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 Harvest Moon 3 - Platform: Gameboy Color

Harvest Moon 3 - Platform: Gameboy Color

Hint: Unlimited money
Note: This trick requires any number of two objects, for example a 
Cherry and an Egg. First, call the Farmers Union and select your 
first item (Cherry). When asked to specify the amount, press Down, 
B. Select your other item (Egg) and press Down. You will have one 
item less than the first item (Cherry). Sell these to the Farmers 
Union. Call them again and you will have about 50 of the second item 
(Egg). Select your second item (Egg) and press Down until you have 0. 
Press Down again and you will have 99 of that item. Sell them, or you 
will lose them. After you sell them, you will have about 20. Repeat 
the trick.

Hint: Hidden money
When you start the game, turn around to look at the fireplace. Walk 
to it and press A to pick up the savings from inside the fireplace.

Hint: Extra money
When you start the game, get the money from the fireplace. Plow all 
the ground out in the field and in its place, grow grass. It should 
only take one day and you will have more than 7,000. 

Hint: Unlimited fruits and vegetables
Go to the grassland and pick all the fruits and vegetables there. 
Leave, then return. The fruits and vegetables you just picked should 
be there again. You can pick them until your inventory is full. Go 
home and put them into your storage area to sell. You can repeat 
this several times.

Hint: Chickens
Chickens are the cheapest and the first animals that you should buy. 
Only buy one male, because they are worthless. Once all the chicks are 
hatched, sell the male and buy another female. They will lay an egg 
every day and your wife may make it into Mayonnaise. Once they are at 
ten hearts, wait a few days and they will become Golden. The Golden 
Eggs are worth more, but do not make better mayonnaise. If you put 
them out in the rain, even for a moment, the chickens will become 
unhappy. If you forget to feed them or are unable to do so, they will 
be unhappy for 3 days. They will not lay eggs while they are unhappy.

Hint: Cows
Cows are one of your better choices for an animal. When you buy them, 
only get one male. They are useless except for breeding. They produce Small, 
Medium, and Large Milk; Cheese if you give the girl the book or buy the 
machine; and Butter if you give the girl the book or buy the machine. 
She may know how to turn it into this, but she will not always do so. 
Cows are available in two colors, brown and white; and black and white. 
There are also two different patterns in spots. Only the female can 
give milk. They take 35 days to mature to adults. They are calves for 
14 days, young cows for 21 days, and adults until they die of sickness 
or you sell them. Do not get any of your cows rated at the Farmer's 
Union until they have all ten hearts. If you forget to feed them, they 
will not produce milk for three days and you will have to wait three 
days longer for a calf to be born if one is pregnant. Sometimes you 
cannot avoid not feeding them, such as during blizzards or typhoons. 
If you put them out into the rain, even for a moment, they will become 

Hint: Horses
Horses are totally useless unless you enter races or just want to ride 
them. They are available in three colors, black, brown, and white. They 
will be unhappy if you let them outside in the rain, even for a moment. 
If you do not feed them or are unable to, they will become unhappy. 
They will remain unhappy for 3 days. 

Hint: Sheep
Sheep are also a good investment. They take 21 days to mature. The 
happier the sheep, the better the Wool. If you give the girl the correct 
books, she can make Yarn and Sweaters out of the Wool. Your wife may know 
, but she will not always do so. As with cows, only females can give Wool. 
You cannot make them mate if they do not have Wool. If these are your 
first two sheep, check the animal section in the morning so that your 
wife does not shear the Wool and you can mate them. You can not shear 
the Wool if they are unhappy. If you forget to feed them or are unable 
to, they will stay unhappy for 3 days. If you put them out in the rain 
on accident, even for a moment, they will also become unhappy.

Hint: Fishing pole
Befriend the fisherman. He is the man directly to your left (when facing 
the screen) who always talks about fishing at the beginning and end of 
the day (not the girl who wears the red bandanna and loves fish). One 
day he will ask to borrow your hammer (or another tool). Answer "Yes" 
and return to him in a week or so. He will give you back the hammer as 
well as an old fishing pole in thanks.

Hint: Secret Power Berry
Wait until the mountain/volcano erupts. Go to the mountain. Go inside 
the mountain and look on the far right side to see two pillars off the 
screen. Try to go in between them, and keep going to the right in the 
dark until you get to a point where you cannot walk any farther. Then, 
go up until you see a Harvest Sprite from the original Harvest Moon game. 
Talk to him and he will asked to be left alone and give you a Power Berry. 
Note: Do not try to give him anything, as it is a waste of time.

Hint: Free movies
When you have enough money to see a movie, go to the movie theater and 
save the game. Then, pay for the movie and watch it. After its done, 
shut off the Game Boy Color, turn it back on, and resume playing. 
You will be outside the theater, with nothing missing.

Hint: Quicker jobs
Hold A then release after three seconds. You will do things much better 
then before. Note: This only works when your chosen tool is over level 1.

Hint: Marriage
Give lots of gifts to you partner in farming/ranching. Give her eggs every 
day, or something that you harvested (higher points). Never be mean to her. 
Eventually you will get an item or something else that will allow you to 
marry her.

Hint: Children
If you are a boy, after you get married you still can play the game, unlike 
girls. If you continue to give your wife things after you marry, she will 
eventually say she had a dream about a stork. In a few days she will say 
she is pregnant and will not be able to work for two months. You have to 
do all the work. In two months she will have a boy and you can name him. 
If you give her gifts again, she will have the same dream and in a few days 
tell you she is pregnant again. Once again, she cannot work for two months, 
but it is most likely the end of the two years will happen before the second 
baby is born. However, because after your rating, everything goes back to 
normal and you can continue. The second baby will be a girl. By now your 
son will walking around, and in a month so will you daughter. 
This is all the children you can have.

Hint: Pak
Sometime during the first year around the 16th of Spring, go to the forest 
where you normally can fish for the King Of The Lake. You will find an egg. 
Approach and try to pick it up. Text will appear stating something similar 
to "If you don't take it, it will be eaten by wild animals". Select "Yes" 
and take the egg. After about a year it will hatch. Once again, text will 
appear. Your partner will say "Oh..??? An egg hatched... 
How cute! He thinks you're his mom... Oh! Why don't we name him 'pak' ?! 
Yes! He's a pak!". Pak lets you talk to animals on the farm and perhaps 
makes all of your crops (Tomatoes, Corn, and Watermelon) ripe for harvest 
on his date of birth. 

Hint: Boat
To get a boat, become friends with the two fishers. Give them something 
everyday and always talk to them. Eventually you will get your own boat 
and can go to Mermaid Island and the Market any day.

Hint: Good farmer reputation
Once one of your cows has ten hearts and is not pregnant, go to the 
Farmer's Union and get it rated. By the end of the two years you should 
have all your cows at a ten and rated. They can only be rated once.

Hint: Fastest and worst ending
Start a new game and select the boy character. When the Mayor asks you 
to help with the farm, answer "No" to every question. The game will state 
that the farm on the island was closed down and the game will end.


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