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 Luigi's Mansion - Platform: Gamecube

Luigi's Mansion - Platform: Gamecube

In-game reset
Hold B + X and press Start while playing. 

Unlock Another Mansion and gallery mode
Finish the game and save. 

Shortcut to the main/lobby of the mansion:
Switch to your Game Boy Horror's first person mode and 
examine any mirror in the mansion with A. After a really 
trippy warp sequence, you will find yourself in the entrance 
hall of Luigi's Mansion 

If you run low on power, run to the first level bosses room. 
(after beating him of course) and there will always be a 50 pt 
heart in the chest next to the door. If your under 50 hit 
points left. Exit room and go to main foyer and return to room 
and repeat. Sometimes it's out of the way...but it will keep 
you from dying.

In-game reset
Hold B + X press Start for about two seconds during game play. 

Hidden mansion
Successfully complete the game and save. Go to the lab. Professor 
E. Gadds will ask where you want to go. Select the hidden mansion 
to play the game again with various differences.. 

Gallery mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock everything in the 

Hint: Treasure rooms
Go to the southwest corner of the on the mansion's first floor. 
Vacuum the butler that carries a candle. Look at the room with 
the Game Boy Horror to find a mouse hole. Press A to examine the 
mouse hole and enter a hidden treasure room.

Take the elevator in the toy chamber up to get on the chimney in 
the mansion's roof. Fall off to land in a hidden treasure room. 

After you defeat the three clock soldiers, the Shyguys, and the Ice 
Element ghost, pick up the key that is in the top of the left ladder 
tower. Do not go back downstairs after you get i. Instead, go to the 
top right ladder tower with the hole at the top. Walk the plank that 
is above it and drop down. You will learn that it is really a chimney 
in the room where the door is boarded up. This is the only way to get 
into this location, which is a treasure room. The first treasure chest 
you open will contain a ghost. There are not that many, and you do not
 need a special element to defeat them. Defeat the ghost and open all 
the treasure chests. You will also get a key to another room. 
Exit through the mirror transport.

Hint: Finding Boos
You can capture the fifty Boos that were let go at the start of the 
game to get a large diamond. To do this, use the Game Boy Horror in 
Boo sensor mode. Boos tend to hide in rooms with lights. Search all 
locations within such rooms. A blue Boo sensor light indicates that 
there is no Boo present. A yellow Boo sensor light indicates that a 
Boo, Booball, or Bomb is near. A red Boo sensor light indicates you 
are directly next to a Boo, Booball, or Bomb. Get the Boo sensor to 
be red, then turn on the vacuum or press A to examine the target 
object. If Booball appears, leave it alone to send it at a wall. Run 
away if a bomb appears.

Hint: Capturing Boos
To capture a Boo easier, all you need is an Ice element. When you use 
an Ice element on a Boo, it will momentarily hesitate to move. This 
gives you a chance to use your Poltergust 3000 on them.

Hint: Boos types
There are four types of Boos: white, blue, red, and black with a yellow 

Hint: Defeating Boolousus
When you get a chance, try to locate one of the frozen unicorns at one 
of the end of the balcony. While he's chasing you, just run circles 
around the unicorn. He will eventually run into the spike and pop on 
his own. Be careful -- once the Boos are separated, you have to watch 
your back. They will run up behind you if you are not looking at them.

Hint: Defeating Chauncey
After you defeat the Neville and Lydia, you get to Chauncey (the baby). 
You have to defeat him two times. The first time, you have to pick up 
the ball with the Poultergust 3000, aim, and press L to fire. Hit her and 
she will blab about her owee. You become small and she will be very big. 
She will throw rocking horses and balls. When all the balls are done 
bouncing, one will be stationary. Pick it up, aim, and shoot it at her. 

Hint: Defeating Lydia
Use the following trick to capture the ydia. After you defeat the Neville, 
he will give you a key. Go to the room at the end of the hall. Enter and a 
girl ghost will be there, setting her hair. Go to the window go in front of 
the curtain to the right. Stand facing to the right then vacuum with the 
Poultergust 3000. It will move to the right and the ghost will walk to the 
window saying "Oh what a draft". Use this chance to vacuum her up.

Hint: Defeating: Mr. Luggs
Use our Fire element to light the two candles. Suck up his food with the 
vacuum. Ghosts will appear and serve him -- vacuum them up. When the food 
is gone, he will shoot fireballs at you. Dodge them and when he starts 
panting, vacuum him up. 

Hint: Defeating Neville
To capture Neville, go over to the bookcase and vacuum with the Poultergust 
3000. Books will fly out and he will go over to fix them. Use this opportunity 
to flash the light and vacuum him in. You still have to vacuum in 100 heart 
power. If you fail the first time, he will still not regain health. Repeat 
this a few times to vacuum him in.

Hint: King Boo
When you finally make it to King Boo, you will have to walk very close to 
start him talking. Instead, go directly to the right. You will see two vase-
like objects with purple flames coming out of them. Hit them (to check inside) 
to find a gold bat in one and a lot of coins in the other.

Hint: Vacuuming ghosts and Boos
If you can barely catch a Ghost while vacuuming, or just want a faster way 
to do so, quickly rotate the C-stick. This is easier for those who do not 
have too great of a time holding the C-stick in the opposite direction of 
the Ghost, as each rotation will land at least one heart off the ghosts.

When you have one of those Ghosts in your reach, you have to go through the 
difficulty of rotating the C-stick, which can be troublesome. To avoid this, 
when you find and consume those scattering spirits, try staying in a corner of 
the room. , and stay in that corner. See, that gives them only so much room to 
escape. When you are in a corner, it minimizes their rotation to only 90 
degrees, eliminating 75% of the struggle.

When vacuuming ghosts, instead of just holding the Analog-sticks in the opposite 
direction of the ghost(s), repeatedly tap them in the opposite direction. The 
ghost's hearts will drop a lot faster.

Use the Analog-stick and C-stick to aim at a Boo. Once its HP begins to drop, 
stop using the C-stick and use only the Analog-stick to follow the Boo around 
the room. Luigi will automatically change direction according to the Boo's 
movement. The closer you are to the Boo, the faster its HP will drop. However, 
if you touch the Boo, you will get hurt and the Boo will escape the vacuum. If 
the Boo escapes through a wall, check your map to see which room it has escaped 
to. Go to that room as quickly as possible.

Hint: Throwing Element balls
First, get an Element. Start to shoot the Element, and when you see the Element 
to start to flow out of your Poltergust 3000, press L again. An Element ball should 
shoot out of it.

To see an Element ball approach you, go to the first floor corridor where the 
door on the left is the Dining Room and the door on the right is the Ballroom. 
Have Luigi face you and fire an Element ball. This works with all three balls. 

Hint: Avoiding trapped doors
To avoid losing coins and life from trap doors, just vacuum towards the door you 
want to enter. If it rattles and shakes around, it is safe to enter. If it does not 
move or rattle, it is a trap.

To avoid being hit by the trapped doors, note that Luigi will look at them as he 
walks past. Luigis will also do this if he is near jars or anything else with money 
or a ghost in them.

Hint: Get rid of fake doors
Use the Flamethrower element on the annoying fake doors and they will melt and 
disappear. Note: They will return after you enter another door.

Hint: Warp mirrors
Note: This trick requires a Game Boy. Any mirror in the mansion (except for the 
large one that reflects the invisible ghosts) can be used to warp back to the 
entrance hall. Set the Game Boy Horror to first person mode and press A to examine 
the mirror. 

Hint: Secret altar
You can view the secret altar by going down in the bottom of the well and looking 
into it. Access all the rooms in the house to finally obtain the key to the secret 
altar. Once you have the key, the door with the thorns in the basement level will 
open. You will see the Boo King looking at the Mario painting. Before you get too 
close, vacuum up the candles to your right, in front of the mirror just as you walk 
in. A lot of coins will appear from the candle while you vacuum them out. Some bills 
will also appear. The candle next to it has a bar of gold that you can vacuum out. 
You can then go over to the King Boo and battle him on the roof top. Note: He will 
take the appearance of Bowser. 

Hint: Treadmill Key
In the weight room is a treadmill. Run on it to get the key to the hall door just 
to the left of the room. With the hall door unlocked, you will not have to run around 
the back side of the house to get to the stairs that lead to the second floor. 

Hint: Treasures from plants
Go to the outside section and find the seen to the right of the dog house, towards 
the graveyard. It can be found under Toad's balcony. Get the Water Element ability 
and water the seed. A plant will appear. Press A on the Game Boy Horror while 
examining the dog house to enter it.. Defeat the Boss that is inside, then water 
the plant again. Continue playing the game, then water the plant again after 
defeating the next Boss. The plant will flower and give you a diamond. If you do 
not water the plant after each Boss battle, it will die. 

When you get the Water element, water all the plants to find hidden treasures growing 
in them.

Hint: Change vacuum power
There are three different medals you can collect to change the powers of the 
Poltergust 3000 vacuum cleaner. They are the Fire, Ice, and Water medals. When 
you collect the Fire Medal, you can suck up ghosts that have a ring of fire 
around the health hearts. Also, you can press L to spray fire from your vacuum 
to light candles and hit ghosts with a ice health meter. When you collect the 
Water Medal, you can extinguish flames that are too powerful for your vacuum 
to put out. Also, you can press L to spray water.


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