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 Home Run King - Platform: Gamecube

Home Run King - Platform: Gamecube

Alternate uniforms:
Press L + R when choosing a team in exhibition mode.

Easier hitting:
Start a game in exhibition, quick start, or season mode. Press Start, 
go to "Options", and make the batting 100%. Continue your game and it 
should be easier to hit the ball because the batting aid is larger.

Free triples:
This trick works best with a man on first. Have the batter hit a ground 
ball into the outfield. Let the player on first go all the way home. 
If it was a good hit, he will be safe. Around the time when the batter 
has reached halfway to, or is already on, second base, the outfielder 
will throw to home plate. When the batter touches second, stop his running. 
When the outfielder's throw gets to the shortstop (who will if done correctly, 
throw to home plate) , wait until he tosses it home. As soon as the ball 
leaves his hand toward home, get the man on second to go to third base. 
If done correctly, you will now have an extra run and a man on third.

Bunt singles:
This trick will only work if it is raining. It does not matter if the 
bases are full or empty, but do not do this with a man on third base, as 
the pitcher will throw home, which results in an out. Also, do not use a 
slow-running batter. Have the batter bunt the ball. Because it is raining, 
the mud will keep the ball from rolling much. The AI will have the pitcher 
get the ball, rather than the catcher who is much closer. By the time the 
pitcher gets the ball to first base, your runners will be safe.


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