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 Headhunter - Platform: Playstation 2

Headhunter - Platform: Playstation 2

Debug mode (PAL version)
Hold R1 + Square and press Start during game play.

Expert mode
After completing the game for the first time, you will be prompted to save
after the ending credits. Answer "Yes" and the game will start again, but 
will be marked "V2" when you save. 
This is a harder version of the game. This can be done again up to "V8".

Opening the Star Locker
To open the Star Locker, break Hank Redwood's records in Leila mode, then
complete the game once. The Star Locker contains all weapons with unlimited 
ammunition. Note: You may not be able to complete the game normally if the 
Star Locker is used.

Unlimited Ammo & All Weapons
You must achieve records in all of the L.E.I.L.A tests, then finish the
game. You should recieve a message under you statistics that says "You have 
recieved the Special Award." Now save when prompted. Then start a New Game, 
and when you get up to the L.E.I.L.A Office go to the * box. 
Check inside for all of the weapons fully loaded.

Door password
To unlock the room on the second floor of the bikers' hideout, enter "1993"
as a password.

Killing silently
Sneak up behind someone and press R1 + X to will break their neck kill them
instantly. Note: This requires some practice. Note: You must have the Shield 
Pellet (the item you use in the Test level) to kill silently. If you have a 
gun you will not be able to break their necks.

Defeating Gladiator
You can only use the handgun you cannot use Health Packs or Adrenaline.
There are five circular plates on the floor. Stand on one and a lighting 
bolt will hit it. It can cause damage to you. However, if timed correctly, 
you can lure Gladiator towards you and jump out of the way, allowing the bolt 
to hit him instead.

Defeating Greywolf
You can easily defeat Greywolf on the roof of his hideout by using Proximity
Mines. Just place one near where you enter the roof, and as he circles around 
he will set it off taking a large amount of life. Just be careful not to set it 
off yourself. When your mines are down to one, start sneaking behind him then 
take a few shots and head for cover. Use the one mine you saved for when he gets
low on life, because he will back himself into the gap in the corner directly 
across from the entrance and stay there shooting nonstop.
Place a mine in that area beforehand and when he goes there he will set it
off, dealing the final blow.

Ramirez's spiders and door
When you battle Ramirez's spiders, shoot them once then stand over them.
Press Action, then guide the spiders towards the door. Press Action again to make 
the spiders jump at the door. Eventually they will melt the mechanism with their 
acid blood and you can enter. Note: It is important that you jump at a certain 
point. If you jump too soon or to late, it will not do any damage to the door.

Defeating Ramirez
To defeat Ramirez the second time, you must get up and shoot out the lights.
He will then only throw grenades. Next, get up close and shoot him to kill him.
Shoot out the lights first, but since Ramirez has a powerful gun, run behind  
one of the containers. If you have a good view, you will see him point his gun 
away from you. This is your chance to attack. Give him everything you have for a 
moment, then duck back. First, shoot out the lights. Grenades thrown hard work 
well sometimes and can possibly take out all four lights at once. Then, run. 
Remirez throws grenades in intervals of three. Run, then shoot after you are out 
of the way of the third grenade.

Defeating Version 2 Bosses
When fighting weak Bosses such as Greywolf (the first "real" Boss) and Bruce
(the first Boss) in Version 2, stand back and shoot them with your missile 
launcher. Note: You will get Greywolf very mad doing this -- when he gets to 
shoot you, he will beat you down with his gun severely.

ADAM vs. Angela
ADAM'S attack are very powerful -- stay away from him. First, turn the gas
pipes on by looking for a console that has a diagram of them. Look around 
the room to find a smaller A & B console. Look carefully and you will
see the gas pipes. Shoot ADAM five times rapidly and he will stop. Then,
shoot the pipe. After you hit him, run as fast as possible because he will 
run after you very quickly. You will get damage no matter what, but you will
have to repeat the whole thing again to kill him.

ADAM vs. Jack
This battle is different than when Angela fought ADAM. He will now stand in
the center of the room and shoot lasers at you. The red ones are easy -- hide 
behind a wall. For the blue ones, you have to guess where it is going
and get out of there. When defending yourself against ADAM in Phase 1, instead 
of hiding behind a pillar or dodging his blue attacks,
hide behind the computer panels. When he attacks with his red ray, hide
behind the pillars and he will not hurt you.

Attacking ADAM in Phase 1, 2, and 3
During the time in which ADAM is not attacking you in Phase 1, do not shoot
him with any other weapon besides the sub machine gun. There are boxes with 
the SMG ammunition available during that fight. In Phase 2, do the same
thing. In Phase 3, shoot ADAM with your missile launcher as he approaches
you. This will slow him down. Then, run to the Judgment Cannon (ADAM's weapon).

Equipment and ranks
Automatic: C
Scorpion NerveoStunner: C
Stimulator Automatic +: B
Simulator Shotgun Rank: B
Action Belt: B
Sub Machine Gun: A
CodeBreaker: A
Missile Launcher: AAA
Goggles: AAA


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