Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: andresb-24 (

Defeating The Professor Lupin:
After you rescue Buckbeak, you must fight Professor Lupin when he turns into a 
werewolf. First, use Fumos with Hermione if she goes first. Fumos will cover 
Buckbeak and raise his ability to dodge attacks. To ensure that Hermione goes 
first, you should either equip her with the best items to make her agility the 
highest, or just make sure she is the highest level person and the only one 
with items equipped. Lupin only attacks Buckbeak. This battle is rigged so that 
Buckbeak always goes first, then Lupin, then yourself. Buckbeak will attack 
Lupin every turn, doing about 20 to 25 damage. Lupin has about 600 HP. None 
of your spells affect him -- this battle will rely on Buckbeak. If he dies you 
will lose. The only thing you can really do is use Fumos to protect Buckbeak 
and keep using potions on him when he gets hurt. You can also use the card combo 
Cracker Jinx. It does about 40 damage to Lupin.

Secret Chests:
Complete your collection of wizard cards to unlock the five secret chests on 
floor five. The first chest contains the Tea Leaf mini-game, which is playable 
from the main menu. The second chest gives you four or five good cloaks. The 
third chest gives you a Golden Snitch and levels up your party by one. The fourth 
chest gives you Spellotape A Charm for Hermione. The last chest levels up everyone 
in your party by two levels. The rewards can be used again each time you start 
the game over.

Harry Potter Wizard Card:
Successfully complete the game to get the Harry Potter Wizard card. Use the card 
in battle to teach everyone in your party all possible spells and spell levels.

Tea Leaf mini-game:
Get all of the Famous Witches And Wizards Collectors Cards and go to the fourth 
floor. Five chests will be inside. One of them contains the Tea Leaf mini-game.

Wizard Cracker Pop-It mini-game:
After about three quarters of the way through the game, you will attend a dinner.
You will play this game at this point. After you play it, the game will be 
unlocked on your mini-game menu.

Buckbeaks Hippogriff Guide mini-game:
After getting all five Monster Book Of Monsters, go back to Hagrid's hut. 
Hagrid will let you ride Buckbeak. After you ride him, this mini-game will 
be unlocked.

Ridikulus Boggart Challenge mini-game:
At some point you will attend Professor Lupin's Defense Against The Dark 
Arts class. You will face against a spider, Snape, a snake, and a mouse. 
After this, the mini-game will be unlocked.

-= CodeBreaker =-
Full Folio Bruti   
43003190 0303
0000001B 0002

Infinite Sickles (Cash)   
83003180 270F

Enable Code (Must Be On)   
0000ACBE 000A
1003EEA4 0007

Almost All Cards   
4300320A FFFF
00000003 0002
83003210 0BFF

Max Cards   
430031D8 0909
00000019 0002

Quick Level Up   
830026F0 03E7

Max MP   
830024F6 03E7

Infinite SP   
83002510 03E7

* Note: With the character codes (Harry, Hermione, Ron), if your current SP/MP 
is above your max, it will default to zero, so use both codes to be safe.

All Spells Maxed   
330024FB 0007
430024FC 0303
00000005 0002

Max SP   
830024F4 03E7

Infinite MP   
83002512 03E7


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