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 Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Ages - Platform: Gameboy Color

Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Ages - Platform: Gameboy Color

Super password:
Enter the following password into a new file under the "Secrets" selection. 
A Triforce will be next to Link at the main screen. You will start with the 
Victory Ring (Triforce Ring) showing you beat Ganon. 

t b Heart S b   $ g s Square /
Square f 4 ( !   Y $ ? ~ 7 
Hint: See in the dark:
If you have not Ember Seeds and you need to see in the darkness, press Start 
or Select. For a very short while you will see all the paths that are not 
visible because of the darkness. Note: This does not work for hidden paths.

Hint: Quick save:
Press Start + Select during game play to go directly to the save screen. 

Hint: Hidden shop:
Play the game in a Game Boy Advance. Go to Lynna Village (Past) and find the 
locked door next to the Target Aim mini-game. It can now be opened, allowing 
access to a shop that sells all items for 100 rupees. In the shop, you can 
buy a Ring that is appraised to be the GBA Time Ring. It is described as 
"Life Advanced!" in its information. The shop will also sell a Gasha seed 
and a Mystery ring, each for 100 rupees.

Hint: Hidden mini-game:
Once you receive the Tune Of Ages, visit Lynna City in the past. Walk above 
the second brown tree from the left, then play the Tune Of Ages. You can now 
enter the fenced-off door of the store. This store sells Gasha Seeds, a Heart 
Container, and a Ring Box upgrade. Once you buy out all of the items in the 
store, a mini-game will be unlocked, allowing you to win great prizes. 
Note: This requires a lot of rupees -- this process is easier when wearing 
the Red Joy Ring, which allows you find large blue rupees in the ground worth 
200 rupees.

Hint: Easy money:
After you receive the Shovel from the tower, go into town and start digging. 
You will find Fairies, Spiders, Snakes, Hearts and Money ranging from 1 to 100. 
Note: This works best in the past.

When you get the Red Joy Ring, dig up a rupee worth 100 and you will get more 
money. This is best used for beasts.

Hint: Free items:
When Maple bumps into you throughout the game, try not to avoid it. You can 
obtain good things such as a Potion or a Ring from the scattered items. Be 
quick, as Maple goes for the Potion first. Use a sword and swing at the items 
to get them quicker. 

After you have completed the Goron Dance, go back and do the dancing game 
again. If you choose gold, and do not make any mistakes, you will get a Ring 
(the first time). If you choose silver, and do not make any mistakes, you 
will get a Gasha Seed. If you choose Bronze and do not make any mistakes you 
will get 100 rupees. 

A fairly simple way to find Green, Red, and Blue Rupees, Hearts, and monsters, 
is to go to one area with a large amount of land that can be dug. Once there, 
dig around the barrier of that one section so while you are digging, you will 
not accidentally move a screen and have to start over. Dig up the entire area, 
destroy boulders and dig under them, etc. 

Hint: Extra hearts:
If you are in a dungeon and low on hearts, find some hearts in bushes, then go 
to another room and return. Get the heart at the same spot that you originally 
found it. Repeat until all your hearts are full. In some cases this also works 
for other items. Note: This only works in certain parts of the game where 
anyone would place them (if they could).

Hint: Extra Rings:
When the red snake in Vasu's shop lets you say a secret, enter the first fourteen 
letters/symbols of the secret that the red snake gives you. Then, go through 
every letter/symbol in the fifteenth spot in the secret. Many times the secret 
will be wrong or it will give you no rings. However, if you want to spend the 
time, it does work. When you finish just changing the last digit of the secret, 
change the last second, third, fourth, or fifth and see if you get more rings.

Hint: Growing seeds faster:
The more enemies you kill, the faster Gasha Plants grow and the faster seeds 
reappear on Seed Trees.

Hint: Larger seed satchel:
Get all the different kinds of seeds (five in total) and talk to Tingle, the man 
who floats on an air balloon and gives you the sea chart. He should give you a 
bigger seed satchel that can hold 50 of each seed. He will even fill it for you.

When you get the Seed Shooter in the third dungeon, talk to Tingle. He will 
increase the number of seeds you can hold to 50. He will also fill up your Seed 

Hint: Mending the Tuni Bell/Broken Sword: 
This strategy best works when you mend the Broken Sword at Restoration Wall. 
When the Bumper Beetles appear, do not immediately start putting them in the 
pits. Instead, walk to the upper left pit, but keep slashing them away. When 
they get close, intentionally fall down the pit. You will end up on the other 
side. You can now slash all of them into the pit that you fell down into. Make 
sure to step on the button to extend your time. The Tuni Bell restoration has 
four Bumper Beetles. The Broken Sword requires eight. Make sure you extend your 
time two times for the Broken Sword. 

Hint: Easy battles:
Get the Power Level 2 Ring from Maple, a Gasha Nut or on Crescent Moon Island 
(Past); and have the Noble Sword. You will be able to kill the most difficult 
of enemies easily.

Hint: Level 2 Ring Box:
In the past, go one screen down from the Target Aim mini-game. Walk to the 
left side of the first tree from above to below. Then, use the Tune Of 
Currents/Ages, bringing you to the side of the shop in Lynna City. Enter the 
door and you will see a hidden shop.

Hint: Slayer Ring:
Kill 1000 enemies and talk to Vasu in the Ring Shop. He will give you the 
Slayer Ring.

Hint: Victory Ring:
Successfully complete both games and defeat the Ganon. Once you start the next 
game, you will have the Victory Ring. 

Hint: Ring list:
100th Ring
Armor Ring L-1
Armor Ring L-3
Blue Holy Ring
Blue Joy Ring
Blue Luck Ring
Blue Ring
Bomber's Ring
Bombproof Ring
Charge Ring
Cursed Ring
Discovery Ring
Energy Ring
Expert's Ring
First Gen Ring
Fist Ring
Friendship Ring
Gash Ring
GBA Time Ring
Gold Joy Ring
Gold Luck Ring
Green Holy Ring
Green Luck Ring
Green Ring
Heart Ring L-2
Light Ring L-1
Light Ring L-2
Like Like Ring
Maple's Ring
Moblin Ring
Octo Ring
Peace Ring
Pegasus Ring
Power Ring L-1
Power Ring L-2
Protection Ring
Quicksand Ring
Rang Ring L-2
Razor Ring
Red Holy Ring
Red Joy Ring
Red Luck Ring
Roc's Ring
Slayer's Ring
Snowshoe Ring
Spin Ring
Toss Ring
Victory Ring
Wealth Ring
Whimsical Ring
Whisp Ring
Zora Ring 

Hint: Free rings:
Note: This trick requires Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons and Legend Of Zelda: 
Oracle Of Ages. Go to Vasu's Jewelry Store and ask the red snake (to the right of 
Vasu) the secret. Make a note of the secret. Play the other game and choose "Say 
Secret" to the red snake (to the right of Vasu) and select "OK". He will say that 
he transferred the rings. Talk to him again and choose "Say Secret" again. The 
password you just entered will still be there. Change the last two or three 
characters or the secret and it might be another secret, giving you more rings 
that you never had. If the game replies that it is wrong, change them again and 

Hint: L-2 sword:
Change back to the past age and talk to the Postman. Give him the Postclock you 
received from Yool Graveyard. You will receive the Stationery. While still in the 
past, go to the west side of Lynna City. You will see a small shack and a large 
hand. Give him the Stationary and you will receive the Stink Bag. Change to the 
present time and use the Gale Seeds to Crescent Island. Go to the southeast corner 
and give it to the chef. He will give you the Tastymeat. Warp to Lynna City and go 
west again to Nuun Highlands. Go west to the drawbridge. Go to the small house. 
Give him the Tastymeat and you will receive the Doggies Mask. Stay in the present. 
Give Mamua Yan the Mask and you will receive the Dumbbell. Warp to Symmerty City 
in the past age. Go to the unbalanced house and give the man the Dumbbell. You 
will receive the Cheesy Moustache. Return to the past age. Warp to Lynna City. 
Look at the two wise crackers and give the boy Subel, on the right, the Moustache. 
He will give you a Funny Joke. Go to the past age. Warp to Lynna City and go in a 
house with a depressed man named Dekadin. Give him the Funny Joke and you will 
receive the Touching Book. Once you get the Book, look for Maple in the present age. 
She will notice the Book and you will receive a Magic Oar. Go back to the past age. 
Go to Rafton's cottage on the east shore. Give him the Oar and you will receive the 
Sea Ukelele. While in the past, go back to the starting point for ground holes with 
a diamond. Give Zora the Sea Ukelele and you will receive the Broken Sword. Warp to 
Symmerty City. Make your way back to Patch's Restoration Wall and play the ceremony 
game. Note: Stand on the button until the cart passes and keep hitting the shelled 
beetle. When you win you will receive the Sacred Noble Sword 

Hint: Biggoron sword:
Successfully complete Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons. Get the password to enter 
in Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages. Successfully complete that game to get the password 
to get the sword. Return to Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons and give the password 
to Biggoron. He will make the sword and give you a password to use it in Legend Of 
Zelda: Oracle Of Ages. Give that password to the Maku Tree person and she will give 
you the sword to use in that game.

Hint: Noble sword:
Finish trading all the items that you get from people. Once you have gotten the 
Broken Sword, go to Patch on Restoration Wall and do his ceremony to fix it.

The entire trading sequence to get the L-2 Sword (Noble Sword) is as follows. 

1. From L1- Spirit's grave, go up one screen and left one screen. Lift the rock 
   and talk to the ghost. Then, push the gravestone up and go down the stairs. 
   Talk to the ghost. Go up the stairs and talk to the ghost one more time to get 
   the Poe Clock. 
2. Stand in front of the Maku Sprout (Past), go down two screens and left one screen. 
   Enter the house and show the postman the Poe Clock. He will give you the Letter 
3. From the house were the postman was (Past), go left two screens and enter the 
   tiny house, which is actually the bathroom. Walk to the pit and give the hand the 
   Letter Stationary. It will give you the Stink Bag. 
4. On the lower right corner of Cresent Island (Present), enter the hut. Give the 
   Tokay the Stink bag. After dancing around the room, he will give you the Delicious 
5. From the Ruins of Wing Dungeon (Present), go up two screens, right one screen, 
   up one screen, and left one screen. Enter the Mask Shop and give the man the 
   Delicious Meat. He will give you the Doggy Mask. 
6. From the Mask Shop (Present) go right one screen, down one screen, and right 
   two screen. Enter the house and speak with the woman. Give her the Doggy Mask and 
   she will give the Iron Dumbell. 
7. In the center house in Symmetry village (Past), go down one of the stairs in 
   the lower corners. Give the man the Iron Dumbell and he will give you the Cheesy 
8. From the woman who gave you the Doggy Mask (Present), go up one screen. Give 
   the man in the tuxedo the Cheesy Mustache and he will tell you the Funny Joke. 
9. Go to where the man who told you the Funny Joke would be in the Past. Go into 
   the house -- it should be dark on the inside. Tell the boy the Funny Joke and he 
   will give you the Touching Book. 
10. Bump into Maple. You will drop the Touching Book and she will give you the 
    Magical Oar in return. 
11. Give the Magical Oar to Rafton (the man who made you the raft), and he will 
    give you the Sea Ukulele. 
12. From the Maku Sprout (Past), go down one screen, left one screen, up one screen, 
    jump the pit and exit left. Go down and switch-hook over the pits to exit down. 
    Enter the cave and give the old Zora the Sea Ukulele. He will give you the Broken 
13. Take the Broken Sword to Patch, complete the ceremony, and he will give you 
    the Noble Sword. 

Hint: Getting rupees:
If you are very low on rupees, take out your shovel and start to dig. You will get 
not only blue and red rupees from the ground, but you may also get a special huge 
blue rupee that appears at random. However, this rupee only appears in the towns. 
After completing the game, go to the first dungeon and go left one screen. Then go 
up all the way to find two treasure chests with one rupee in each. Go back one to 
get even more.

Hint: Dungeon items:
L1 Spirits Grave: Power Bracelet (L-1 in Ages)
L2 Wing Dungeon: Roc's Feather
L3 Moonlit Grotto: Seed Shooter
L4 Skull Dungeon: Switch hook (L-1)
L5 Crown Dungeon: Cane of Somaria
L6 Mermaid's Cave: Mermaid Suit (like a L-2 flipper)
L7 Jabu Jabu Belly): Long Hook (L-2 Switch Hook)
L8 Ancient Tomb: Power Gloves(L-2 Bracelet) 

Hint: Defeating Eyesoar:
Switch Hook the big eye to stun him and hit him while he is stunned.

Hint: Defeating Frypolor:
Get Mystery Seeds and Ember Seeds. If it is blue, shoot Ember Seeds to hurt it. 
If you run out of Ember Seeds, use Mystery Seeds. If it is red, shoot Mystery 
Seeds to turn it blue. Also use Mystery Seeds at its ice blades then pick it 
up and throw it at Frypolor.

Hint: Defeating Head Thwomp:
Throw a bomb into the top of his head so that it places the red face towards 
you -- otherwise he will not get hurt.

A Peace Ring can be found in a Gasha tree, which will help you defeat the Head 
Thwomp. This ring keeps a bomb in your hands from exploding -- the fuse does not 
light until you let go of the bomb. This helps when fighting the Head Thwomp. 
However, it might take a long time, so only use this trick if you are willing 
to spend many hours playing the "baseball" game and planting Gasha Seeds.

Hint: Defeating Octogon:
Above water, hit the face with the sword. Underwater, shoot the face with Scent 

Hint: Defeating Plasmarine:
Long Hook him when he shoots a beam so he gets hit by it.

Hint: Defeating Pumpkin Head:
Destroy the body and throw the head to hit the ghost. 

Hint: Defeating Ramrock:
There are four sets of hands he uses.

Hands One: Hit his hands into his head.
Hands Two: Shoot Scent Seeds off the back wall so they hit the back of his head.
Hands Three: Put bombs down where his hands will clamp together. 
Hands Four: He will throw one ball hand. Grab the other and pull it back as far 
as it will go, then release to hit him. 
When he throws his first pair of hands, hit them back with you sword three times.
 On the second pair, throw a bomb between his hands when he claps them. Do this 
three times. On the third pair, shoot Scent Seeds off the back wall to hit him on 
the back of the head. Do this three times as well. On the fourth and final pair, 
when he throws one hand grab the other and use the Power Glove to pull it back as 
far as it or you can go, then release it. Do this three times to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Shadow Hag:
Face away when she forms and shoot Scent Seeds off the wall to hit her.

Hint: Defeating Smog:
Set blocks in the correct places to make the small clouds merge, then hit him.

Hint: Defeating Veran:
During the first fight, shoot Mystery Seeds at the queen. When Veran appears, 
long hook her, then hit her with the Sword. During the second fight Veran is now 
flying. Equip the Feather and Sword. Dodge her fireballs, and just hit her with 
the Sword. During the third fight she transforms between a turtle, a spider, and a 
bee. Only hit the turtle with your Sword when the head is out. When she is a spider, 
drop bombs by her. When she is a bee, just attack with the Sword. Attack her bee 
swarms for Hearts.

Hint: Defeating Twinrova and Ganon:
During the first fight hit the fireballs at the ice one and vice versa. During 
the second fight, do spin attacks on the merged Twinrova until she is stunned, 
then shoot Scent Seeds. During the third fight you must have the Level Three Sword 
(Master Sword) to hurt Ganon. Keep doing spin attacks on him. If the floor turns 
swirling blue, it means your D-pad is reversed (Up is Down, Left is Right). Do not 
turn off the game -- wait for credits to complete and get the Hero's Password. It 
helps you complete your ring collection. 

Hint: Defeating Ganon:
Do your spin attack when he is about to do an attack or after he does an attack. 
If he turns blue, you will be transported to a blue room where your controls will 
be set to the opposite of normal. Hit him your spin attack until he admits defeat. 
You will have to dodge and hit, or hit and run. The best item/ring to have are the 
Master or Noble Sword and the Red Ring.

Hint: Defeating mini-Bosses:

Gigantic Ghost (L1 Spirits Grave): Hit the little ghosts so they will not hit you 
and avoid getting slow and disabled sword. Hit the big one about four times to kill 
Swoop (L2 Wing Dungeon): When he flaps very fast he will hip drop. Hit him when he 
is down. Make him land on the blue or he will make holes. Six hits are needed to 
defeat him. 
Subterror (L3 Moonlit Grotto): Use the shovel to dig the lump out of ground and 
hit him with the sword. 
Big Armos (L4 Skull Dungeon): When he throws his sword, walk by him so the sword 
hits your shield. When you ditch the shield, hit him with your sword. 
Fetch Dog (L5 Crown Dungeon): Dodge his ball throw. Pick it up with the Bracelet 
and throw it at him. 
Bigmouth Dragon (a.k.a. Vire) (L6 Mermaid Cave): Hit him with a sword until he 
becomes two little things. Use the Feather to jump and hit them both to kill 
them. He is in both games in L6. 
Fish (L7 Jabu Jabu Belly): Hit him with Scent Seeds to sink him to your level. 
Then, hit him with the sword in the antenna. 
Blue Stalfos (L8 Ancient Tomb): Hit his balls with the sword and make him vulnerable. 
Then, hit him with sword. 

Hint: Stealing from Maple:
Use the following trick to learn if Maple has anything worth stealing. If Maple 
has rare items such as Rings, Seeds, Heart Pieces, and Potions, she will zigzag 
on her broom a lot more complexly. If she has not so good items, she will zigzag 
a lot less complexly. If she has more than one rare item she will zigzag even 
more, as if to avoid you.

If you run into Maple and she does not have any good items, turn off the game. 
Note: Do this only if you saved the game just before you ran into Maple. Go to t
he closest building, cave, home, or store to the location where you found Maple. 
Go back to the same place where you saw Maple. Continue turning the game off and 
back on if she does not have anything that you want. Only save the game if you 
get a desired item.

Hint: Make Maple drop more items:
When you see Maple's shadow, clear the area of bushes and use a Pegasus Seed on 
yourself. Run into Maple headfirst with the Pegasus Seed's speed and she will 
usually drop a Ring, the magic healing potion, a Gasha Seed, around 100 Rupees, 
and enough Hearts to heal you completely.

Hint: Horon Village: Empty hidden room: 
Go behind the Clock Man's House and dig with your shovel. You should find a 
stairway. Go down the stairway to find the empty room. 

Hint: Temple Of Seasons: Empty hidden room: 
You can also go in the waterfall in the Temple Of Seasons just behind the 
platform where you retrieve the Rod Of Seasons to find an empty hidden room. 

Hint: Getting past the Eye Of Deceit:
Walk up a path that does not have an eye looking in its direction. You will 
eventually reach a row of solid eyes. Walk up and you will face Twinrova's 
first form.

Hint: Getting through the Fairies Woods quickly:
As soon as you enter the Fairies Woods for the first time, and when you are 
rescuing your animal friend, the little fairies make the forest hard to get 
through. To get where you want to go quickly, go to where they are located, 
then go up, down, up, down, etc. This should take you where you need to go 
quickly. The only place it does not take you is where two of the fairies are 
hiding. However, it takes you to places where you can go directly to where 
they are located.

Hint: Cracked walls:
When in the Level 2 dungeon and up, look for cracked walls that you can blow up 
with bombs. You need to blow these places up to finish the dungeons. Most of the 
time there will be monsters and a path to a Small Key behind the wall.

Hint: Change an enemy:
Find one of the green cactus-like enemies that electrocute you if hit with your 
sword. Use a Mystery Seed on them to change them into something else. Even if 
you do this, however, you still cannot hit them with your sword. 

Hint: Buzz Blob comments:
Find one of the moving green blobs below the place where you use one of the 
three pets you obtain. Use a Mystery Seed on it and it will say some interesting 

Use a Mystery Seed on a Buzz Blob (the enemy that shocks you if attacked with 
the sword) and he will turn into a Cukemon. If you paralyze him with the boomerang, 
he will say funny things to you. 

Hint: Link comments:
Go to the bathroom in the Past, You can make Link say a lot of things by throwing 
things in his hole. For instance, put a bomb in there and see what he says. 
Try the various seeds, the Bombchu, and even push the pot into his hole.

Glitch: Stuck in wall:
Once you have the level 2 sword, go to Lynna City. Enter the house where the 
mailman was located. Look to the right to see three bookcases with no books. 
Cut the bookcases and there will be pushed down buttons. After that, cut the 
floor one step down for stairs to appear. Equipped the Roc's Feather and hop over 
the stairs. You will end up stuck on a wall, not able to move and end up at the 
house of the man who makes the raft.

Glitch: Loop in Mailman's House #2:
Slice your sword sideways in front of the bookcases and stairs will appear. 
Go through them and you will end up back in his house.

Glitch: Changing bookcase:
In the past, go to the house with the three empty bookcases next to two drawers. 
Slice sideways to find stairs. Slice into the bookcases to smash a pushed switch, 
then push forward to make the bookcase change into a pot that you can pick up and 

Glitch: Throw the bookcases:
In the past, go to the house in Lynna City north of the mermaid/Link statue 
(formerly occupied by the mailman). Grab one of the bookcases on the right with 
your power glove. Glitched staircases will appear, and you can also toss the 
bookcases around. 

Glitch: Instant transmission to the past: 
Use the Tune Of Currents in a place where in the past a tree, house, rock, 
building, etc. would be in the present. For example, go in the past where you 
would find the Ring Shop in the future and use the Tune of Currents. If done 
correctly, you should end up on top of the Ring Shop. Note: You will not be able 
to move on top of a building.

Glitch: Unable to teleport:
This happens at two places. The first is at the Black Tower (past or present). 
Try playing the Tune Of Ages while at the Black Tower (not inside). When you 
teleport to the past or present, the game will show a glitched area of the Black 
Tower that appears wavy. You will be automatically be teleported back afterwards. 
This also happens while you are at either the area of where the last dungeon is 
(past) or the place at the far right side of the map screen below Rolling Ridge 
(present). Try playing the Tune Of Ages at those locations and the same thing will
 happen -- you will immediately be teleported back to where you came from. 


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