing. Walk up it and sword cancel up to the roof 
(press R + X at the same time). Go to the edge and have your partner jump 
toward you and sword cancel. Go to the next wall and sword cancel over it. 
You are now past the map's boundaries. Walk straight to the end and hit the 
invisible wall. Then, walk left and fall. Lean against the invisible floor 
while doing so. If done correctly, you and your partner will be at the very 
bottom of the level.

Shoot through sniper nest in Relic:
Have two people on Xbox Live fire rockets at the sniping nest at the same time 
and it should fall. Make it tumble into the water so that it disappears. 
Have someone in your party leave so you get to the "blue" screen, where it 
says "Setting up game" and reloads it. Once the game resumes, go back to the 
sniper nest, as it should be back. If you shoot at it now, all bullets will 
go through it, as if it was not there. However, players will still be able 
to stand inside of it without falling though.

Sniping location in Backwash:
Get a sniper rifle and a shotgun. Then, go to the Blue base and face the big 
structure in the middle of the level. Go forward up the hill until you see 
two groups of trees with the structure in the middle. Walk between the two 
groups and look at the group to the right. You will notice that there are two 
trees with big glowing green things on them; they look like two big green warts. 
Look at the tree with the big green wart to the left. You will see that it is 
arched. Step back slightly, run, then jump onto the tree; this may require a 
few attempts. Be careful when climbing the tree as you may fall. Once you reach 
the top, turn around and you will see that you are even with the huge bar object 
that connects the Red and Blue base to the big structure. Turn back to the right 
slightly until you see a little platform that you can jump on. Step back as far 
as you can on the tree, then run full speed until you fall off slightly, jump, 
and land on that little platform. You can now walk/jump around up there. 
This is also a good sniping location when playing Capture The Flag, Slayer, 
Team Slayer, or Phantoms.

Sniping location in Gemini:
Get the beam rifle, then go to the Prophet statue. Get in his crown for a nice 
sniping location.

Sniping location in Terminal:
On the second floor of the parking garage near the two doorways, there is a 
open vent if you look straight up. You cannot jump into this opening; you must 
take a Scorpion Tank and maneuver it into position under the vent. Then, jump 
on the main gun, then into the opening. You will now be on a balcony that gives 
you a wide view of the map. Make sure to destroy the tank upon entering to avoid 
sneak attacks. Also be careful, because this is a spawn point. Keep the sword or 
shotgun with your sniper rifle.

Super bounce in Sanctuary:
Go to the Blue base, then face the middle and look to your right to see the ramp 
going up in to middle base. Just before the ramp there is a big rock to crouch 
under. Turn out and go up the first and second part of the ramp, then stop. 
Turn to the left and from up above look at ground to find a little plant; jump 
on it to go flying. You can land in certain parts of the tree.

Super jump in Warlock:
Go to the Blue base and go over to the corner where the "vine" is going down. 
Turn so that you are facing the vine or root. Make sure that the wall is to 
the right of you. Then, crouch walk into the root. Get up, run, and jump off 
the edge closest to the air vent. Once you land you should jump very high. 
Additionally, go to the Blue base. There will be a large tree with a root 
hanging down. Crouch down and walk under the root. Release your crouch once 
you are under the root, but do not stop pressing Forward. Walk forward into 
the root for about five seconds. Then, walk away from the root without releasing 
Forward. Walk towards the ledge which drops straight down to an alley near the 
shotgun and the airlift. Jump down while pressing Forward to the area near the 
ramp, teleporter, and shotgun. This may require a few attempts, but eventually 
it will launch you upward into the upper areas of the level. Sometimes it will 
only launch you up slightly, but usually it will launch you up quite high.

Teleport to other point in Relic:
Locate either of the telporters in the Relic, but do not activate them. 
Once you have found one of the teleporters, stand on top of it and aim down 
so that your reticule is pointed at the very center. Jump up and as you begin 
to fall and you will be teleported to the other point. This may require a few 
attempts. This is very useful in CTF games.


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