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 Killzone - Platform: Playstation 1

Killzone - Platform: Playstation 1

Some weapons with a long reload animation can be reloaded faster if the cycle 
weapon button is pressed right after the reload button. This cuts the animation 
to the next weapon in the queue, reloading the previous weapon and bringing up 
the next (hopefully loaded) weapon. By running your weapons in an assembly-line 
manner, you can reload one weapon while bringing another to bear on the enemy. 

Multiplayer Tip:
When you die, right before you die, throw a grenade, your timing has to be right. You drop the 
grenade as you die and it will sit there on your body. Five seconds later, when your killer gets 
ammo from you, he blows up. A nifty trick to get back at the guy who shot you when they search you for 

Unlocks all levels:
Enter Shooterman for the name when creating a new profile to unlock all the levels. You have to 
start a new single-player campaign for this to work.

Shoot three shells with shotgun:
When using the shotgun, it has two modes of fire (regular shoots one shell, alternate shoots two 
shells). By pressing both fire buttons, you will shoot three shells, which in most cases is more 
useful. Try using this on groups or stronger enemies.

Quick reload:
Press Reload, switch the gun, then immediately switch back to your original weapon.

Fast gun switching:
While sprinting, release the button. As soon as you do that, switch your gun. The next gun will 
automatically appear in your hands.

Fast gun switching:
While sprinting, release L3 then immediately switch your weapon. The next gun will automatically 
appear in your hands.

Last shots:
It should take about four to seven seconds for a grenade to explode. In that time, shoot like 
crazy. For easier aim (unless they directly in front of you), zoom by pressing R3.

Play as Luger:
Successfully complete mission 2 in story mode.

Play as Hakha:
Successfully complete mission 4 in story mode.

Play as Rico:
Successfully complete mission 3 in story mode.

Easy kills:
When in possession of either the Helghast assault rifle or the shotgun, conceal yourself 
near funnel-points for maximum effect. The shot-spread pattern is enough to inflict mortal 
damage on dense groups of opponents. Should the survivors retreat; chase them with a hand 
grenade. You can easily knock out entire "clumps" of opponents using only two actions. 
When in possession of the sniper rifle, you can take snapshots at "clumps" of enemies. 
The sniper rifle can eliminate multiple opponents that are "standing-in-line" with a single shot.


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