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 Hot Shots Golf - Open Tee 2 - Platform: Sony PSP

Hot Shots Golf - Open Tee 2 - Platform: Sony PSP

Bonus courses:
Defeat the indicated character to unlock the corresponding course:

 Autumn Pagoda: Defeat Alice. 
 Central Golf Square: Defeat Malachy. 
 Dino Park: Defeat Lee. 
 El Andes: Defeat Mifune. 
 Fortress Yard: Defeat Lee. 
 Gamelan Island Resort: Defeat Lauryn. 
 Golden Desert: Defeat Montcalm. 
 Michinoku Pass: Defeat Frau Ada. 
 Olive Coast: Defeat Frau Ada. 
 Royal And Links: Defeat Lauryn. 

Bonus characters:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character. 
Press Up at the character selection screen to display the bonus characters.

  Alia: At South Alps hole 14, talk to Alia with the magic broom equipped. 
  Alice: Defeat her in Beginner VS. mode. 
  Britz: At El Andes hole 17, use Frau Ada to lift up a rock in the bare ground 
  on the left. 
  Chad: Defeat him in Platinum VS. mode. 
  CJ: At Olive Coast hole 4, talk to him with a beautiful female (for example, 
  Frau Ada: Defeat her in Pro VS. mode. 
  Gloria: At Fortress Yard hole 16, talk to her with Chad dressed as a girl. 
  Holly: At Dino Park hole 6, have Malachy play hide and seek with the woman 
  dressed as a tree off the back of the green. 
  Julie: At Autumn Pagoda Golf Course hole 17, talk to Julie using Mifune. 
  Lauryn: Defeat her in Bronze VS. mode. 
  Lee: Defeat him in Gold VS. mode. 
  Logan: At Golden Desert hole 13, have Big Impact clubs. 
  Malachy: Defeat him in Amateur VS. mode. 
  Mifune: Defeat her in Silver VS. mode. 
  Mika: Chip in a shot at Nakagawa hole 14, and talk to Mika. 
  Mizuki: Unlocked randomly as a character while you are playing as Mizuho. 
  Montcalm: Defeat him in Seeded-Pro VS. mode. 
  Patricia: At Gameland Island Resort hole 1, talk to Patricia while wearing a 
  Rio: Bogey hole 5 at Central Golf Course, then talk to Rio in the right most 
  cherry blossom tree on hole 6. 
  Roger: At El Andes hole 17, lift the rock in the bare ground to the left with 
  Frau Ada. 
  Shu: At Michinoko hole 15, talk to Shy with a female character. 

Hidden items:
Search the indicated hole to find the corresponding hidden item:

  Aikidu Sensei: Autumn Pagoda, hole 13 
  Baquette Club Intermediate: Central Golf Square, hole 2 
  Baseball Helmet: Nagawaka, hole 3 
  Beginners Club Intermediate: Olive Coast, hole 10 
  Big Air Club Expert: El Andes, hole 18 as a male character 
  Big Paper Fan: South Alps, hole 3 
  Big Serve Club Intermediate: Gamelan Island Resort, hole 4 
  Black Afro: Gamelan Island Resort, hole 6 
  Bottle Club Expert: Nagawaka, hole 13 
  Busby Hat: Fortress Yard, hole 15 
  Caveman Outfit: El Andes, hole 12 
  CH Paddle Club Expert: Fortress Yard, hole 17 
  Clown Car: Central Golf Square, hole 17 
  Cricket Helmet: Royal And Links, hole 17 
  Flamenco Dress: Fortress Yard, hole 7 
  Flight Steward: Dino Park, hole 14 
  Flower Kimono: Nagawaka, hole 16 
  Gloria's Outfit: Central Golf Square, hole 12 as Gloria 
  Gnome Beard: Golden Desert, hole 2 
  Golfing Trousers: South Alps, hole 7 
  Infinity Club Intermediate: Royal And Links, hole 7 
  Iron Mace: Autumn Pagoda, hole 16 as a male character 
  Karate Uniform: Michinoku Pass, hole 17 
  Kung Fu Costume: El Andes, hole 10 
  Leisure Suit: Olive Coast, hole 6 
  Maid's Headpiece: Olive Coast, hole 18 
  Mandarin Gown: Gamelan Island Resort, hole 16 
  Monkey's Costume: Golden Desert, hole 14 
  Navy Sweater: Royal And Links, hole 3 
  Ninja Outfit: Autumn Pagoda, hole 5 
  Pin hole Club Intermediate: Golden Desert, hole 12 
  Royal Hanbok: Dino Park, hole 17 
  Rugby Uniform: Central Golf Square, hole 14 
  Samurai Kimono: Autumn Pagoda, hole 8 
  Soccer Uniform 2: Royal And Links, hole 5 
  Stable Boy: Michinoku Pass, hole 7 
  Turbo Spin Club Beginner: South Alps, hole 17 

Bonus items:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item:

  Baby On The Go: Sink a greater than 60 foot putt. 
  Biker suit: Get a Hole In One. 
  Chief Seven Iron outfit: Score over 400 points in the mini-game. 
  Comedy suit: Score over 600 points in the mini-game. 
  IV Drip: Get a Rising shot. 
  Knight Armor: Score over 700 points in the mini-game. 
  Priestess Kimono: Get a Double Eagle. 
  Knight helmet: Hole out with the Homing Ball animation. 
  Pink Outfit: Score over 300 points in the mini-game. 
  Soccer Uniform 1: Score over 500 points in the mini-game. 
  Wedding Veil: Get a Flag Ball shot. 
  Yukata: Get a Spiral shot. 

Black rank:
Acquire all cards to reach the "Black" rank.

Easy loyalty:
Select Challenge mode, and play a VS. match. Press Start when the match begins, 
and select the "Give Up" option. Repeat this three times to intentionally lose 
the match and increase the loyalty with that character.

Futurama reference:
Play Challenge mode, and reach the Seeded Pro level. Look at the leaderboard 
after each hole, and look at your opponents' names. Some of the names listed are 
references to characters from Futurama, which are as follows:

  "Ben B." and "Rodriguez" are references to Bender. 
  "Conrad" is a reference to accountant Hermes Conrad. 
  "Fry" is a reference to Philip J. Fry. 
  "Leeland" is a reference to Leela. 
  "Zoe Berg" is a reference to Dr. Zoidberg. 


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