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 Madden NFL 2007 - Platform: Playstation 3

Madden NFL 2007 - Platform: Playstation 3

Bonus song:
At the "Press Start" screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, A, B, X, Y to unlock a 
bonus song for Romones Style. 

Qb On Target Card:
Enter WROA0R as a code. Your Quarterback will have 100% accuracy for one half. 

Mistake Free Card:
Enter XL7SP1 as a code. It will be impossible to throw an interception or fumble 
the ball for one half. 

Lame Duck Card:
Enter 5LAWO0 as a code. Your opponent will be forced to throw lob passes for one 

Super Bowl Xli Gold Card:
Enter RLA9R7 as a code. 

Super Bowl Xlii Gold Card:
Enter WRLUF8 as a code. 

1968 Jets Gold Card:
Enter MIE6WO as a code. 

Choosing the correct parents:
When starting Hall Of Fame mode, certain parents will give you large boosts in 
key stats. If you want a receiver that
is very fast, look for a hall of fame WR father with the note "He was the Randy 
Moss of his time". You should end
up with 95 or higher speed. If you want a fast quarterback, look for a Pro Bowl 
or Hall of Fame QB father with the note "He was the Michael Vick of his time". 
You will be insanely fast and have good throwing power. Note: Do not chose a 
father with the note "He was his era's Tom Brady." He will be extremely slow (55 
or less speed) and not be able to outrun anyone. 

Avoiding injuries:
When you think one of your players may be injured on offense, hurry the play up 
and they will get back up. 

Easy interceptions:
When on defense, switch to one of the safeties in a zone coverage and pick up on 
a receiver. Stay about five to ten
yards away from the receiver. When the quarterback throws the ball to that 
receiver, run towards the receiver. Press Triangle when you get in front of the 
receiver, just as the ball is getting there. 

Better agent in Superstar mode:
Answer the interview questions as a team player. Then when you hire an agent, 
more of them will want to sign with you. 

Keep Influence and Role points in Superstar mode:
When you finish a game in Superstar mode do not save or turn off the system. Do 
all the practices and gameplans and start the next game. Do the coin toss and 
choose to receive or kick or direction depending on coin toss. When you get to 
the screen with the play the coach picked for the kickoff, pause the game. Save 
the game and then turn off the system. When you turn the game on and load 
Superstar mode, you should have all of your Influence and Role points from the 
previous game. For example, if you finished game 1 with 100 influence points, 
you will have 100 influence points at the start of game 2 to build on. 

Use Performance Institute more than once per week:
Use the Performance Institute on the day of a game. Save the game to a memory 
card, then remove the memory card. Next, simulate the game, then exit the game 
without saving. Insert the memory card back in and load your superstar. You will 
be able to use the Performance Institute again while still retaining the 
benefits gained from the last time you used it. Repeat this process as many 
times as desired to raise all Performance Institute stats. -From: Brian 

Change menu song:
While at a menu where the "Help" button is available, hold Square and press L1 
or R1 to change between songs. This action is only available in menu type 
screens and the "Help" option must be available.


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