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 Jet Force Gemini - Platform: Nintendo64

Jet Force Gemini - Platform: Nintendo64

Debug Mode
To activate debug mode, first you must start a game normally. 
At the character select, hit right on the joystick 3 times, 
then left all the way to Lupas (select Lupas). When you start, 
hit C-right, C-right, C-right, C-left, C-right, C-right, C-up, 
C-up, C-up. If you do it correctly you will hear a noise that 
sounds like Lupas barking but he won't be moving. To use this 
cheat, after the bark, just go through the items and weapons 
you want to change into by tapping A. Hit A once, it changes, 
hit A again, it changes. just cycle through till you have 
found what you want. Then hit B to place that object/item where 
Lupas is standing. 

Super jump
Hold C-Up to perform a super jump. 

Avoid getting hit by flying objects
When reaching a section with small flying objects, run behind 
a tree and repeatedly run sideways to avoid getting hit. 

Juno can walk on fire (lava), Vela can swim, and Lupus can 

Get Ants into Pants Mode
Get 300 ant heads to get this option in the cheat menu. 

Get Rainbow Blood Mode
Get 100 ant heads to get this option in the cheat menu. 

Floyd Piece Locations
These are the locations of all the Floyd pieces in the 
Tawfret courtyard type place. 
1. On top of the walkway near Gimlets house 
2. Inside the chimney and down the path on top of Gimlets 
3. Blow up the door near the back of Gimlets house and walk 
Proceed to the area where Floyd is and talk to hi, and then 
he will follow you around and be available for use in two 
player co-op. 

Homing Missle Launcher location
To find it, you must go to the ss anubis and climb the boxes 
you climbed to find the PLasma Shotgun. then, climb the baxes 
behind it and go in the door on the upper level. Continue 
through the depository of the ss anubis, enter the room with 
your ship, rescue all or all of the tribals you can find, 
because some are hidden in the darkness of the room for a 
total of nine tribals, enter your ship and you will be whisked 
away to the peak walkway. Walk up to the building, destroy all 
of the soldier drones guarding the area, and enter, inside is 
a trapdoor that leads to two tribals and a crapload of shield 
wielding soldier drones. don't go down there just yet. also in 
the room is a diamond gezzer station, and located in the corner 
are the Homing missles! 

Quick character change
Press C-Left or C-Right at the map screen to quickly change 
the character icons. 

Hear Lupus howl
Press C-Down when playing as Lupus. 

Unlimited Mizar tokens
Locate an area that contains Mizar tokens but no opponents, such 
as the beginning of the Spawnship or the rib cage in Eschebone. 
Take Mizar the tokens, then leave and return. The Mizar tokens 
will re-appear and may be collected again. 

Refill ammunition
Switch to the shotgun, pistol or machine gun if running low on 
ammunition and run over the bodies of dead enemies to collect 
more bullets for that weapon. To refill the flame thrower, shoot 
Tribals once to force them to drop their lanterns without killing 
them. Collect the lanterns to use as flame thrower ammunition. 

Collect out of reach gems
Shoot gems that are out of reach to bring them within range. 

Invincibility in Multiplayer mode
Ok, to get this code to work, S.S. Anubis stage is the best. When 
standing in front of the Invincibility icon (don't get it), Let a 
person kill you so you fall back on it. You will have the shield on 
you until you press A. Once you have pressed A, your enemy will not 
be able to lock on you or hurt you until you get another Invincibility 
icon, this will be turned off. 

Parts for Floyd
Floyd's parts are in the very area that you meet him. One part is to 
the left of the cathedral/church, on the platform. After collecting 
that part, keep going, jump on the church, go to the left, go up the 
stairs, move to the fireplace, and jump in to reach a sewer. Take a right 
hand turn to enter a room. Choose the middle path to end up in a room 
with sparkling helicopter blades. Leave the sewer and locate a large 
building) like the church) with a metal door. Use Tri Rockets on it, 
enter the sewer again, and walk down the path to find another leg part. 

Nitrogen tank and Water Ruin
To get to Water Ruin, defeat Mizar 1 with Lupus. The characters' armor 
will be upgraded. Then, go to Sekmet with any character. Go to the third 
room and get on a Jetpack pad. The Jetpack meter will fill up about 50%. 
Fly to the high catwalk. Walk through all the rooms until you find the 
Launchpad. Take off in the ship and it will land at Water Ruin. Then 
dive as Vela into the cave under the largest island. The nitrogen tank 
and some weapon upgrades will be on the table. 

Jetpack with Lupis
When playing with Lupis you can use the jetpack fuel to complete missions 
that require Juno or Vela. All you do is walk onto the fuel pad, wait for 
Lupis to fuel up and play like he's Vela or Juno. 

Unlock stuff
Unlock rainbow blood: Get 100 ant heads
Unlock Jet Force Kids: Get 200 ant heads 
Unlock Ants in pants: Get 300 ant heads


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