Madden NFL 2000 - Platform: Nintendo64 - Console Games.

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 Madden NFL 2000 - Platform: Nintendo64

Madden NFL 2000 - Platform: Nintendo64
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Super jumps              superjumps 
No interceptions         vicegrip 
Better passes            qbintheclub 
4th And Incas stadium    quetzlcoatl 
Dodge City stadium       wildwest 
100 yard field goals     bigfoot 
More interceptions       pickedoff 
Receivers catch better   magnasave 
Cosmodome stadium        spaceball 
1972 Steelers team       dontgofor2 
1972 Raiders team        getmeadoctor 
Tiburon stadium          weputitthere 
Tiburon Bros. stadium    cottoncandy 
Xmas Rush stadium        xmasgift 
Salvagefield stadium     tenanu 
1976 Raiders team        gammalight 
1976 Patriots team       hackcheese 
Harder to tackle players teflon 
Nile Hi stadium          denile 
EA Sports stadium        itsinthegame 
Tiberium stadium         feedthelions 
Gridiron stadium         klaatu 
1981 Dolphins team       15moremin 
Super jump               sprong 
More injuries            painful 
More fumbles             rollergirl 
Electric sidelines       staticcling 
Camera follows football  vertigo 
More defensive scoring   fraplapro 
1988 49ers team          callmesally 
20 yard first downs      firstis20 
10 pt. TDs; 7 pt. FGs    drbenway 
100 yard passes          pigskinsfly 
Maddenstein stadium      countmadden 
1981 Chargers team       buildmonkeys 
Less penalties           refisblind 
Alpha Blitz stadium      bancakes 
Antarctica stadium       xmasgift 
5 yard first downs       popwarner 
Super stiff arm          smackdown 
Fast passes              fastforward 
Super speed burst        no2 
1988 Bengals team        ptmominfoget 
1990 Giants team         profsmooth 
Toymakers team           xmasfiles 
Quick fatigue            chainsmoker 
Floating heads           guillotine


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