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 Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX - Platform: Gameboy Color

Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX - Platform: Gameboy Color

Free bow
Purchase the bow and press A + B + Start + Select and save the game 
as the rupees appear from your hand. Continue the game with the bow 
and your rupees. 

Configure the bombs and arrows as the two button items, then press 
A + B to shoot. 

Alternate music
Enter ZELDA as a case-sensitive name. The music outside the houses 
will be different.

Alternate ending sequence
Complete the game using no continues. Marin will fly across the screen 
with wings during the ending sequence.

When all hearts have been lost, hold Start + Select + A + B to save 
the game. You will not be counted as dead, and if you do not die at 
all, you will see an ending. Note: On the player select screen, the 
three numbers under your name corresponds to how many times you died.

Easy money
In level three, the Boss will taunt you and say that you will never 
find him. To get unlimited rupies, get to the Boss, but do not ram 
the wall with the Pegasus Boots. Kill the blobs that fall on the 
screen for easy money.

Go to the crane game and begin playing. Put the crane between the top 
left pad (what the items move on) and the one to the left of it. Make 
sure to center the middle of the crane in the crack between the pads. 
Wait for the 30 rupee piece to move to the bottom right pad, then 
quickly press A. If done correctly, it will pick the piece up every 
time. This will give you twice the rupees you used to play the game.

Getting into the Color Dungeon
Get the Pegasus Boots, then go to the library in Mabe village. 
Run against the wall with the boots. A book will fall from the shelf. 
Read it to learn how to get to the Color Dungeon. In the cemetery, go 
to the screen with five gravestones in the order that the book showed.

New color for clothes
In the Color Dungeon, go to the graveyard. Go to the area with the stone 
that link reads "Beat the last level and come back". Push it down, then 
push the one to its left, down. Push the next one to the left, the following 
one up, the following one right, and the last one up. Walk down the steps. 
Go through the halls until you reach a fairy. Choose a new vest color. 
Blue gives you the Guardian Acorn power and the red gives you the Piece 
Of Power. This can be done several times. Note: You will not be able to 
go back to green clothing.

Go to the Color Dungeon and defeat the Boss inside by shooting arrows 
or slashing him until his shell changes red. Choose Red or Blue cloak 
after you meet the fairy.

New shield color
Once you get the red or blue clothes from the Color Dungeon, select 
your shield. When you are walking, your shield will change color to 
match your tunic.

Secret Picture:
To get a secret picture in the game, when you first meet the photographer 
in the camera shop and he asks you if you want to take a picture say no 
everytime he asks. Eventually he''ll get tired of it and shove you against 
a wall instead of having you pose. He will then take a picture of that. 
It''s kind of funny.

Wind Fish'es Egg: Find Bosses:
Have the eight Instruments of Siren and the Magnifying Glass, then go to 
the town Library. Read the bottom-right book and write down the code. Head 
to Mt. Tamarach, and play the Ballad of the Windfish on the Ocarina. The 
instruments will play it for a while, then the egg will shake and burst 
open. The owl will appear and tell you you should go in to decide the 
island's fate. You enter the egg and follow the directions you had written. 
You then reach the bosses' chamber.(there is more than one)

Steal from the item shop:
All right, first, go to the town where you first start out at. Go to the 
item shop. Go up to whichever item you want to steal, and press the A button. 
You will pick up the item. If you try to leave while you are still holding it, 
the guy will say you have to pay for it. Instead of paying, just walk around 
the guy, and he'll look in your direction. For example: if you're at the bottom 
of the shop, he'll be looking down, top of the shop, he'll be looking up. Behind 
him, he'll be looking to the right, and in front of him, to the left. Now anyway, 
just walk behind him (with the item you want to steal) and then make a break for 
the door, if you are lucky, he'll still be looking to the right of the screen, 
and you can walk out of the store, with your stolen merchandise.

WARNING: After doing this, everyone will call you theif, instead of what you 
originally named your character. Another thing, the next time you enter the shop, 
the clerk will kill you (it's really funny to watch, though). I suggest you use 
this code atleast to get the shovel, and the bow.

Exploding Arrows:
You have to have bombs and arrows for this cheat.
Have the bombs and arrows loaded and press the A and B buttons at the same time. 
The arrow will carry the bomb and it will explode if it hits something.

Secret Dungeon:
After aquiring the special boots go to your home town. Go all the way left. 
Now go down of the screen. You should see two boys playing catch and a building. 
Go into the building. There are many books on the tables and a book shelf. Use 
the boots to ram into the book shelf. A book should fall down. Read the book. 
It will tell you about a world of color and a 5 tombestone graveyard and strange 
directions. Go to the graveyard and find the section with five tombestones. Now 
move the tombestones in the order of the directions. If done properly a stare 
case should appear wich leads to the secret dungeon.

Cheaper purchases
Select an expensive item from the counter, and begin payment. As your 
character's money is being deducted, quickly press Start + Select + A + B, 
then save and quit the game. Reload the saved game to keep the item and 
most of the money used to purchase it.

Heart piece locations
Refer to the game map as a grid with 1 to 16 going left to right and 
A to Z going up and down. The heart pieces are located at the following 

1: 1-K
2: 2-I
3: 5-E
4: 3-G
5: 15-M
6: 9-H
7: 15-C
8: 14-M
9: 7-H
10: 8-A
11: 2-A
12: 7-I 
A heart can also be found surrounded by holes in the forest when trying 
to rescue Bow-Bow

Always have Marin:
Complete the first three levels and get Marin as a follower. Use the teleport 
hole to travel to the animal village. Move to the left, then press Select just 
when you are about to enter the next screen. Your character should move across 
the screen. Marin will now remain in your party for the duration of the game. 

Name change:
Go to the Camera Shop. Read the book that has the character's name on it 
before you look at photos. Go to the Shop at Mabe Village and steal an item. 
Return to the shop to get killed. Once the game is started again, return to the 
Camera Shop. The character's name will have been replaced by "THIEF". 

Steal an item from the shop in Mabe Village. Go back in the store and get killed. 
When the you start the game over, go to Marin. Instead of your name, she call 
you "THIEF".

Your character can steal from shop by taking an item, and standing above 
the store keeper. As he looks towards of the top of the screen, use the door 
to leave the shop. Note: Your character will be branded a thief and may never 
return to the same shop. However, the game can be saved and reloaded if your 
character is killed by a store keeper, which allows the store to be re-entered 
without penalty.

You can steal items after getting your sword from the beach. Make the 
storekeeper look at the place where his goods are and walk left until 
you are above the door, Then, walk out. If this does not work the first 
time, try again. When you walk back into the store the storekeeper will 
kill you -- save beforehand and continue to do it again.

When you steal from the shop, get the storekeeper to look to the right, 
giving you more time to exit.

After you get Malon to follow you so she can wake up the walrus, go to the store. 
Pick up an item and just walk out. If you go back in, the shop owner will kill 
you. After you steal, Malon will call you "Thief" for the rest of the game.

Bonus seashells:
Find exactly five secret seashells, then go to the Seashell Mansion. Enter, 
then walk right until finding the water flowing up a big pipe. Another bonus 
shell can be found by doing this with exactly ten seashells. Note: Return to 
the Seashell Mansion with twenty seashells to obtain a level two power sword. 
This sword can shoot when your character's life is full.

When you get twenty secret seashells, do not go to the Seashell Mansion. 
Instead, look for five more seashells so you will eventually have twenty five 
secret seashells. Once you have that number of seashells, go to the Seashell 
Mansion. Instead of a level two sword, you will get a powerful dagger. If you 
first go to the Seashell Mansion to get the level 2 sword and then look for 
the extra seashells, you will only find rupees in their place. 

Easy Heart:
There are little animals in the underground passages in dungeons that walk 
until they hit a wall before turning around. Jump on them with the Roc's 
feather Mario-style and you will get a free heart.

Free healing:
Meet a fairy inside a cave and talk to it.

Hint: Extra life:
Go left of the graveyard and go in the house. Once inside, you will find a 
lady. Talk to her and she will ask you if you want a potion (40 rupees at the 
most). Accept, and if you die it will refill your hearts.

Getting the boomerang:
Go to Toronbo Shores, the place where you got your sword, and look for a crack 
in the wall. Bomb the wall and enter the cave. If you do not have the magnifying 
glass, nothing will be there. If you do have it, a man will be there. He will 
trade a boomerang for whatever item is assigned to B. Give him your worst item 
(the shovel) to get the boomerang.

Obtain the Boomerang and the Rooster. Throw the Boomerang and pick up the 
Rooster. The Boomerang should hover below you. You cannot get attacked by 
normal enemies but you may attack them. 

Unlimited money:
Reach the Color Dungeon (accessible only with Game Boy Color), go up to the 
next room and then right into the next room. Go to the bottom wall and keep 
stabbing it with your sword. You will hear a hollow clank. Place a bomb there 
and you will be able to go into the room below. It is filled with five rupee 
pieces. To repeat this, just leave the dungeon and re-enter.

Wall check:
Use the sword to stab at the walls. If a hollow clank is heard, a bomb may be 
used to open the wall.

Mad Batter locations:
There are three places where the Mad Batter is located. The first location is 
in the Mysterious Forest. Go to the fairy in the Mysterious Forest and move 
left one screen. Lift the rock to reveal a secret stairway. Descend and sprinkle 
magic powder on the well. The second location is two screens to the right of 
the ghost's house. Blow up the bushes with explosive arrows. Jump the pit and 
enter, then move across the cave and swim through the water with your flippers. 
After leaving the water, move left and walk down the stairway. Again, sprinkle 
magic powder on the well. The final location is at Tal Tal Heights. Go to the 
Hen House and move left one screen. A lone bush will eventually appear after a 
couple of screens. Cut it to reveal another stairway. Go across the cave and 
get out. Keep moving left and up the mountain, then move left again. A lone 
rock should appear. Pick it up and walk down the stairways. Sprinkle magic 
powder again. Link should get 60 Arrows, 60 Bombs, and 40 Magic Powder.

Finding fairies in dungeons:
Note: A boomerang is required for this trick. Go into any dungeon with an 
electric-looking object that follows the perimeter of the room (unless it hits 
an object, then it goes around the object).Throw the boomerang at the object to 
get a fairy.

Getting the master key in the second level:
When you are in the room with a bat, a rabbit-like creature, and a arrow 
shooting skeleton, pick up one of the pots in the corner and move the blocks 
so you can throw a pot at the rabbit. Then, kill the skeleton followed by the 
bat hanging on the wall next to the rabbit. A chest should appear by the door. 

Defeating Aganihm (final Boss 2): 
Reflect his large beams with your sword, and jump over the small ones.

Defeating Angler (Boss 4):
Hit his antennae with your sword.

Defeating Blob (final Boss 1):
Powder him.

Defeating Catfish Snake (Boss 5): 
Hookshot his mouth to pull him to you, then hit his heart.

Defeating Dethl (Nightmare Boss): 
Shoot arrows at his eye or use the boomerang. Note: The boomerang is a little 
slower but stronger.

Defeating Eagle Rider (Boss 7):
Defend against his winds and feathers with your new shield, then just hit him.

Hit its beak with the Hookshot or Boomerang.

Equip the level 2 sword and the shield. Hold the shield button down and use the 
beam sword to attack. When it is out of sword's reach, attack it before it dives 
down and attacks you. You can use the shield and press Forward when it blows and 
shoots feathers. Repeat until it is defeated.

Defeating Eyes (final Boss 5):
One shot with the Flamerod.

Defeating Facade (Boss 6):
Hit the objects that fly at you with the sword. When they are gone, stand on 
Facade's face and drop bombs on it.

Defeating Ganon (final Boss 4):
Ram him repeatedly.

Defeating Facade:
Just bomb his face. Note: His holes never appear over where is face is located.

Defeating Moldorm:
Hit his tail.

Defeating Slime (Boss 3):
Ram the center of his eye so he breaks apart. Then, hit each half until they die.

Avoid being swallowed by a Like Like: 
If you are going to be eaten by a Like Like, use your hook shot. The Like Like will 
try to swallow you, but if you hooked on to something, it will not take anything from 

Attack the monkey:
After you complete the Bottle Grotto, keep Bow Wow. Go to the monkey that you traded 
the bannas to and Bow Wow will start attacking him.

Getting getting rid of a Zola:
Go to the Zola in Animal Village and talk to him, then hit him. Note: In Oracle of 
Ages and Seasons, there are two kinds of Zoras. Ocean Zoras andRiver Zoras. Nintendo 
has officially named the River Zoras as Zolas.

Crane mini-game:
Position the crane on the top left side of the screen, with the shadow over the left 
moving conveyer belt. Wait until the desired item in the bottom right corner before 
dropping the crane. 

Put the crane over the north-east part of the belt. When the item you want in the 
south-west corner, drop the crane and you should get it.

Have Marin get thrown out of Crane mini-game:
Go to the Crane mini-game after Marin is following you around. She will ask if she 
can play. Answer yes, she will play, pick up the Crane operator, and get thrown out.

Kill the animals of Mabe Village: 
You cannot kill Marin's dog or chicken. If you try, the dog will bite you and 
the chicken will escape. However, when have the magic rod (this item is in Turtle Rock), 
you can kill the Marin's dog and chicken in any place at Mabe Village. Sometimes you 
can get a rupee, but they will appear again when you exit Mabe Village.

Kill Mutts or Cuccos:
When you are standing next to a cat or chicken, sprinkle some Magic Powder on them. 
The chickens will start flashing and then disappear, while the cats will start 
flashing and then turn into a chicken. They then will also disappear. You can get 
them back by leaving the screen and re-entering. 

Chicken attack:
Keep attacking a chicken with your sword and a group of chickens will appear and 
attack you. Leave the screen and they will go away. 

To see Marin become mean, attack a chicken. After you attack it a few times, she 
will say "Come on get it!"

Absorbed in song:
Before you get the ocarina, get Marin to the animal village. Get the ocarina and 
talk to her. She will stop singing after she teaches the "Ballad of the Windfiish". 
Talk to the animals and the game will say ". . . . . . . . . . . . .. It's totally 
absorbed in Marin's song!".

Fish monster picture:
Go to animal village after collecting the magnifying glass. Go in the house in 
the north-east. A fish monster will appear and speak to you.


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