Kane And Lynch - Dead Men - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Kane And Lynch - Dead Men - Platform: XBox 360

Kane And Lynch - Dead Men - Platform: XBox 360

Play as Kane in Fragile Alliance mode:
Reach rank 35 to unlock Kane in Fragile Alliance mode.

Play as Lynch in Fragile Alliance mode:
Reach rank 30 to unlock Lynch in Fragile Alliance mode.

Easy "Bulletproof" achievement:
The easiest level to get this achievement on is the one where you must kidnap 
the daughter of the Japanese crime lord. Choose this level because for a 
majority of the level you are unable to be healed by Lynch because he is 
carrying the body of the daughter. However, be careful when Lynch is not 
carrying the woman.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

  Sun Tzu (20 points): Let your crew do the dirty work. 
  Fragile Alliance (10 points): Complete the first level in co-op. 
  No Going Back Now (30 points): Go to the point of no return in co-op. 
  End of the Road (50 points): Complete the game in co-op. 
  Impact (20 points): Escape from death row. 
  Damned if you do (20 points): Let them burn. 
  Damned if you don't (30 points): No rest for the wicked. 
  Iron Flower (50 points): Complete the game on hard. 
  Crowd Control (30 points): Surgical precision in the nightclub. 
  Have Gun, Will Travel Part I (20 points): Travel into the Rising Sun. 
  Have Gun, Will Travel Part II (20 points): Counter-revolution. 
  Have Gun, Will Travel Part III (20 points): The Beginning of the End. 
  Behemoth (10 points): Stop the roaring beast. 
  Pushblade Symphony (20 points): Points for getting up close and personal. 
  Frag Out (20 points): 5 with one fragmentation grenade. 
  Headmaster (10 points): 47 headshots. 
  By the Grace of.. (10 points): Lynch puts them out of their misery. 
  Boomstick (20 points): Shotgun messiah. 
  Return to Sender (10 points): Throw back enemy grenades. 
  Teflon (20 points): Avoid damage on a level. 
  Bulletproof (10 points): Avoid using adrenaline on a level. 
  Revenge Part I (20 points): Silencing the silent one. 
  Revenge Part IV (20 points): Shouldn't have gotten personal. 
  Revenge Part V (30 points): Glad it got personal. 
  Hindsight (10 points): Get that bird out of the sky. 
  Berserkopath (30 points): Make the most of Lynch's condition. 
  Bullseye (20 points): Lynch reacts fast at the Exchange. 
  Family Member (5 points): Complete a Fragile Alliance session. 
  Some (5 points): Escape with $50,000 from a Fragile Alliance heist. 
  A Lot (15 points): Escape with $1,500,000 from a Fragile Alliance heist. 
  Sweet Revenge (5 points): Get personal revenge in Fragile Alliance. 
  Crime Buster (10 points): Kill 10 traitors in Fragile Alliance. 
  Double Trouble (25 points): Kill 2 traitors in a Fragile Alliance round. 
  Never Give Up (30 points): Get 3 personal revenge kills in a Fragile Alliance 


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