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 Horsez - Platform: Playstation 2

Horsez - Platform: Playstation 2

All Cheats:
When beginning, the key to the library is outside of the building. You must go 
opposite the horseboxes and take the second door. It will be on the table in the 
director's office. The key to the attic is in the library. "Patrick" will give it 
to you.

To beat Keiw, you must stay close behind her throughout the whole race until you 
reach the top of the cliff where you turn close to the fence, Kiew will turn 
closer to the outside of the path. there you will pull ahead. WATCH OUT FOR ROCKS.

To return to the stud farm in the US and get back before the inspection, keep 
straight and take the left turns when you get to the forks. ONLY TURN LEFT AFTER 

To get out of the cave in morrocco, you must pick up the scissors, and the 
megaphone(on the bed). Go to the kitchen, pick up the rock, throw it out the 
window. Use the megaphone to call to your horse. Go to the front door and cut 
the rope. Attatch it to the door, then go to the broken window and attatch the 
rope to your horse.

To get back before registration in morrocco, go straight and turn right. go 
through the village until you reach the stud farm.

To beat the red haired boy in the race, follow him until you reach the fork. KEEP 
LEFT. he will go right, but if you stay left you will beat him.

To get out of the library once arrested, go out through the window and go left 
and then keep straight once on the roof. Keep going until you reach the other 
building and then go left and go in through the other window. You must find SPIKE 
first, then GINGER (bottom floor) then go find Kiew. The code to the safe 
(in SPIKES ROOM) is 42424.


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