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 Madden NFL 07 - Platform: Wii

Madden NFL 07 - Platform: Wii

Play as Crunch Bandicoot:
Give Crunch Bandicoot 2,500 Coins at Midway to 
unlock him. 

Play as N. Gin:
Give N. Gin the Green Plutonium at Midway to unlock him. 

Play as Nina Cortex:
Giver Nina Cortex the keys at Midway to unlock her. 

Play as Pasadena Opossum:
Give Pasadena Opossum one Power Crystal at Midway to unlock him. 

Play as Von Clutch:
Give Von Clutch one Power Crystal at Midway to unlock him. 

Baby Crash costume:
Collect all the Die-O-Ramas to unlock the Baby Crash costume. 

Evil Crash costume:
Find Cortex on Mystery Island, and behind him should be an owl-shaped lamp. Use 
the body-slam switch to raise the lamp, then enter the revealed cave and go to 
the right. Talk to the drone at the top of the small island to get the Evil 
Crash costume for 2,000 Coins. 

Skeleton Crash costume:
Talk to the Astro Land worker near the stunt arena to get the Skeleton Crash 
costume for 4,000 Coins. 

Second tier kart weapons:
Spend 500 coins at Midway to buy the following character's second tier kart 
weapon from them: Coco, Crash, Crunch, N. Cortex, N. Gin, Nina, Pasadena, and 
Von Clutch. 

Third tier kart weapons:
Spend one Power Crystal at Midway to buy the following character's third tier 
kart weapon from them: Coco, Crash, Crunch, N. Cortex, N. Gin, Nina, Pasadena, 
and Von Clutch. 

Easy coins:
Drink a Whumpa Whip and let a Ninja Penguin attack you. Then, pick up your 

Better lead blocking:
The trick to effective blocking is learning when to use the different blocks. 
Impact Blocks are more effective if you have a size advantage against the player 
you are blocking, while Cut Blocks are more effective if the defender is bigger 
than you. Turn Blocking works best for offensive linemen when they are trying to 
create an interior hole for the running back. If you get beat and you must 
resort to dirty tactics, try Holding. 
the screen with the play the coach picked for the kickoff, pause the game. Save 
the game and then turn off the system. When you turn the game on and load 
Superstar mode, you should have all of your Influence and Role points from the 
previous game. For example, if you finished game 1 with 100 influence points, 
you will have 100 influence points at the start of game 2 to build on. 

Madden Cards
Madden NFL 07 Card Codes

Password - Effect

B57QLU - 1958 Colts Gold card 
1PL1FL - 1966 Packers Gold card 
MIE6WO - 1968 Jets Gold card 
CL2TOE - 1970 Browns Gold card 
NOEB7U - 1972 Dolphins Gold card 
YO0FLA - 1974 Steelers Gold card 
MOA11I - 1976 Raiders Gold card 
C8UM7U - 1977 Broncos Gold card 
VIU0O7 - 1978 Dolphins Gold card 
NLAPH3 - 1980 Raiders Gold card 
COAGI4 - 1981 Chargers Gold card 
WL8BRI - 1982 Redskins Gold card 
H0EW7I - 1983 Raiders Gold card 
M1AM1E - 1984 Dolphins Gold card 
QOETO8 - 1985 Bears Gold card 
ZI8S2L - 1986 Giants Gold card 
SP2A8H - 1988 49ers Gold card 
2L4TRO - 1990 Eagles Gold card 
J1ETRI - 1991 Lions Gold card 
W9UVI9 - 1992 Cowboys Gold card 
DLA3I7 - 1993 Bills Gold card 
DR7EST - 1994 49ers Gold card 
F8LUST - 1996 Packers Gold card 
FIES95 - 1998 Broncos Gold card 
S9OUSW - 1999 Rams Gold card 
YI8P8U - Aloha Stadium Gold card 
5LAWO0 - Lame Duck card 
XL7SP1 - Mistake Free card 
WROA0R - QB On Target card 
RLA9R7 - Super Bowl XLI Gold card 
WRLUF8 - Super Bowl XLII Gold card 
NIEV4A - Super Bowl XLIII Gold card 
M5AB7L - Super Bowl XLIV Gold card


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