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 Karaoke Revolution - Platform: Playstation 3

Karaoke Revolution - Platform: Playstation 3

Edit Venue mode items:
Successfully complete the indicated task in Career mode to unlock the 
corresponding item in Edit Venue mode:

Angel Heart Venue Item: Successfully complete 30 gigs. 
Area 51 Venue Items: Successfully complete 55 gigs. 
Cityscapes Venue Backdrops: Successfully complete 3 gigs. 
Flaming Biker Venue Item: Successfully complete 90 gigs. 
Giant Gorilla Venue Item: Successfully complete 80 gigs. 
Glowing Stairway and Fire Valley Backdrops: Successfully complete 25 gigs. 
Hearts Venue Item: Successfully complete 60 gigs. 
Hong Kong Venue Items: Successfully complete 7 gigs. 
Leaping Tiger Venue Item: Successfully complete 35 gigs. 
Liberty Venue Items: Successfully complete 45 gigs. 
Music Genres Venue Items: Successfully complete 5 gigs. 
Nature Venue Backdrops: Successfully complete 70 gigs. 
Pirate Ship Venue Items: Successfully complete 65 gigs. 
Pods Venue Item: Successfully complete 50 gigs. 
Space Cruiser Venue Set: Successfully complete 20 gigs. 
Stone Heads Venue Item: Successfully complete 15 gigs. 
Urban Venue Backdrops: Successfully complete 10 gigs. 
Zombie Venue Items: Successfully complete 40 gigs. 

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Expanding Horizons (Bronze): Unlock second career Disc. 
Great Things Ahead (Bronze): Unlock third career Disc. 
Debut Album (Bronze): Complete every gig on the first disc. 
Special Edition (Bronze): Complete every gig on the second disc. 
Greatest Hits (Bronze): Complete every gig on the third disc. 
Big Noise at Home (Bronze): Earned the Career rating (Lounge Act). 
Lounge Act (Bronze): Earn the Career rating (National Celebrity). 
Face the Music (Bronze): Pass a High Risk gig without ever entering Boot state 
on Expert Full song. 
Host with the most (Bronze): Sing your first song in Party Mode. 
Co-operative Commune (Bronze): Complete a Party list with all players on a 
single team. 
Nothing but a good time (Bronze): Complete a Party list with 4+ players. 
Minor Sensation (Bronze): Earn 100 Sensational Score Prizes. 
Area 51 (Bronze): Unlock the Area 51 Venue Items and Perform in front of them. 
Big Streaker (Bronze): Sing a 10 phrase 'Excellent' streak. 
Galaxy Class (Bronze): Activate Star Boost 4 times in a single song. 
Bigtime Booster (Bronze): Earn 6x Multiplier from a single Star Boost. 
Multiplier Mayhem (Bronze): Achieve a 20x multiplier. 
A New Voice (Bronze): Perform as a new character created from scratch. 
Phenomenal (Bronze): Earn the Career rating (Phenomenon). 
Stage Designer (Bronze): Perform in a venue created from scratch. 
BRAINS! (Bronze): Create and sing in a venue with a Zombie center piece and 
Didn't They Duet Well? (Bronze): Get a Sensational score rating on a Duet. 
Challengers (Bronze): Play ten Head-to-Head rounds. 
Rapid Fire (Bronze): Perform ten Medleys. 
Eclectic Dreams (Bronze): Perform a 5 song Medley of all different genres and 
score a Platinum rating. 
Vocal Stamina (Bronze): Perform a 5 song Set for the first time. 
Identity Crisis (Bronze): Perform a 5 song set of all different genres. 
Live and Screaming (Bronze): Score at least 5 million points in a single Set. 
Mics at fifteen paces (Bronze): Play a Head-to-Head match online. 
Musical Espionage (Bronze): Perform in a venue created by another On-Line 
player - check your Venue Presets! 
World, Shut Your Mouth (Bronze): Play a Tournament Online. 
Seven Figure Superstar (Bronze): Score over a million points on a single song. 


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