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 Link's Crossbow Training - Platform: Wii

Link's Crossbow Training - Platform: Wii

Alternate third area:
Shoot the scarecrows that appear from time to time in a target 
shooting level. After hitting its body eight times, its head will 
swell. Shoot its head for 1,000 points. If you shoot the heads of 
two scarecrows in the same level, an alternate third area with 
more gold targets will appear.

Extra points:
There is a level with birds carrying targets. You are told not to shoot the birds. 
When you shoot them, they will drop the target. If you shoot a falling target, 
you will get more points than if you did not shoot the bird.

Ignore the Zapper:
This is a pretty obvious hint, but one worth stating nonetheless. While this 
game comes with the zapper peripheral, the game is much easier and more 
manageable by using the Wiimote and nunchuck as they are, without the peripheral. 
This is especially good to know if you're going for the extremely difficult 
Platinum Medals on each stage.

Medal Breakdown:
Here's a score breakdown for the game. You can earn the medal listed by scoring 
the appropriate amount of points on any series of stages.

20,000 Points - Bronze Medal
40,000 Points - Silver Medal
60,000 Points - Gold Medal
80,000 Points - Platinum Medal

Orange Crystals:
As you've already mentioned in another hint, there are extra points that can be 
acquired by breaking pots, barrels, skulls and the like. However, pay close 
attention as you break these objects, as sometimes Orange Crystals lurk within. 
These will reward you with extra points, in the range of 200-800 points per crystal.

If you shoot a jar or other object and a gold coin comes out, shoot the gold 
coin immediately. They're worth 1,000 points if shot immediately, and as the 
coin floats down, it becomes worth less and less, until it's worth next-to-nothing.

Platinum Medals:
Platinum Medals seem nearly unobtainable in many stages throughout the game. 
The prime way to build up your points to "platinum levels" is to simply rack up 
large streaks of hits without missing. Otherwise, you will have considerable 
difficulty in getting Platinum Medals everywhere.

Scarecrow Points:
For a quick 3,000 points on any given level, hit any scarecrow ten consecutive 
times in the chest. Then, hit him once in the head. If done correctly, you'll net 
3,000 points.

While playing through some of the target practice levels in the game, you may see 
a Scarecrow. Shoot it in the chest as many times as you can when it appears, a 
minimum of eight times, and you will hear a bell chime. When this occurs, the head 
of the Scarecrow will get bigger. Shoot the head to get a quick 1,000 points.

Now, if you did this correctly, later on any given stage, a second Scarecrow will 
appear. Repeat the same process on this one as you did on the first one, shooting 
it at least eight times in the chest and then shooting its head. If you do this, 
when the screen changes for a third and final time on the stage you're on, a new 
level will appear instead of the normal third leg of the stage you're on. More 
points will be available here.

Make sure to never miss a target while you're playing through a level. Not only 
will this build your own point total higher, but if you reach the end of the stage 
without missing, a 5,000 point Tri-Force will be presented to you.


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