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 Harvest Moon 64 - Platform: Nintendo64

Harvest Moon 64 - Platform: Nintendo64

Have other charecters get married 
Just be realley nice to the other peopleand give 
them presents and they will get married. The people 
who marry are Maria and Harris, Popuri and Gray, 
Greg and Elli, Cliff and Ann,and Kai and Karen 

Raffle Prizes 
Backery Prizes 
1: Mug 
2: Mats 
3: Tablecloth 
4: Honey 
Flower Shop 
2:Bath stuff 
3:Calendar Icons 
4:Pink-Cat seeds

The Photho Album:
Submitted by: Cristi

1)Photo of you and your Grandfather-This photograph is found in the album 
from the very beginning. 
It is an old picture of you and your grandfather when you were young and 
visiting the farm.

2)Harvest King-If you are chosen as the Harvest Festival king, you are 
given a special ride in the hot-air balloon. A photo will be taken and 
can be found in your mailbox the following day.

3)Horse Race-If your horse is the victor in the horse races, a photograph 
will be taken of this event.

4)Dog Race-By training your dog and giving it attention, it stands a 
chance at winning the dog race. If it wins, this photo will be taken.

5)Cow Picture-If you win the cow festival, leave your winning cow outside 
the next day. The three girls who are always present at the horse and dog 
races will come the following day and ask for a picture to be taken of 
themselves with the cow. The following day you can find this photograph 
in your mailbox.

6)Winner at Meet-By winning the swimming festival in the summer, a photographer 
will take this picture. It can be found in your mailbox the next day.

7)Complete Hot Springs-During the Winter, the carpenters will ask you to help 
them construct the Hot Springs. If you agree and work each day, you will receive 
this picture in the mail when it is completed.

8)Wedding-After you successfully woo and marry a girl, this photograph will be 
taken at your wedding.

9)Baby is Born-After you give your wife an ample amount of loving attention, 
she will become pregnant and eventually give birth to a baby. The next day, 
you will receive the photograph of this joyous event.

10)Home Extensions Completion-Once you have purchased every extension that the 
carpenters have to offer, this picture will be taken, and sent to you the following 

11)Keifu Fairy Dance-This photograph is taken after you successfully complete 
several events with Karen, including the Restoring the Vineyard event (See the Secrets 
section for more information.) Once you complete the Vineyard event, you must bring 
Karen's heart level up to yellow and help her when she sprains her ankle. On the 7th of 
Fall, she will come as the Shipper is exiting your farm and ask you to accompany her to 
this spectacle.

12)Blue-Mist Flower-This photograph is received after you perform each step of Popuri's event. 
In Spring, Year 2, Lillia's Flower Shop will have a Blue Mist Seed for sale. Purchase it and go 
to the Goddess's Pond Area and you will automatically witness yourself planting the seed with 
Popuri. Each day you must return and water it until it blooms. When it blooms, Popuri will stop 
by the farm and ask you to go with her to look at it. While you are viewing it with Popuri, an 
entymotologist who is searching for a special butterfly will approach. Coincidentally, the butterfly 
is attracted by Blue-Mist flowers, and the scientist is able to see it. He will take a picture and 
you will get a copy in the mail the next day.

13)Maria's Picture-To get this picture, Maria's heart level must be on a yellow and you must have 
helped her when she sprained her ankle. After the Firefly Festival, Maria will arrive at your farm 
as the Shipper is leaving. She will ask you to go somewhere with her, and you will witness this 
event. A photograph will be taken and you will receive it the following day.

14)Elli's Picture-To receive this picture, you must first have a good relationship with Elli. 
On the 1st-10th of Fall, Elli will come to teh farm and ask you to go with her. If you agree, 
she will take you to the mountain to make Moon Essence.

15)Special Bunny-In order to receive this photograph, you must have Ann on yellow heart and 
have helped her with her sprained ankle. In the beginning of Winter, Ann will arrive at your 
farm and ask you to go with her. If you agree, she will take you to the mountain to see this 
special Pika bunny.

16)Party Picture- The Party Picture is very special and rather difficult to get. You must first 
be friends with the entire town and have ever power nut. You must also have at least 3 each of 
cows and sheep, 6 chickens, and have had your horse and dog win their races.


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