Madden NFL 2006 - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 Madden NFL 2006 - Platform: XBox

Madden NFL 2006 - Platform: XBox

Card Codes:
Select the "My Madden" option at the main menu. Select the 
"Madden Cards" option, then choose "Madden Codes" to enter a code:

Card                                                 Code
All stadiums                                       - 555128
Classic teams                                      - 614897
3rd Down (Opponent has 3 downs to get a 1st)       - Z28X8K
5th Down (Get 5 downs to get a 1st)                - P66C4L
Bad Spot                                           - N44D6E
Bingo! (+75% defensive interceptions)              - J33I8F
Coffin Corner                                      - L96U8Z
Couch Potato                                       - P39I7J
Da Bomb (infinite pass range)                      - B61A8M
Da Boot (infinite field goal range)                - I76X3T
Extra Credit (Points for interceptions and sacks)  - M89S8G
First and Fifteen (must get 15 yards for 1st down) - V65J8P
First and Five (1st down yards set to 5)           - O72E9B
Fumbilitis (Opponents fumbles +75%)                - R14B8Z
Hands Of Glue                                      - R18C5K
Hands Of Stone                                     - W18R6P
Human Plow (Break tackle +75%)                     - L96J7P
Jam                                                - E53G8W
Lame Duck (Opponent lobs passes)                   - D57R5S
Mistake Free (No fumbles or interceptions)         - X78P9Z
Mr. Mobility (QB cannot be sacked)                 - Y59R8R
Ouch!                                              - Z15F9Z
Passerby                                           - T67X6R
Penetration                                        - J83E9V
Pocket Protectors                                  - G97L1J
QB On Target                                       - E65S6M
Super Dive (Diving distance +75%)                  - D59K3Y
Toast                                              - H11X2G
Tight Fit (Opponents uprights narrow)              - V34L6D
Time Out                                           - Q83L6Q
Touchy                                             - Y68G7D
Unforced Errors (Opponent fumbles when jukes)      - L48G1E
Wind Gust                                          - P13Q7V
Worker's Comp                                      - H89Q4Y

Interview questions:
In NFL Superstar mode, make sure to choose your answers to interview 
questions wisely. The answers will affect your personality type and 
most endorsement companies want a player with a more conservative 
personality type, such as "Team Leader" or "Professional".

Get a "Gold" in one of the following tasks to unlock the corresponding pennant:

#3: All-Madden Chase and Tackle drill
#16: All-Madden Pocket Presence drill
#28: All-Madden Coffin Corner drill
#36: All-Madden Ground Attack drill
#40: All-Madden Precision Passing drill
#52: All-Madden Swat Ball drill
#58: All-Madden Clutch Kicking drill
#96: All-Madden Trench Fight drill
#194: Chase and Tackle drill
#195: Ground Attack drill
#197: Clutch Kicking drill
#199: Swat Ball drill
#208: Pocket Presence drill
#209: Trench Fight drill
#210: Precision Passing drill
#211: Coffin Corner drill

Antonio Gates Has 0 TDs:
Look in the Antonio Gates Player Information screen. It shows his receptions, 
rec yards, etc. However, they show that Gates had 0 TDs. Gates set the record 
for TDs by a Tight End with 13.

Bonus agent:
Load a player from NCAA Football 06 or NFL Street 2 into NFL Superstar mode 
to unlock Dan Baker, an agent who has access to the Performance Institute.


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