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 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Platform: Gameboy Color

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Platform: Gameboy Color

Hint: All card decks:
To get all the card decks from the beginning of the game, 
defeat Voldemort four times.

Hint: All spells:
After successfully completing the game, use the card combination 
that Dumbledore gave you at the end of the game at the first battle 
you encounter. It will give you all spells and allow you to keep 
them for every future battle.

Hint: Aconite:
If you are having trouble finding Aconite for Herbology, go into a 
grassy area below Hagrid's Hut. Press A where there are the little 
flowers to get Aconite.

Hint: Famous Witches And Wizards Cards: 
There are some Famous Witches And Wizards Cards in the Forbidden 
Forest when you are on your detention. To get them, go up to the 
trees and press A.

Hint: Petrificus Totalus and Potion recipes: 
When you can enter the restricted section, go to the top left book 
case. Search to the left of the book case. It costs 60 MP, but they 
cannot move until you attack them with a different spell. If you have 
the Mucus Ad Nauseam spell, and if you use it before Petrificus, it 
will not normalize them. You can also get potion recipes and spells 
such as Locomotor Wibbly (10 MP, same as Petrificus only it does it 
for one turn). Additionally, Petrificus works on all enemies (even 

Hint: More herbs:
Stand in front of a piece of grass where you get herb plants. Pick 
it up, go into your menu, and exit out. More herbs will appear there.

Use the "More herbs" trick and you can get more than 9 herbs. Though 
your Ingredient Encyclopedia says you have 9, you may have 99. To find 
out how many you really have, press Start then select "Items". Go down 
and find the Ingredient. It will show you the number you actually have 
on the right side of the screen.

Hint: Quick items from bushes:
You can get items at the strange bushes very quickly. Press A then 
enter the start menu. Exit the menu and press A again and another 
item will appear.

Hint: Boomslang skin ingredient:
When you have to look for ingredients for Snape, if you do not go directly 
in his office and search the poster and search for the other potions 
beforehand, the game thinks you already have it and the Boomslang Skin 
will not be there. To get around this, go outside after finding the other 
two potions. If you cannot find the Boomslang Skin, go outside and search 
everywhere for it. You can find it in strange looking bushes, trees, grass, 

Hint: Incendio:
To get Incendio, go to Professor McGonagall's class on the first floor and 
catch the rabbit to learn it. 

Hint: Wiggenweld Potion:
In Gringotts' Lobby, you can get a Wiggenweld Potion by going to the space
 at the left in the middle. Also, the top right seat which is empty has a 
Famous Witches and Wizards Card. 

To get more Wiggenweld Potions, when you are getting rid of your Curse of 
the Bogies, go see Madam Pomfrey. She will give you a Wiggenweld Potion to 
take. If you do not need it, try to save it for later. Another method is go 
in the doors to the right of and behind Madam Pomfrey. Select some objects 
and you will find potions in both rooms.

Hint: Easy spell levels:
To get higher spells faster, for example from a Verdimillious Uno to a 
Verdimillious Duo, keep using Verdimillious Uno. You will soon have Verdimillious 
Duo. Also, to get the Tria of a set of spells, use the Duo.

Hint: Cheaper spell:
If you have the card combination "Scholarship" completed, cast it during a Boss 
battle to have all your spells costing half of the MPs (magic points) normally 
required. For example, Flippendo Duo normally costs 4 MP, but after casting 
Scholarship, it costs 2MP.

Hint: Hidden spell:
In the restricted section in the library, there are three vertical bookcases. 
The first one has a spell called Mucus Ad Naseum, which is useful when defeating 
the Devil's Snare towards the end of the game.

Hint: Easy house points:
Before going to Hagrid's hut (when Harry found out about Norbert), go to the 
place where you have Flying lessons after getting all the card combinations 
from the Card Collectors Club. Then, talk to Madam Hooch and she will tell you 
to chase an owl. After catching it, you will be given 10 house points and a card 
combination. This can be done repeatedly, as long as the card combination are 
collected first.

Hint: Lose all of your House Points:
When you get to the part where you need to find the trophy room to duel 
Malphoy, go to the fourth floor. Note: Sometimes she is on the third, 
fourth, or fifth floor randomly. There will be an old lady standing watch. 
Talk to her twice. The second time she takes away one House Point. 
She keeps taking away one House Point every time you talk to her. 

Hint: Easy money:
Go to the Quidditch Pitch on the far right. ,Go down to the bottom of the 
pitch until you see a plant that looks like a large monkshood (just beside 
the gate on bottom of the pitch). Search it for a Unicorn's Horn. Pause game 
play and get another one. Repeat this until you have a large number of them, 
then go to the Weasly Twins and sell em for 38 each. 

Hint: Class levels:
Hagrid's Hut: Outside
Herbology: Outside
Flying Class: Outside
Potions Class: Entrance Hall on left side of staircase
Transfiguration Class: First floor on upper left door
Charms Class: Second floor in the big brown door
Defense Against the Dark Arts Class: Third floor on the upper left hand door
History Of Magic Class: Fourth floor on upper left door
Astronomy Class: Seventh floor 

Hint: Bonus games:
The bonus games are Chase Draco, Catch Norbert, Get The Golden Key, Copy 
Flitwick, Potion Mixing, and Cards Match games.

Hint: Find your Christmas presents:
On the sixth floor, go to Filch's office. Go to one of the chests and press 
A. Your presents will be there, but no matter what, you will lose 1 house point.

Hint: Exploring Hogwarts with the Invisibility Cloak:
After you find your presents for Christmas, that night you will have to explore 
Hogwarts. First, go into the library, and look in the bookcases in the Restricted 
Section. While in the Restricted Section, people will know that there is someone 
out of bed. Go up one of the staircases found in the library. You can walk by Madam 
Pince or go to the other side and get out of the library that way. Then continue up 
all the stairs until Mrs. Norris is found in the middle of the only stairs going up. 
This should be on the fifth floor. Do not go up the stairs -- Filch will catch you. 
Instead, go to a hallway that normally has a locked door at the end. Once you enter 
the hallway Snape and Filch talk for a second, then continue down the hall and into 
the room, to the Mirror of Erised. Dumbldore will be there, and will send you back 
up to Gryffindor. No house points will be deducted. 

Hint: Cauldrons:
While at Diagon Alley and buying school supplies, you may consider buying both 
cauldrons in the Cauldron Shop. More potions can be made when you have both of 
them. If you only have enough money for one, the collapsible cauldron is used 
for Wiggenweld Potions. It is a good one to have.

Hint: Potions:
To get more potions recipes, look in the library. Every once in a while on a 
bookcase, you will find a recipe, a spell, or other little items.

Hint: Bonus games:
During Charms, do not stop when your feather is at the top. You will have to 
start all over again until you have won the entire game, not just one level. 
For the games when you use your broomstick, keep pressing Right. It makes you 
go faster, even if it makes you bump into objects at times. One exception is 
when catching the golden key. Do not try to avoid other keys; just keep pressing 
Up and when you get to the top, you may have to move around a bit. However, you 
will get there if you keep pressing Up.

Hint: Getting Norbert away:
When it is the night to give Norbert to Charlie's friends, go to Hagrid's Hut, 
then go back up to the seventh floor. Go past the mini-hallway to the picture 
of the Pink Lady and go into the next door on the left,. Go through all the 
corridors, and go up to the top of the tower. You cannot do anything about 
forgetting the invisibility cloak. Once Norbert is gone, just leave. There is 
nothing you can do about losing house points.

Hint: Duel with Draco Malphoy:
When you have entered the trophy room, go straight to your left. Keep going 
until you find a big door. Once there, Filch will have entered the room and 
Mrs. Norris will be looking for you. Go through the door and you will be in 
another room. Then, search for another exit. You will have avoided Filch with 
 any house points.

Hint: Get rid of unwanted monsters:
If you feel that you are not strong enough or just do not want to battle the 
monsters in the game, an easy way to make them go away is to press Start for 
the menu. Quickly exit and the monsters will not be there. They will 
unfortunately return, but simply repeat the trick. This is best used when you 
are in the beginning at Gringgots or in the Hogwarts Dungeons. This trick is 
especially useful at the end, when you must go to the Forbidden Corridor. 

Hint: Get rid of your curse:
Go to the Muggle Studies classroom, on the fourth floor corridor on the left 
side. In the top-right corner there is a "TV" thing. Press A in front of it 
and it will lead you to a secret room. Fight the monster inside. After you 
defeat him, you will get a curse book. Find it in your items list and select 
it. It will automatically heal you. Afterwards, you have to take the book to 
the library.

Hint: Get the Gryfendor password:
When Nearly Headless Nick asks you for an old school tie, go to the entrance 
hall, then go to the second gargoyle and press A. You should see a tie in your 
item list. Then, return the tie to Nearly Headless Nick and you will get the 
password to Gryfendor.

Hint: Catching the purple rabbit:
To catch the purple rabbit that Professor McGonagal sent you to do, go outside 
of Hogwarts. Walk to the left and right next to the first greenhouse. You will 
see the purple rabbit. In order to catch it, you first have to fight it.

As soon as you are sent out to get the purple rabbit, do not waste your time 
doing other things. Go directly to Herbology and to the right of the farthest 
greenhouse to the right, select the rabbit. If you get there fast enough, you 
may not have to fight it.

Hint: Defeating Forbidden Corridor monsters: 
Devils Snare: Incendio Duo
Knight: Incendio Duo
Rook: Incendio Duo
Bishop: Flipendo Tria
Professor Quirrel: Incendio Duo
Voldemort: Flipendo Tria 
Alternately, cast Locomotor Wibbly/Mortis, cast Mucus Ad Nausem, then Keep 
hitting flee until the Boss is dead. Note: If the Boss returns to life, cast 
Locomotor Wibbly/Mortis again.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
Rats: Vermillious Duo (big); any spell (little)
Suit of Armor: Flipendo Duo
Rock Man Thing: Verdimillious Uno/Duo/Tria
White Rat: Flipendo Tria, The Incindios; little purple ones: Incindio Duo.
Devil Snare: Incindio Tria (big); any Incindio (little)
Chess Pieces: Mucus Ad Nauseam, Flipendo Uno
Prof. Quirrel: Incendio Duo or Tria
Voldemort: Mucus Ad Nauseam, Petrificus Totalus, Flipendo Tria 

Hint: Defeating the troll:
Train to level 21 in the empty classroom and McGonnagol's office. 
Keep training until you get two Pepper-Up potions, then kill yourself. 
Ron will give you full SP and MP. Fight the troll using Virdimmilius Tria 
and when you get less than 16MP, use a Pepper-Up potion. Keep using Virdimmilius 
Tria and the troll will die.

Hint: Defeating Voldemort:
After defeating Quirrell, Voldemort attacks you. Use Mucus Ad Nauseam, then 
Petrificus Totalus, then select "Flee" until he returns to normal. Then, use 
Petrificus Totalus again and keep selecting "Flee". When he only has a small 
portion of SP remaining, he will turn to normal. Then, keep selecting "Flee" 
until Mucus Ad Nauseam kills him.

Hint: Levels, Cards, Sickles and items: 
First, you need to have about 2,000 thousand Sickles. Go to the Wizard Card 
Trading Club. Buy at least 500 Chocolate Frogs and open them up. A lot of 
your cards should have "9" as the quantity. Make sure you have lots of Card 
Combinations that have checks by them. Battle something, preferably three 
monsters and one that gives a lot of experience. Save your game (before each
 attempt as well) and then restart. Go to the item selection screen and 
choose "Folio Tripculus." Now, choose a Card Combination that has a check by it. 
You should now be on the battlefield as if you just won a battle. Your experience 
and amount of Sickles that you got from the battle should now be doubled. If you 
want to do this again, save before and after each attempt -- the game will 
sometimes freeze while the spoils for the battle screen appears. Repeat the process 
if this happens. Also note that if you received an item in the battle, you will 
receive one more of it if you do the trick, Remember, the more experience you gain, 
the more faster your levels will grow. Also, when you reach levels in the 80s, you 
will gain all the abilities: 

Filpendo Uno, Duo, and Tria
Vermillious Uno, Duo, and Tria
Verdmillious Uno, Duo, and Tria
Incendio Uno, Duo, and Tria
Locomoto Wibbly, and Mortis
Wingardium Leviosa
Petrificus Totalus
Mucus Ad Nauseam 

Hint: See Harry's parents:
Go to the floor where the Gryffendor common room is located. Find the big orb 
floating in the middle of the room. Stand "in" it, and you should see Harry's 
parents instead of Harry.

Hint: Forbidden Forest warning:
After you finish your detention and you decide to walk around before going to 
bed like you are supposed to, do not go back into the forest. You will not be 
able to get out. 

Hint: Forbidden Forest:
When in the Forbidden Forest, go to the fourth section to find Hagrid and the 
sixth section to find the unicorn.

Glitch: Phantom conversation:
When going to Snape's Potions Class, note that the Weasley Twins are still in 
the Common Room. Press Start and walk to where they where standing. Press A and 
you will be talking to them, even though they are not there.


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