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 Legends of Wrestling - Platform: Gamecube

Legends of Wrestling - Platform: Gamecube

All wrestlers
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Y(2), X at 
the main menu. A message will confirm correct code entry. 
After enabling the code, go to the options screen and save 
your options. This will keep all wrestlers unlocked if you 
start your game over.

Captain Lou Albano
Successfully complete career mode with a wrestler in the 
"Hated" category. 

David Von Erich
Successfully complete career mode as Kevin Von Erich. 

Dory Funk
Successfully complete career mode as Terry Funk. 

Fritz Von Erich
Successfully complete career mode as Kerry Von Erich. 

Ivan Koloff
Win the versus tournament.

Jimmy Hart
Successfully complete career mode with a wrestler in the 
"Loved" category.

King Kong Bundy
Win the Southeast Territory in career mode.

Michael Von Erich
Successfully complete career mode as David Von Erich. 

Mr. Fuji
Win the Tag Belts in tournament mode. 

Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton
Win the tag tournament.

Successfully complete career mode as The Sheik.

Bonus arenas
Successfully complete the game in career mode to unlock the 
Back Lot, Gym, Beach Resort, and Casino arenas in exhibition 

Real names
When creating a wrestler, you can make people such as Ric 
Flair, Hall, Nash, Macho Man Randy Savage, and others and the 
announcer will actually say their names. 

High Spot bonus
Do moves such as the Super Kick, Inverted Stinger, Stinger, or 
Mounted Punches until you get the bonus.

Extreme Damage bonus
The easiest way it to get the Extreme Damage bonus is to do a 
submission move such as the Sharpshooter.

Weapon Damage bonus
Grab and hit your opponent with a weapon (press Up outside the ring).

Bloody Match bonus
Turn on "Blood" in the options. Hit and stomp on your opponents; 
especially their head.

Ref Bump bonus
Get a weapon, and when your opponent is down, try to get behind the 
ref. Swing your weapon as if trying to hit your opponent and he should 
go down.

Enter any type of match and get directly across from the ref. 
Press R to run at him. If you hit him, you will knock him down. 
If done in career mode, this will increase the Match Excitement. 

Move Variety bonus
Mix up your moves; for example a Grapple, Stomp, then another 

Reversal bonus
Everyone has some sort of suplex. Go for your suplex (for example, 
Corkscrew. This is the most countered move). When they counter, 
try to counter them. After you counter, keep going for highly 
countered moves until you get reversal bonus.

Finisher bonus
Try to get a finisher that is executed from the front because those 
are the easiest. Get your opponent up, and wiggle the Analog-stick 
quickly until you execute your finisher. 

KO bonus
Beat up your opponents until they KO. They should KO after about six 
moves after all their health is gone.

Increase SmackDown meter
During a match, you can quickly increase your Smackdown Meter until 
it is full, by pressing Taunt. If your SmackDown meter is almost 
empty, you will have to repeat this a few times. After every taunt, 
you will see your meter grow a percentage until it is full. 
Note: When performing a taunt, it leaves you open for your opponent 
to attack. This is best performed while they are either groggy or on 
the opposite side of the arena. 

Skip matches in career mode
When you are in a match in career mode, select "End Match" and you 
can then go on to the next arena without fighting that match.


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