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 Korn - Deuce - Platform: DVD

Korn - Deuce - Platform: DVD

Submitted by: Dj Simo 

Switch box code
Enter 9876543210 as the code for the switch box, then press Right. 

Christmas song
Enter 353636879 as the code for the switch box, then press Right.

TV show
Enter 9876555 as the code for the switch box, then press Right.

Enter 771994 as the code for the switch box, then press Right.

To access the biography section, use the second control panel. 
The codes are based on the numerical/alphabetical assignment on 
telephones. Enter the biography room by inputting 279586 (Asylum), 
then press Right.

Advance to one of the following chapters directly to see the 
corresponding clip without looking throughout the asylum. 

Chapter Clip 
1 Opening/logos  
2 Asylum!  
3 Climb Walls  
4 Jon trying to make Head sing  
5 Cameltosis  
6 Jon performing ADIDAS at a concert  
7 Fieldy Gag Reel  
8 ADIDAS - Behind The Scenes  
9 Got The Life - Behind The Scenes  
10 Falling Away From Me - Behind The Scenes  
11 Make Me Bad - Behind The Scenes  
12 Somebody Someone - Behind The Scenes  
13 Make Me Bad Remix Video  
14 Soulmates  
15 Fieldy BBK  
16 Yum 
17 Dopelganger  
18 Korn - Issues Live At The Apollo  
19 Jon Gag Reel  
20 Drunken Munky  
21 No Beer  
22 "Do You Have Issues?" Commercial  
23 Korn Is Given The Key To Bakersfield  
24 Munky Bump  
25 My Gift To You  
26 Fieldy Drinks  
27 Jon's Sobriety  
28 Korn Cover Contest Commercial  
29 The Field Dog's Basement  
30 Halloween Solos  
31 Munky Gag Reel  
32 Head Gag Reel  
33 Yo N***a  
34 Head dents a car  
35 Vampire  
36 Get Your Swerve On  
37 Porno Creep live  
38 The Night Before Christmas  
39 Korn is Given The Key To Bakersfield  
40 Career Retrospective  
41 Who Then Now?  
42 Blind, Shoots And Ladders, Clown, Faget (separate chapters)  
43 Same as 42  
44 Same as 42 and 43  
45 Deuce  
46 ADIDAS, Got The Life, Freak On A Leash, Falling Away From Me, 
Make Me Bad, Someobdy Someone (separate chapters)  
47 Same as 46  
48 Same as 46+47  
49 Head 
50 David  
51 Fieldy  
52 Faget  
53 Munky  
54 Freak On A Leash - Behind The Scenes  
55 Career Retrospective


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