Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban - Platform: XBox

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban - Platform: XBox

Ron gets stuck:
When you first fight the Hinkypunks in the Neville and the Ghoul level, 
you will see a mirror and a crystal ball. To get through the door, 
you must cast Lumos Duo on the ball. That will cause the ball to be 
charged with light, and send it at the mirror. Ron will walk away from 
the ball and towards the mirror on his own. However, if you squeeze 
behind the crystal ball before casting Lumos Duo, then Ron will walk 
into the crystal ball and become stuck there, between it and a few boxes.

Permanent shield:
While you are in the extras menu, select "Dueling Club". After you select 
a team, begin dueling. During the duel, press your Expelliarmus spell two 
times in a row and hold the button. Then, reflect an oncoming spell. 
You should keep your shield up no matter what, even when the button is 
released. You can also walk around, and if you are struck in the back, 
the spell will go through you, and in the direction that the shield is 

The Marauder's Map level:
After you have gone to see Ron's brothers about the Marauder's Map, go 
to the secret passage and reach the first room, and the floor caves in. 
After you have hit the three switches and the pixies come out, let them 
pick up Ron. After he has said something similar to , "Get Off Me!" 
or "UNgggh", shoot him down. He will still sound as if he has been picked 
up by a pixie, but will be standing next to you. This continues until the 
game loads again.

Collector Card set bonuses:
Complete the following sets of cards to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Beasts: 20 House Points.
Classical Beasts: Ron gets extra endurance.
Dragons: Ron gets extra endurance.
Giants: 20 House Points.
Goblins: 20 House Points.
Hags: Hermione gets extra endurance.
Quidditch: Harry gets extra endurance.
Vampires: 20 House Points.
Witches: Hermione gets extra endurance.
Wizards: Harry gets extra endurance. 


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