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 Halo 2 - Platform: XBox

Halo 2 - Platform: XBox

Unlock New Multiplayer Map:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

Beat the single player compaign on heroic difficulty to receive the 
multiplayer map ''Foundation''. 

Easter Eggs: 
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)
Blind Mode
At the beginning of Outskirts jump on top of the light on top of the door with 
a crouch jump, then jump to the left platform. Turn to your left and go down 
the long dark corridor and pick up the skull; it will say blind and your screen 
will flash black for a while. In this mode you can not see your weapon, body, 
shields, ammo, or radar.

To get rid of this feature use the following method:
1. Turn off your XBOX or Save and Quit.
2. Go to Campaign and select level and choose Cairo Station.
3. Skip the cinematics and then Save and Quit.
4. Go Outskirt and your hud is back.

"Blue Screen of Death" in Zanzibar:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

In the multiplayer map Zanzibar, there should be a computer on the upper level on 
the defense side that opens up the main gate into the base. After you activate this, 
the screen goes blue with the infamous BSOD.

Iron Mode:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

On the last Master Chief Level, on Legendary Difficulty, when you enter the final 
Gravity Lift, look up. A skull will pass through you extemely quickly so you must 
start holding "X" a bit before you actually pass it to grab hold of it. Once you 
grab the Iron Skull, "Iron Mode" will be activated. 

Envy Mode:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

On the level "Delta Halo" on Legendary Difficulty, Progress until you reach the area 
during the "Push through the covenant held ruins" where you have to clear a Landing 
Zone for the Pelican to drop weapons. I beleive you will know you are in the right 
area when cortana says "there pouring out of the center building". Anyway that area 
has Plasma turrets along its borders. 
A little bit after the left side turret you will see the outline of a door in a wall, 
but the door has a solid rock slab in it and a rock in front of it. Jump on the rock 
then jump to the ledge above the door then jump on the ledge to the left. Now jump onto 
the building with the sealed door using grenades. Atop the building you will find two 
dancing elites and the "Envy Skull". Pick up the envy skull and you will be able to use 
Active Camoflage like the Arbiter.

Assassins Mode:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

A skull similar to the one that activates blind mode can be found if you Start on "regret". 
After the first lift ride (before the first underwater elevator), grenade jump from the 
front awning of the lift to the ledge in front of you (the one with two turrets). Grenade 
jump AGAIN onto the next ledge. Make your way to the back of the building. On Easy, you'll 
only find the skull. On Legendary, however, 2 invisible Elites carrying swords just shake 
their heads wildly, ignoring you completely.

Grunts Birthday Party Mode:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

In the level Arbiter on Legendary. Once you get to the first banshee section, fly 
immediately straight down all the way to the bottom of the map. In one of the cracks 
where the large cylinders connect to the station. There will be a circle of grunts 
dancing around a skull. When you pick up the skull; it will say Grunt Birthday Party 
on the screen. Now when you kill a enemy with a projectile weapon, they will blow up 
like a plasma grenade was stuck to them. To get rid of this feature use the same method 
as the blind mode.

Posters at the Old Mambassa Crash landing *after Cairo*:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

After you crash land on Old Mambassa, you can see posters all around with the Master Chief 
from the demo and some grunt posters.

Extra Ammo with Dual-Wieldable Weapons:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

First, have 2 dual-wieldable weapons (a Needler and an SMG for example), but don't have 
them out at the same time. The Needler being the one you want extra ammo with, have the 
SMG out and find another Needler to dual wield with it. Then, find yet another Needler 
and trade that with your SMG. You'll have 3 Needlers, and have 3x the ammo. 

Give your squadmates better weapons:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

Once you have almost used up your sniper rifle, beam rifle, or rocket launcher (with 1 
shot left ), trade with your squadmate. Once they have that weapon, they have limitless 
ammo for it and can help you out immensely with the more powerful weapons. There are two 
points to note: if you try and trade your weapon back from them, it will still have the 
same amount of ammo that it had when you gave it to them and the energy sword cannot be 
traded with human squadmates.

Skip tough Brute battle before the end boss:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

When you are flying around in the Banshee during the final level when you are giving 
support to your "ally". You can skip directly to the final boss sequence if you are 
still in the Banshee after the door gets blown open. Fly to the right of the control 
centre building and aim towards the bottom right and if you fly close enough you should 
get a white screen indicating that you have started the cutscene. When it's over you will 
be at the final boss without fighting your way to him. 

Beat Tautarus Easily:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

When you first start the fight, make sure Tautarus' attention is on another NPC and 
not you. Grab the energy sword from one of the bodies lying around and wait for his 
back to face you. When he does, dash behind his back and rapidly tap R, It will hurt 
him and not allow him to react and attack you. About 30 seconds of this kills him.

Inverted or Normal control:
Submitted by: Nelson (A.K.A. - UncleBen)

When you first start the game and the Marine has you look at the lights it's 
really testing what your preference is, inverted or default. When the red light 
turns on, no matter what direction you hold on the stick, it will always go to 
the light. The game automatically records what you naturally choose. If you do a 
combination of both, the marine then goes in depth and eventually asks you what 
to set it as. 

Submitted by: john hobernonfifth

a,a,y,b,y,black,and white to get a jet pack that you can fly in.

Here the 411 on the newest enemy that has been added to the covenant armada. 
They are the giant creatures deemed holy by the covenant called Brutes.

Submitted by: Mij

When I first discovered the cheat I crapped my pants three times cause it was so 
funny(my basement is disgusting now). Activate blind mode in the outskirts on 
legendary. Go through the level killing everything with the skull only the skull. 
Then when you get to the part in the big city kill the marines not the covenant 
and don't let the covenant kill any marines you have to kill them all. Then go 
back where you found the skull there will be a grunt there he will say" I took 
this guys suit and now he is naked but anyways here is his suit. It will say on 
the screen hold x to get suit it is Batman's suit (sweet). Then jump through the 
glass ceiling in the middle on top floor of the building. When you land there 
will be a grunt taking a goat on a unicycle back to the top where you fell through 
the goat will explode shooting rockets everywhere. Jump out in front of a rocket 
and get hit but because you are wearing the Batman outfit it won't kill you. Now 
you can fly and when you shoot your gun babies comes out. Congratulations you can 
give birth to babies anytime now. Time to crap your pants!!!!! :)

Submitted by: ALAN CLOUTIER 

goto the arbitor level get to the bansee section and fly to the bottem and look 
for the purple money doing crack near a fire shoot the monkey and shrooms will 
come out like blood and then it will grow 3x the size then ride one it to the 
top when u get to the top u will see the monkey a new screen will pop up it will 
be a gay man waving at u then he will say" hello silly" then ur game will blow 
up and u will die and u just beat the game and balls will jiggle.

Submitted by: Gage Antczak

in Delta Halo when you start and see the 3 grunts above the 3 grunts you should 
see a plasma cannon and you go up there by going underneth the cannon and you 
should see two ramps go up those and then when you get up there then you go strait 
on to that ramp then jump two times strait on the ramp then turn left and keep going 
strait then you would be ontop of the mountain tops 

Submitted by: MLH *Mark Hann*
by MLH & a few fans
thanks for the help guys ^_^

Famine Skull:
After you get off of the slowly decending elevator in "The Oracle", you will come 
to a hallway where you see a handful of dead bodies. Continue into the next room, 
and you will be on the second floor of a room that has windows. When you enter this 
room, look to the right, and find the third pane of glass. It should be to the right 
of a wall that has some flood guts splattered on it. Shoot out this window, and 
either window directly across the room. If you look below you will see a platform 
that has four tall posts. On the far side of the room there is a column that is 
right in between the two windows, on the far side of the room. Turn on your active 
camo, and jump to the center platform. Jump on either of the posts on the far side 
of the platform and jump to the column between the windows. Make another jump 
through the window you shot out and make a left. Walk all the way to the end and 
you'll find four flood elites convulsing on the floor, with the Famine skull in 
the middle of them. When you have this skull all weapons will have less ammo.

Giant Soccer Ball:
It's on the level "Metropolis" on any difficulty I do believe. Use the same method 
to get a Banshee through the tunnels as you would if you were getting the Scarab 
Gun. (See the corresponding cheat for more details)
Now take your Banshee away from that half-dome thing and fly through the level 
using the same path you would as if you were walking. Once you get to the highway 
where the Warthogs are fighting the Ghosts, keep flying straight toward the 
half-demolished building. Fly into it and go to the bottom level. Behold! 
A giant soccer ball! It's great fun to mess around with, especially if you 
have the Scarab gun. 

Grunts Birthday Party Mode:
In the level Arbiter on Legendary. Once you get to the first banshee section, 
fly immediately straight down all the way to the bottom of the map. In one of 
the cracks where the large cylinders connect to the station. There will be a 
circle of grunts dancing around a skull. When you pick up the skull; it will 
say Grunt Birthday Party on the screen. Now when you kill a enemy with a headshot, 
they will blow up like a plasma grenade was stuck to them.
To get rid of this feature use the same method as the blind mode.

Iron Mode:
On the last Master Chief Level, on Legendary Difficulty, when you enter the final 
Gravity Lift, look up. A skull will pass through you extemely quickly so you must 
start holding X a bit before you actually pass it to grab hold of it. Once you 
grab the Iron Skull, Iron Mode will be activated. This skull causes you to go 
back to the last checkpoint when you die in co-op mode.
Messages on the bomb:
If you play multiplayer and hide with the bomb, then you probably have noticed 
this already. If you stand somewhere long enough, the mastercheif will start to 
toss the bomb up and catch it. Eventually he will examine the bomb, and you can 
read what it says on the bottom. One message is "goodbye" and another is "xoxoxoxo".
Midship bunny:
On the level Midship, go to the top where the sword spawns. Now walk to the 
doorway which doesnt have a big roof. Look up and you should see an outline 
of a bunny!
Mythic Mode:
In "Sacred Icon" there is a semi outdoor area which has the same type of area 
right next to it. There is a large sentinal in front of each one. Go past this 
area and down the piston and you'll be in a vary dark and dank flood infested 
area. There's a stack of 6 or 7 boxes as you enter the room. Use them to jump 
up to the landing above. There are a handful of alcoves on your right hand side. 
The skull is in the third alcove, floating above a dead human flood. 

Posters at the Old Mambassa Crash landing *after Cairo*
After you crash land on Old Mambassa, you can see posters all around with the 
Master Chief from the demo and some grunt posters.
Rex-In outskirts:
First start going torwards the blind skull way but when you go up there take a 
left instead of a right and jump on the ledge, then crouch jump on top of 
another ledge (which would be right above the wreckage) then jump on the ledge 
across the wreckage then continue the pathway intill you reach the area with 
the sword sticking out of the ground (It's inside a broken rooftop), right next 
to it is a rock with the word REX written on it.
Sign on Zanzibar:
On the beach on Zanzibar, you will see signs that say NO SWIMMING. Well, go 
to your xbox dashboard, go to the Settings, Clock, and change every number you 
can to 7 , then pop Halo 2 back into your xbox and load it up. WARNING: Do not 
sign into XBoxLive, it resets your clock. Now go to Split-Screen and start a 
game on Zanzibar. Go to the beach and look at the sign, it will mention something 
is missing, and there is a bloody dog's head.
Sputnik Mode:
At the start of "Quarantine Zone" on Legendary difficulty turn directly around, 
and you should see a tunnel. Head down the tunnel and go straight until you exit 
it. Go straight across the open area, and you'll come across a broken pipe tunnel 
on your right. Straight in front of you is a small ledge running across the wall, 
above the green pit. Carefully get onto that small ledge and walk all the way to 
the end of the ledge to find the Sputnik skull. In this mode explosion force and 
melee force is greater. 

Face of Chris:
On the map Containment, get a sniper rifle and go anywhere where you can see the 
part of the Halo in the sky that's closest to the Sun Base (the base with orange-
yellow glowing buildings). Zoom in with the sniper on the part of the halo that's 
just below where it begins to get dark. In the clouds you should be able to see 
the face of Chris Carney (grinning happily), one of Bungie's developers.

Thunderstorm Mode:
On the level "Cario Station" on legendary, make your way to the "Priority Shift" 
checkpoint. Progress until the room with mounted plasma turrets, right after the 
armory with the Elites. Clear out this room, and get on the raised area with the 
plasma turret that is on the side of the wall where the window curves. Look for 
two parallel beams on the ledge above. Climb up the supports for these beams and 
crouch jump up onto the upper ledge, then onto the beams themselves. Walk in the 
direction you came from and there will be a small ledge sticking out to the left, 
jump on it and pick up the Thunderstorm Skull from inside the trash container. 
This turns all Covenants into their spec ops rank.
Unknown Skull:
At the begining "Armory" wait in the room until the Sarge starts telling you to 
get into the elevator. You MUST wait for him to say "Would it help if I said 
please?" When he says this, get into the elevator and go down to the tram. 
Get on the tram and face towards the INSIDE of the building. Press up against 
the glass doors towards the inside of the building. You should hold 'X' down, 
and you should pick up the skull. It's on a stack of green crates, near the end 
of the tram ride. 

Weird Window Reflections on Headlong:
In Headlong, grab a banshee and fly to the part of the level with water. 
On the same side as the Warthogs spawn, almost at the end of the level itself, 
there are some windows. Look closely at them, they aren't reflecting the other 
side of the level, but showing concept art for Halo 2. (A would-be human city 
at night)
Zanibar Computer Screen:
On Zanzibar, after you open the gate the computer screen (used to open the gate) 
changes. When you zoom in on the words you can read how to fix your computer and 
some other gags

Hold 3 Pistols!:
First Go to a level that you can get three pistols on, such as outskirts. 
Go pick up a pistol. Then swith to your second weapon and pick up dual weapon, 
such as two smg's. Go to another pistol and press x to pick it up. 
Now you have a pistol in you secondary and first slots. Now you can go pick up a 
third pistol and set it to your left hand(Press Y to do this). You can get up to 
144 AMMO! with three 96 ammo with the two and just 49 with one.

Get an INVINCIBLE Banshee on last level!:
Submited By: JBK
On the last level complete up to the part where johnson's scarab is about to 
blast open the door, once he has blasted the door DO NOT GO IN!, instead wait 
for about 10 secs, then a friend will bring you a banshee, he will drop it off 
under the scarab, this banshee is invincible!!!, you can blow it up as much as 
you want it will look beaten but it will still work, believe me ive done it 
heaps of times!!

Submitted by: fomo 53

ok first you go to the first livel then whin you whack up you go strat and thin 
go an look up and you shud see a platform.You get up on it and thin you thro a 
regler grnad and thiun jump you shoed be able to see the howl batl grawnd.Thin 
you tuarn laft and thin you wall see a litl roue you go to the inchrinc but you.
Down,t go in but thin you taka a nother laft and you.See a wall and you go up to 
it and thin you thro a nother gernad and you turn rite and cawt to 4 whal you are 
going rite and thin youtrn rite agen and yoy just jump over to the other plat form 
and thin turn laft and keep going and till you can go ane more and whin the floor 
trns black that is whare you shood go no jock i do it all the time.

Submitted by: your mom

here is how to do a highjump/superjump in halo 2!!(best to do on campaign with Sputnik skull)
First,get a banshee and an energy sword...Put the banshee up-side-down (one wing touch the 
ground and the other wing in air)Then, facing the tip of the wing in air,pull the R trigger 
and the other wing should push you in the air!!..
Note:You can only fly in a certain height....

Skip half of outskirts:
Submitted by: taylor

its not a cheat but glith. on outskirts on the right of the bilding by the truck
their should be a ally way wher grunts come.go to the top and go into the space.
theier is a wall with a ledge but you need two plasmer granades.throw a plasmer at the bottem 
of the wall and do a jump just before it blows up.when your up on your left thers a roof do 
anoter plasmer jump on to it.continue going left and jump of at the end. thairs a ramp go up
it and you should see holtel zenzibar


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