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 Legends of Wrestling 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Legends of Wrestling 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Cheat mode
Select career mode and choose any wrestler. During career mode, 
enter one of each of the match types. You can either finish the 
match or immediately exit. After all match types have been 
entered, a message stating that the cheats can now be purchased 
in the shop will appear. 

Andy Kaufman
Select career mode and choose Jerry Lawler as your wrestler. 
Defeat Andy Kaufman to unlock him at the shop. 

Big John Studd
Select career mode and choose any wrestler. Defeat Big John 
Studd to unlock him at the shop. 

British Bulldog
Select career mode and choose Dynamite Kid. Successfully complete 
career mode to unlock British Bulldog at the shop. 

Bruno Sammartino
Select career mode and choose Hulk Hogan. Successfully complete 
career mode to unlock Bruno Sammartino at the shop. 

Owen Hart
Select career mode and choose Bret Hart. Successfully complete 
career mode to unlock Owen Hart at the shop. 

Unlimited Green Coins
Successfully complete career mode with all wrestlers to get 
unlimited Green Coins. 

Hint: Easy Green Coins
Enter the Create A Legend screen and intentionally make a wrestler 
with poor attributes (stats are all at zero). Defeat him repeatedly 
in ladder and cage matches to get three Green Coins with each win. 

Play in a 16 team tournament. Pick one wrestler and play him through 
the tournament. Save before you fight the last wrestler. After you 
defeat him, you will get 1 Green Coin for winning the match and 9 
Green Coins for winning the tournament. After winning the last match 
and collecting your 10 Green Coins, leave tournament mode without 
saving. Do not save in tournament mode after the last match or you 
will have to start again. Save in the options menu to keep your Green 
Coins. Go back to tournament mode and load the tournament you just 
saved. You should only have to fight the last wrestler again. 
Win the last match again and get 10 Green Coins. Repeat this as many 
times as desired. This also works in the 4 and 8 team tournaments. 
Note: It helps if you stack the tournament in your favor by choosing 
weaker opponents. 

Find or create a wrestler that has an easily accessible submission 
move, such as one that can be used straight from a grapple. Then, 
have a friend be the referee in an 8-man tag match while you are 
controlling the wrestler with the submission move. Immediately when 
the match starts, put the move on your opponent and have your friend 
count it as if he gave up. You should win the match in about five 
seconds and add five Green Coins to your account. 

Start the game career mode with any wrestler (preferably Hulk Hogan). 
Save the game after every match that you win. When you finally get to 
face Big John Studd, he will challenge you to a slam competition where 
you must repeatedly press A to slam him within the given time. 
Note: This is easier with a controller with an auto-fire feature. 
If you slam John Studd, you will get 35 Green Coins. Immediately after 
you get your 35 Green Coins, pause game play and end the match 
immediately. Then, press B to exit your career without saving. 
You must make sure you do not save before you exit your career, or 
you will not be able to do this again. To stock up on Green Coins 
quickly, go back into career mode, and repeat all of the steps.

Battle Royal
The easiest way to stay in the match is to beat up your opponents one 
by one. When they are groggy. throw them out. If your opponent keeps 
countering and attacking you, get on the apron and use the "Bing Out 
The Hard Way" move to eliminate them. Also, set your "Excitement" 
to "5" so that you always have a special. Make sure it is a finisher 
that is easy to do.

To eliminate someone easily, get on the apron and grapple the nearest 
opponent. Once he is grappled, do the "Bring Out The Hard Way" move 
so you do not get eliminated. Make sure you do not get hit off the 
apron. Also, make sure opponents such as the Dynamite Kid do not 
grapple you. Otherwise, they will use there Sunset Flip over ropes 
and eliminate both you and them. 

Kane created wrestler
Note: Unlock "Claw Stud" under textures in the cheats menu. 
It resembles Kane's clothes. 

Hair: Long Brown or Black. 
Height: 7'
Weight: 325 lbs. 
Hint: Shawn Michaels created wrestler: 

Face: Relaxed
Hair: Long, Brown
Body: Barrel chest 0, light chest hair
Facial hair: Shadow
Skin color: 0
Wrist bands: Taped
Gloves: Taped
Tights: Ted Debiase, Black
Tattoos: Place the tattoos on clothing; broken hearts for all the 
         leg tattoos, and knife for the pelvis
Footwear: Abdullah, shade all the way down
Taunts: Beautiful and Crouch Chop
Special: Warm Up The Band
First Name: Shawn
Last name: Michaels
Nickname: H.B.K.
Entrance: Sexy Toy 

Undertaker created wrestler
First name: Mark
Last name: Callaway
Short name: Undertaker
Head type: Big nose Pout
Face: 0-0
Scalp: Hair stubble brow or black
Facial Hair: Fuzz
Body type: Muscle
Size: 6 ft. 11 in. 328 pounds 
Torso: Sleeveless Acclaim Mesh Black
Boots: Hardcore black
Long pants: Biker chaps
Arm tattoos: Celtic 7 all over 
Special: Extended Power bomb


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