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 Juiced - Platform: Playstation 2

Juiced - Platform: Playstation 2

Submitted by: NITRO X

Select the (cheat) option in (extras) at the menu. Enter the following codes to activate the 
                   corresponding cheat function:

PINT         -- Unlock everything ((PING) is an alternative for the owners of the prereleased version)
FAST or CASH -- Extra money
RESP         -- Everyone respects you
CREW         -- Full crew
CHAR         -- Character test mode
WIN          -- Win all races

All cars
Enter "PINT" as a code at the cheats screen to unlock all cars in Arcade 
and Custom modes.

Completion bonuses
Get a 100% completion in Career mode to unlock Prototype mods for all cars 
in Career mode and the Extreme Nitrous Series in Arcade mode.

Arcade bonuses
Successfully complete all the series in Arcade mode, except the Extreme 
Nitrous Series, to unlock the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Prototype Challenge 

All Prototype parts
Get 1,500 respect points from all CPU characters to unlock all Prototype 

Easy wins
Get three CRX's and mod them until you have 199 hp. Let Amber, Vito, and 
Chief race the free sprints until they get full skills. Then, use them in 
a 2-2-2 or a 3-3 circuit race.

Easy money
Enter any type of pink slip race. Once you select the pink slip race, 
remove your memory card. Select "OK" for the race, then the "No memory 
card found" message will appear, disabling auto-save. If you lose the 
race, exit back to the title screen, insert your memory card, and it will 
load your career with everything you had before the race (car and respect 
points). If you won, insert your memory card, then exit to the career 
screen and select "Extras" to enable auto-save. Keep doing this to get a 
lot of cars or sell them to get money quicker.

Set up a sprint race on your turf, then choose level 3 or 4 cars. Look at 
the bhp on the cars. The car with the most bhp will usually win about 95% 
of the time. Remove your memory card and bet all your money on that car. 
If the car loses, restart the PlayStation 2 to get your money back. If 
your car wins, you will get a lot of money. Note: If two Mustangs are 
racing, choose the newer one. It has a six speed transmission unlike the 
old one with a five speed.

On days off, host your own race. Select a sprint and choose Class 1 
vehicles. You will get a Viper vs. Viper; Viper vs. Corvette Z06; or 
Corvette vs. Corvette, and only two drivers, Biggi and T.K. If you get the 
Viper vs. Corvette, put all of your money on the Viper (maximum bet of 
$500,000). Collect your money, and repeat. You can choose other classes, 
but the lower classes give you mixed car results. Generally, anything 
modern will beat any muscle car in a sprint. A Skyline will beat a 
Corvette with up to 25 more horsepower. Biggi is a better driver than T.K. 
Sue is a better driver than Biggi. T.K. cheats every chance that he gets. 
You can also use your track to get better parts. Just schedule a circuit 
in the class of the car you want parts for, let your crew do the driving, 
and use all the cash from betting on sprints to hook up your ride.

Earn 600 respect points from any CPU character. Then, call any character 
on your mobile phone. Race for pink slips with one of your less powerful 
cars. After you get there, sell it for extra money. Make sure to have more 
than one car in case you lose the race.

Note: This trick requires Online mode and two memory cards. When you go 
online, race a friend with the your best car, but have a backup on your 
other memory card. Race your friend repeatedly and intentionally lose. 
When they have a few of your good cars, have them sell the cars and bet 
you the money. Then, have them lose or just ask them for all the cars back 
and sell them yourself.

Free metallic paint
Go to the paint menu in career mode in the workshop. Highlight "Metallic" 
and press X. At the color selection screen, press Triangle. Go to the base 
color and chose one. The original base color will now be active as a 
metallic color. For example, if the original base coat is red, if you 
highlight black as the base color the car will appear as black with a red 
metallic coat. This does not work if the car has been repainted already.

Flying car
Get a Viper GTS fully tuned and go to the oval track. Drive about 210 mph. 
When you are about to turn, turn the other way into the wall. Hit the 
nitrous and hold it while still turning into the wall. If done correctly, 
your car should go up and fly. You must be in the dirt part of the turn. 
Try using the nitrous two seconds before hitting the wall and hit the wall 
(wire fence) at about a 30 degree angle.

Bouncing car
Get a Corvette Z06 and go to the test track. Start driving backwards, then 
go to the curb with the crane sticking over the track and drive into the 
dirt. You should see hardened dirt. Drive onto that until you get halfway 
through the hardened dirt, then drive off slowly as if you are going back 
onto the track. Before you get back on the track your car should start to 
bounce and shake. When you come out of it, your car should be badly 

Submitted by Andri Agassi []


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